2013 Formula Drift Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway – Main Event [GALLERY]

This debut visit to Texas Motor Speedway came down to “inches” so to speak with two whole calls being overturned by the judges after the fact and cars running the perfect line right to dropping a tire off course just a few short inches from the perfect line. Pat Mordaunt drove his way to a first ever top 4 and Matt Field finished second for the first time ever. It was a pretty wild event and our photographer Jason Scott caught all the excitement and action.


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2013 Formula Drift Round 6 – Texas Motor Speedway Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]

Our guest photographer this weekend from Texas Jason Scott put together some awesome coverage of Round 6 qualifying and practice. The event went from the 100 degree heat into a cool breezy night for Top 32 practice. Huge upsets in qualifying including the failure to make it to the big show by Darren McNamara, Ryan Tuerck, and Tyler McQuarrie. Enjoy the coverage and we will have much more tomorrow from Jason as well!


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2013 Holley LS Fest at Beech Bend Raceway [GALLERY]

I had the time of my life down in Kentucky this weekend at LS Fest. Chevrolet V8′s basically shoved into everything and anything people can get their hands on thanks to retailers like Scoggin Dickey who put people in about everything LS.  Drifting was complemented with drag racing, autocrossing, and hard parking as part of the total LS Fest package. We will have more content posts and stories from the event coming this week but here are some pictures to show off the big weekend shot by Dan Lim.

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2013 Drift Mania Round 7 at Ste. Croix [GALLERY]

The Drift Mania season wrapped up at St. Croix this weekend almost closing out the 2013 Drift Mania season. The rain came and went throughout the drift weekend but it wound up being a normal weekend at St. Croix with some of the top drivers producing high levels of talent and rising to the top. Enjoy the extensive gallery from the seventh r0und of Drift Mania with the final round just around the corner.


2013 Midwest Drift Union Round 3 – The Streets of Detroit [GALLERY]

The streets of Detroit will never be the same after they invited the Midwest Drift Union to throw an event at the famous Roosevelt Park just outside the bustling downtown city of Detroit. A large group of drivers and fans packed into the park to be entertained by a top flight Pro Am series throwing the first Am level streets event in American history.

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2013 Just Drift Top Drift Round 4 at Willow Springs [GALLERY]

Here is a gallery shot at Willow Springs featuring Just Drift Top Drift Round 4 coverage straight from the oval. SIt back and enjoy all the photographs that Eddie Luchembe shot over the finish to the 2013 Pro Am season in Southern California.


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Enrique Mendoza and Others Test at AMP [GALLERY]

Earlier this week I visited one of Southern California’s local race tracks, Adam’s Motorsports Park. It had been a while since I had been a spectator at a non-Formula D event, so I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, there were quite a few faces (and cars) that I recognized. When I first arrived, I heard the screams of a 2jz coming from the track. Lo and behold, Formula D driver Enrique Mendoza was testing out his 2jz powered s13 in preparation for the anticipated round at Texas Motor Speedway coming up in a few weeks. Some of you may remember Mendoza from his second qualifying run at Long Beach where he collided into one of the safety barriers, which ultimately stalled him from moving past his spot in the top 32.

He eventually got his car back together for Seattle, but experienced some fuel issues and broke an axle before qualifying. Although Mendoza and his team miraculously pieced the car together for the competition, he wasn’t able to qualify due to some miss-shifting.

Some local drivers were out there practicing for other competitions, such as the final round of Top Drift this weekend. To name a few:

Mauricio Ornelas—2012 Formula D rookie; currently 9th place in Vegas Drift)
Spike Chen—Pro-Am driver; currently 2nd place in Vegas Drift and 11th place in Top Drift)
Chris Jones—Pro-Am driver; currently in 24th place in Top Drift).

I’d also like to mention that during this event I was on the other side of the fence (literally) as I stayed on the track’s infield the entire evening and took a few photos. This was my first time shooting drifting, let alone handling a camera in this manner. With the exception of numb fingers, I had a blast experiencing drifting behind a lens.


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2013 Drift Mania Round 6 at Montmagny [GALLERY]

Check out all the action from Round 6 which just kicked off one week after we wrapped up Round 5. American Mike Pollard got an edge over Dave Briggs and move all the way to a podium. Francis Tasse made a run to a victory in his Mazda Rx-7 which is all captured inside the gallery along with much more to showcase Round 6 at Montmagny.

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Adams Motorsports Park Thursday Night Drift on 8.15.13 [GALLERY]

Our intern Eddie Luchembe went out to Adams Motorsports Park this past Thursday night to cover some action at the weekly drifting weekend.  Formula Drift pro Odi Bakchis was in attendance with quite a few Top Drift Am drivers all running and performing during the week to stay in form. Follow the link below to check out a small gallery from the Adams weekly drift meet.

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2013 Drift Mania Round 5 St. Croix [GALLERY]

Drift Mania Round 5 went off over the weekend in St. Croix just next to the water. Dave Briggs drove his S14 like a monster all weekend taking home first place while others put on a great show for the packed house. Tune into the link below and check out almost 250 images from the weekend of action.

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