2015 Formula Drift Pro 2 Round 2 at Seattle [GALLERY]




A Pro 2 gallery from Seattle shot by Jacob Leveton and presented by E3 Spark Plugs! The level of Pro 2 has stepped up from 2014 but still has some growing to do on the competition level. The cars have gotten far more insane from last year however with big power now playing around in the lower tier of Formula Drift as well. Below is a gallery showing the best images of Pro 2 from the big horsepower track that is Evergreen Speedway.


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2015 Formula Drift Canada Round 2 [GALLERY]



Here is coverage from the second installment of Formula Drift Canada! Shots by Jeremy Glover document the growing Canadian events as we edge closer to the American Labor Day weekend where Formula Drift will host its World Championship round. Sit back and enjoy the door banging and coverage from Round 2-

2015 Formula Drift Canada Round 1 [GALLERY]

FormulaDriftCanadaRound1 LexusSC300.FormulaDrift


Formula Drift Canada kicked off with Round 1 which was covered by Jeremy Glover. The Canadian version of Formula Drift drew a nice crowd and has Round 2 right around the corner. The big event is happening on Labor Day weekend outside Montreal which is also a Formula Drift World Championship round. Follow the link below and enjoy the gallery from the first event of the 2015 season.

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2015 Formula Drift Round 4 New Jersey Main Event [GALLERY]



The main event coverage has been delivered by Andrew Jennings to show off some of the really close bank battles going down during competition. I love this snap of Justin Pawlak ramming into and going wheel to wheel with Yokoi in this run. Flick through our gallery to see the pits, driver faces, and some tandem battles for Round 4 of Formula Drift at New Jersey.

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2015 Formula Drift Round 4 at New Jersey Friday [GALLERY]



Andrew Jennings was on the scene at Round 4 in New Jersey to capture some great content as the weather went in and out all weekend. Here is his unique look at qualifying and the events that went down on Friday.

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2015 Drift Mania Round 2 at Riverside Speedway [GALLERY]

DriftManiaTandem JeremyGlover

Riverside Speedway was overrun by the Canadian drift series Drift Mania for a weekend of high speed drifting. Jeremy Glover made the hike out to St. Croix in Quebec to provide us with some great coverage.

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2015 Formula Drift Round 3 at Orlando Speed World [GALLERY]




What a weekend Orlando Speed World turned out to be for better or worse I am still not really sure which one? Regardless, Brad Hodgin documented everything through the rain and lack of media spaces so you can get some still memories from a controversial Round 3.


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2015 Drift Mania Round 1 at SanAir [GALLERY]

Camaro.DMCC DMCC.drifting.tandem

Everyone showed up at DMCC to watch Jeff Laflamme dominate the competition at SanAir. Several drivers performed the best we had seen in history at SanAir which proves to be a difficult course. Jeremy Glover captured all the images for us over the weekend which you can check out with the link below.

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Another Look at Formula Drift Road Atlanta [GALLERY]



Jaron Cole took on Road Atlanta for us as well to document what happened at one of the best Formula Drift events in history. The entertainment and driving value never sell short when the series rolls into Georgia. Follow the link below to comb through another excellent gallery.


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2015 D1 Grand Prix Round 1 at Odaiba [GALLERY]

D1GrandPrix DaigoSaitoTandem LexusLFA.DriftingMike Boldt has been on the worlds longest vacation in Japan and opted to shoot Round 1 and 2 of D1 Grand Prix for us! The Streets of Tokyo event in Odaiba had some world class tandem along with some unique cars drifting around the course including the debut of the famous TRD V8 powered Lexus LFA and a Tesla Model S.

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