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Marc Landerville’s Road to New Jersey [VIDEO]

Marc Landerville continues to be an under rated and under appreciated driver in the Formula Drift series. With his Budweiser sponsorship and Canadian driving style he has made an impact in the last two seasons on Formula Drift. Watch this video as he takes on Wall Speedway in New Jersey!

Formula Drift Nation Episode 2 [VIDEO]

The second ever episode of Formula Drift Nation was put up today on DailyMotion. This episode features Toro from GT Channel and myself as we talk about a review of Formula Drift Japan and the upcoming Formula Drift Seattle. My podium prediction is 1. Vaughn Gittin Jr. 2. Chris Forsberg 3. Chelsea DeNofa and 4. Daigo Saito for the weekend. Let’s see how I did next weekend.

Takata Racing Harnesses Shows off Formula Drift Team [VIDEO]

The team at Takata Harness put together a highlight reel video of their team in action at Formula Drift New Jersey. Tons of Formula Drift teams have turned to the product over the last couple seasons in Formula Drift as safety concerns have grown. We even put the classic green Takata Harness setup in our Project V8240sx back in the day!

Maxxis Tire Brings You Ryan Tuerck [VIDEO]

Check out Maxxis Tire driver Ryan Tuerck as he takes on the 2014 season. Ryan has been slowly growing into this Scion FR-S but still doesn’t quite look like his old days in the Pontiac Solstice. The car looks better with each round but how long until Ryan makes it back to the podium?

Mike Pollard Finally Set to Make Formula Drift Debut at Seattle


According to Mike Pollard’s official website he will finally be making his debut in Formula Drift after various attempts in the past. He will be borrowing a 2JZ powered car to make the event. Interesting to see who’s car he will be loaning. The brief PR does mention and confirm he will be on Achilles Tires for the weekend. Who is excited to finally see Mike Pollard make a Formula Drift debut?

2014 Formula Drift Japan – Fuji Speedway [RESULTS]


Formula Drift wrapped up their inaugural event in Japan with some familiar faces on the podium. Long time D1GP competitor Masao Suenaga piloted his RE-Amemiya Mazda RX7 to the event win, beating out fellow Japanese local Masashi Yokoi’s D-Max Silvia S15 in the final. Formula D US competitor Fredric Aasbo took the final spot on the podium in the NASCAR-powered RS*R FT-86, earning the final podium spot over Emmanual Amandio due to his better qualifying position (Aasbo qualified in Q18 vs Amandio’s Q20).

1st – Masao Suenaga – FD3S Mazda RX7 – M150 Overdrive

2nd – Masashi Yokoi – Nissan Silvia S15 – D-Max

3rd – Fredric Aasbo – Toyota FT-86 – RS-R Japan

4th – Emmanual Amandio – Toyota JZX100 – Moods Gallery / Achilles Radial

Photo Credit: Instagram

Garage Tours with Chris Forsberg – Episode 1 at MA Motorsports [VIDEO]

The new NetworkA show is has arrived with Chris Forsberg as your host. Episode 1 he didn’t have to travel far deep into Maryland visiting the shop who services his Formula Drift car MA Motorsports. They even showed off how to they make Awesometron 5000 knuckles in house! Walking around this shop was fun but we cannot wait to see more unique shops as he travels across the nation!

Formula Drift Nation Episode 1 [VIDEO]

Here is the official video from Formula Drift Nation Episode 1. Tune in as I do some analysis of the Formula Drift season with host Ryan Sage and Justin Banner. We talk about our Top 3 moments of the 2014 season and I touch on the Dai aster of 2014. We talk about Daigo Saito’s fishing habit, contact being made everywhere with Chris Forsberg, and Chelsea DeNofa’s crashing habit. Enjoy and the show will be back July 8th.

Formula Drift Nation Premiere Episode LIVE on Air Tonight at 8pm PST

In case reading me type out my Top 10 Things of Formula Drift New Jersey wasn’t enough content for you this week you can catch me tonight dig into some deeper analysis on Round 4, the sport, and the 2014 season. I will be on the show with Justin Banner (who does some amazing magazine writing for us) and co-founder of Formula Drift Ryan Sage. Come check us out on DailyMotion or use this neat box above!


Tune In Tonight:

Chris Forsberg Shows In Car Footage versus Odi Bakchis [VIDEO]

The Internet, and more importantly, our Instagram and Facebook page seemed to fire up quite a debate on weather or not Odi Bakchis and Chris Forsberg made contact in the Final Four battle at Formula Drift New Jersey. Wow, that wheel just gets ripped out of his hands once the two cars make wheel to wheel contact! Chris was pretty luck to not break his hand on that one. Below we have an image sequence of the tandem run and contact before they touch and a recap of what was shown on the Livestream.


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