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Charles Ng Shows off his Infiniti G37 WiseFab Kit in Pre Season Testing

This new WiseFab kit looks pretty insane after seeing it in testing with Charles Ng here at Willow Springs. The flick on the car is pretty insane. This new kit just arriving in the USA is for the Nissan 370z and Infiniti G37 platform. We will see in just over a month how the kit seems to work and hold up in Formula Drift competition. It will be interesting to see if Charles Ng shoots up the competition leaderboard in 2016 as other drivers such as Ken Gushi seemed to win more battles once switching to WiseFab.

Tyler McQuarrie Shows Off 2016 Livery


Tyler McQuarrie is returning for the 2016 Formula Drift season in his Chevrolet Camaro. Tyler continues to be with Falken Tire moving into the new year along with Mobil 1. His new partnership for 2016 appears to be with Safecraft. The GoPro branding does seem to be reduced for the 16 season which is happening across Formula Drift and noted here. From our reports, it sounds like Tyler McQuarrie will also be assisting the likes of Pat Mordaunt again for 2016 in his 350z.

Michael Essa’s 2016 Formula Drift Livery


Michael Essa has debuted the final look of his 2016 Formula Drift BMW. He is returning to the E46 BMW chassis that won him a championship in 2013. Essa has also moved to Achilles Radial and continues to work with great brand such as Ignite Racing Fuel. His title sponsor is Loud Mouth Exhaust which is a new aftermarket exhaust company entering the marketplace. We also expect to see Michael Essa at some of the Street Driven Tour events across 2016 which I am pretty excited about!

Sikky team sits out 2016 Formula Drift season


Sikky Manufacturing also took to social media this week to announce that they will forego supporting their Formula Drift team of James Evans and “Rapper” Dan Savage for the 2016 season to focus on their V8 swap kit business instead. Savage was the 2014 Pro 2 Champion, while Evans finished fifth in 2014 and second in 2015 in the Pro 2 ranks. Both drivers competed in the Pro class for the entire 2015 season, with Savage finishing 25th and Evans finishing in 34th. Sikky will continue to have a presence on the Formula Drift grid as they sponsor several drivers including 2015 Pro 2 champion Alex Heilbrunn. Savage tells us he will be spotting for a Pro 2 driver this season, so he will still be available at a few events if fans are seeking autographs.

Sad to see the 2014 Pro 2 champion join the 2015 Pro class Rookie of the Year Masashi Yokoi on the sidelines for the 2016 season.

“Mad” Mike Whiddett debuts RADBUL Gen 2 with new bodywork

Radbul Gen 2 front Radbul Gen 2 rear

“Mad” Mike Whiddett posted some images of his RADBUL MX-5 Chassis this week on Instagram, which is now wearing bodywork from the Mazda MX-5 ND Chassis. This car started as an NC chassis Miata, and Whiddett explained via social media that he personally hand-built nearly all the panels to fit the chassis. This car looks awesome, and appears to possibly have some chrome blue vinyl as part of the livery. This car should be back in the US with plenty of time for the Long Beach round in 6 weeks, especially since there’s no strike at the Port of Long Beach like the one that backed up cargo traffic last year and caused Whiddett to miss Long Beach.

Radbul Mad Mike panels


Bergenholtz Racing Mazda RX-8 [FOR SALE]


The Bergenholtz Racing Mazda RX-8 was driven by some of the biggest names in Formula Drift and built by a NHRA winning pedigree team. The car is a turn key Formula Drift build with a price tag of $85,000. The car was last driven by Chelsea DeNofa in Formula Drift at Irwindale Speedway in 2011.

The engine found inside the car is a Mazdatrix 3-Rotor with a dry sump system and a Garrett GTX GT42 Turbo to top it all off. If you are interested in the build or want more details on how this build came together head over to the Bergenholtz site where they have a complete page and write up on the build that is up for sale.


Jhonnattan Castro Shows off Toyota FR-S for 2016 Formula Drift Season


Earlier this year we broke the story that Jhonnattan Castro was no longer going to be a driver for Chris Forsberg Racing.I always felt like the Dominican Republic driver would have something up his sleeve for 2016 and here it is! Jhonnattan took to social media to post a Toyota FR-S clearly in progress just 43 days before Long Beach. The car does have a long way to go but we have even more juicy rumors to share about this project! From what we hear, Jhonnattan Castro will be on Nexen Tire for the 2016 season. The engine will be a 2JZ turbo setup to help push the car along the 2016 season and keep the car eligible for manufacturers championship. The rumor that got me the most was that the car/team/crew chief was falling under the likes of 2015 champion Stephan Papadakis. WOW, if all that is true it will be interesting to see how Castro performs in this upcoming season.

Alex Heilbrunn’s Team RTS BMW for the 2016 Pro Season


Alex Heilbrunn is going to debut in the Pro series for 2016 after winning the 2015 Pro 2 season. He is sticking with a E46 BMW with a big Chevrolet V8 under the hood. The car has quite a few more stickers than last season including Scoggin Dickey Performance Center, Chevrolet Performance, Sikky Manufacturing, and KW Suspension. Only time will tell if he can translate the dominating success in Pro 2 with the faster and more skilled drivers in the Pro series.


Takahiro Ueno Coming to Formula Drift in 2016


Takahiro Ueno received an approved petition for Formula Drift and will be running in the 2016 season! We have been told by several readers he currently has his 2JZ powered BMW for sale and will be running this Lexus RC for Formula Drift. This is another huge Japanese driver coming to America to battle it out with the best in the world. He will be a nice replacement since Yokoi isn’t going to return this year. If you aren’t familiar with Ueno we suggest checking out the video below from GT Channel.

Formula Drift Loses GoPro But Gains New Presenting Sponsor


Formula Drift signs a new three year deal for a presenting sponsor of the series today with a company called Blackvue. The company Blackvue is owned by South Korean based technology company Pittasoft Co., Ltd. The three-year agreement names BlackVue as the “Presenting Sponsor and Official Dashcam” for the Formula Drift series. This shouldn’t come as a shock I think if you follow GoPro from the business side. The stock in 2014 managed to reach $86 and now sits around $12 today. GoProStock

I am not a financial analysts but the loss in market cap alone at $74/share has to impact the company in the marketing pocket book with things such as presenting sponsorships of race series. Blackvue being the Official Dashcam according to the Formula Drift PR does sound like it leaves room for camera companies to still sponsor the series. I could see GoPro staying on with the series in some smaller capacity if Blackvue allows them to do so.


Hopefully the marketing machine behind Blackvue can concept some great product placement like we saw during the GoPro era of Formula Drift. Blackvue seems to promote cloud technology with its dash cameras so maybe we can except some in-dash camera viewing from all the drivers during an event through their services? Hopefully the new partnership promotes an improvement with the user experience along with making it better to watch from home for all the fans. Below is a shot of the product I found on the website.