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2014 Formula Drift Round at Wall – Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]

Dan Jenkins collected some amazing photography from practice/qualifying over the Formula Drift New Jersey race weekend. These photographs are collected from Friday’s practice and qualifying so sit back and enjoy as Chris Forsberg drove his way to the #1 qualifying spot.

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2014 Formula D Round 4 New Jersey – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


While the Tire Championship got a bit less contentious after this weekend, the OEM Championship got much more contentious. Ford remains in first place behind a pair of top 16 appearances from Vaughn Gittin Jr and Justin Pawlak, but Scion jumped Nissan into second place behind Fredric Aasbo’s first win and a top 16 appearance from Ryan Tuerck. Nissan’s points were accrued by Chris Forsberg’s second place finish and Jhonnattan Castro’s top-32 finish. BMW broke their tie with Lexus via a pair of top-32 exits combined with high qualifications from both Chelsea Denofa and Michael Essa, while Lexus’s points were accrued by Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida, who both exited in top-32 and had lower qualifying results than the BMW’s.

Here’s how the OEM championship shapes up after four of seven rounds:

1. Ford – 461.5 points
2. Scion  – 447 points
3. Nissan – 432 points
4. Chevy – 276 points
5. BMW – 246.5 points
6. Lexus – 237.5 points
7. Dodge – 134 points
8. Mazda – 90.5 points
9. Toyota – 68.5 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

2014 Formula D Round 4 New Jersey– Tire Manufacturer Championship [STANDINGS]


A 1-2 sweep for Hankook Tire with Chris Forsberg and Fredric Aasbo taking the top two spots in New Jersey has helped extend their lead from 30.5 points after Miami to 107 points after New Jersey. Nitto Tire remains in second place with a third place finish from Odi Bakchis and a top-16 finish from Vaughn Gittin Jr, while Achilles Tire is still solidly in third place behind a top-4 finish from Charles Ng and a top-8 finish from Dean Kearney. Falken Tire, Yokohama Tire, Maxxis Tire, Kenda Tire, and GT Radial all remain in fourth through eighth place respectively.

Here’s how the Tire Championship standings look after 4 of 7 rounds:

1. Hankook Tire – 632.5 Points
2. Nitto Tire – 525.5 Points
3. Achilles Tire – 453 Points
4. Falken Tire – 345.5 Points
5. Yokohama Tire – 167.5 Points
6. Maxxis Tire – 160.5 Points
7. Kenda Tire – 160.5 Points
8. GT Radial – 90.5 Points

2014 Formula D Championship Standings after New Jersey [STANDINGS]


Fredric Aasbo’s win in New Jersey catapults him over Vaughn Gittin Jr in the standings, but both are still chasing Chris Forsberg. By qualifying first and placing second, Forsberg now leads by 59 points, up from just 10 points after Miami. With Kenny Moen 111 points behind Forsberg due to his exit in top 16, this is practically a three-horse race with just three events to go.

Here’s how the top 20 points shape up after four rounds:

1. Chris Forsberg                 353 points
2. Fredric Aasbo                  294 points
3. Vaughn Gittin Jr.         288 points
4. Kenneth Moen                 242 points
5. Odi Bakchis                      189.5 points
6. Justin Pawlak                  173.5 points
7. Forrest Wang                   164.5 points
8. Darren McNamara        153 points
9. Robbie Nishida               151.5 points
10. Conrad Grunewald       141.5 points
11. Tyler McQuarrie            134.5 points
12. Dean Kearney              134 points
13. Michael Essa                    131 points
14. Ryan Tuerck                  125.5 points
15. Matt Field                     119.5 points
16. Charles Ng                   118 points
17. Chelsea Denofa               115.5 points
18. Ken Gushi                        106.5 ponts
19. Kyle Mohan                   90.5 points
20. Jhonnattan Castro      89 points

2014 Formula Drift Round 4 at Wall Speedway [RESULTS]


So a big weekend in Formula Drift history with the series 20th ever unique winner! To make matters even more interesting Odi Bakchis became the 35th driver to ever podium in the sport after finishing in fourth twice. In my opinion this was the best Formula Drift event in history as far as entertainment and exciting tandem battles. More on the details of the event in my Top 10 Things post coming soon. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Fredric Aasbo
2. Chris Forsberg
3. Odi Bakchis
4. Charles Ng

2014 Formula Drift Round 4 – Wall Qualifying [RESULTS]


Qualifying from Wall Speedway is in! One of the biggest (if not biggest) grid we have seen at Wall in history. Also, never have we seen so many ties in Formula Drift history. Almost 75% of drivers were on a point style that came down to style (style points denoted on tiebreakers. Style ties were broke by championship rank.) Here is how they finished up:

1. Chris Forsberg – 93
2. Chelsea DeNofa – 92
3. Michael Essa – 90
4. Dai Yoshihara – 89
5. Odi Bakchis – 87 (46 Style)
6. Tyler McQuarrie – 87 (45 Style)
7. Fredric Aasbo – 87 (44 Style)
8. Kenneth Moen – 85
9. Conrad Grunewald – 84 (43 Style)
10. Forrest Wang – 84 (41 Style)
11. Kyle Mohan – 83
12. Matt Field – 82 (42 Style)
13. Ryan Tuerck – 82 (41 Style)
14. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 82 (40 Style)
15. Darren McNamara – 79 (42 Style)
16. Robbie Nishida – 79 (40 Style)
17. Marc Landerville – 79 (32 Style)
18. Pat Goodin – 78
19. Dennis Mertzanis – 76
20. Daigo Saito – 75 (37 Style)
21. Mats Baribeau – 75 (35 Style)
22. Justin Pawlak – 74 (35 Style)
23. Jhonnathan Castro – 74 (35 Style)
24. Karl Osaki – 74 (33 Style)
25. Ken Gushi – 73 (36 Style)
26. Tony Angelo – 73 (36 Style)
27. Charles Ng – 72 (36 Style)
28. Ryan Kado – 72 (33 Style)
29. Dave Briggs – 72 (32 Style)
30. Dean Kearney – 70 (37 Style)
31. Patrick Mordaunt – 70 (32 Style)
32. Joon Maeng – 68



Chris Forsberg vs. Joon Maeng
Robbie Nishida vs. Marc Landerville
Kenneth Moen vs. Ken Gushi
Conrad Grunewald vs. Karl Osaki
Dai Yoshihara vs. Dave Briggs
Ryan Tuerck vs. Daigo Saito
Odi Bakchis vs. Ryan Kado
Matt Field vs. Mats Baribeau

Chelsea DeNofa vs. Patrick Mordaunt
Darren McNamara vs. Pat Goodin
Fredric Aasbo vs. Tony Angelo
Forrest Wang vs. Jhonnattan Castro
Michael Essa vs. Dean Kearney
Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Dennis Mertzanis
Tyler McQuarrie vs. Charles Ng
Kyle Mohan vs. Justin Pawlak

Tyler Wolfson’s Insane Qualifying Crash [VIDEO]

Tyler Wolfson has a hard qualifying hit on his second pass of qualifying! The car just comes to an abrupt stop after hitting the bank. Luckily, the HANS device is now mandatory. OUCH OUCH OUCH!

Juha Rintanen Crashes on Formula Drift Debut at Wall

Juha Rintanen

On his second ever practice run in Formula Drift the European who debuted this weekend Juha Rintanen managed to put his car into the wall. The damage doesn’t look event ending but the team will have to scramble to get back into shape for qualifying which happens about two hours after he made contact with the wall. For complete updates over the #FDNJ weekend you can check us out on Twitter:


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Top Gear USA Guest Appearance with Conrad Grunewald


Conrad Grunewald and his Chevrolet Camaro made a guest appearance on the History Channel this week with Top Gear USA. I did some digging earlier to see if I could find the clips on YouTube but no such luck. Feel free to drop a link in the comments section if you can find one to the action. The Top Gear History page only has some older episodes to watch it. For those who saw it, what did you think?

Thursday Night Drift at Irwindale: Everything You Need to Know


Many people spend their entire youth dreaming of the possibility of being able to drive at the House of Drift. Now, Formula Drift (FD) has decided to make many enthusiasts’ dreams come true. As you may have already heard, FD recently announced a schedule for 2014 at Irwindale Speedway, which is open to the general public and amateur drifters.


Jim Liaw, FD Co-Founder, gave us a great interview during the event. We covered topics involving the speculation of a potential Pro 3 series sprouting out from this, FD’s intentions behind the creation of the events, track layout, and simple steps on signing up to drive.

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