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Conrad Grunewald Brings Active Aero into Formula Drift for 2015

Years ago when Tyler McQuarrie had a roof malfunction I made a post joking about his “active aero” on the 350z the post got pretty out of hand. Well, fast forward a couple years and it appears Conrad Grunewald is bringing an active aero rear spoiler to Formula Drift for real. It’s almost like a “DRS zone” F1 spoiler except it has a tilt more than a larger opening. My lack of Science classes really stop me from giving you a detailed explanation of what is happening and why this is very beneficial for Conrad but I am sure some armchair wind tunnel expert will reply and explain in teh comments. Regardless, it looks pretty cool! First motion on spoiler happens around :20 mark.

Dean Kearney Shows Off Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper for 2015


Dean Kearney debuts his new look Dodge Viper for the 2015 Formula Drift season. I really like the new black/red livery he has going on and it seems a nice change in wheel choice from this render as well. We have been told Dean and team has made some serious changes to the build during this off-season but not a ton of information has been given to us on exactly what has been reworked. He is carrying some partners such as SPEC Clutch, BC Racing, and AEM.  Dean’s program remains on the Achilles Radial program for tires and continues to carry Oracle Lighting as a title sponsor. Dean was my pick for one of the most improved drivers of 2014 and I think he could make a Top 10 finish for the season if he and the car improved over the off-season.

The liveries of FD Tech Day – Jeff Jones, Charles Ng, Ken Gushi, Dave Briggs, and Daigo Saito


Source: Achilles Radial


Source: Briggs Drift fan page


Source: Charles Ng Racing


Source: Greddy Racing


Source: Instagram

Contrary to the name, FD Tech Day didn’t actually include the technical inspection of any cars, unlike in years past. Despite that, there were a handful of liveries which were revealed at tech day, several of which we previewed earlier.

Confirming our rumor, Daigo Saito’s GT-R was not only confirmed to be in the US, but was wrapped live at the tech day, which was a cool experience. The livery still carries the black, green, and purple of the Achilles Radial liveries of years past, but has a cool digital camo type of pattern to it.

Dave Briggs also went green and black with his livery, although he revealed that he will be in Hankook Tires, not Achilles like last season.

Charles Ng showed probably the most dramatic livery change, with major sponsorship from Maxxis Tires and Speedhunters looks to still be involved in the program, but in a much less way than last year.

Ken Gushi’s FR-S livery is very similar to the livery he ran on last year’s Pikes Peak car, but still carries a lot of the elements of last season’s drift livery.

Finally, Jeff Jones’ livery was already revealed earlier, but we are big fans of the livery now that we have seen it in person.


Daigo Saito’s GT-R may already be in the US [RUMORMILL]



With the recent contract negotiations between port workers and the Port of Long Beach causing a several-month long backup, there has been growing concern around international drivers getting their cars into town in time for the first event (which is just 2 weeks away). Yesterday’s news that Mad Mike would be missing the Long Beach round due to these shipping delays brought up several other questions around who else might be affected by the delays. A source has informed me that Daigo Saito’s new GTR may already be in the US, and may break cover as soon as this weekend in the new Achilles Radial livery (which will be different from the mock livery that was on the mock car at SEMA). Saito is one of the 25 drivers Achilles is supporting this year in PRO and Pro 2 combined.

In case you were keeping track, Saito is building a GT-R for Formula D USA, a Lambo for D1 Grand Prix, and a Ferrari for the Asian rounds of Formula D.

We’re glad that at least one of the international cars will be around for the season debut! If anyone has any tips on any of the other international drivers making it to the US in time, please send them our way!

Conrad Grunewald Testing Two New Camaro Builds for 2015 [VIDEO]

Here is Conrad Grunewald testing out his two new Camaro builds for 2015. The AE car is his competition car for 2015 which is tame compared to his over the top demo car. The SDPC demo car has a twin turbo kit and nitrous strapped onto it to make maximum power. Jacob covered the engine build on this when Conrad leaked some build content. Here in this video, Drift International caught some coverage of the shake down/testing being done on both cars before Long Beach.

Mad Mike to return to Formula Drift, but will miss Long Beach [CONFIRMED]


In a release from Red Bull, we got confirmation that Mad Mike will be returning to Formula Drift US, but unfortunately won’t be able to make it to the Long Beach round due to delays at the port.  It’s unfortunate that he won’t be able to tackle the streets of Long Beach in the 1,000+ HP 4-rotor Mazda Miata MX5 he built in New Zealand, but Atlanta will be an appropriate track to properly stretch the legs of the car. The first rumors of Mad Mike making a return to FD started all the way back in November at SEMA, and hype has been building ever since. We’re excited to see him get back on track in a fully-built car as opposed to the RX-8 which, as admitted in the Red Bull PR, was more of a street car than fully built proper drift car.

Enjuku Racing Private Test Day at OSW


Enjuku Racing threw a test day at Orlando Speed World which is set to host Round 3 of the Formula Drift series this year. It will also mark the debut of and first round of Pro 2 this year. The drivers included Kevin Lawrence, Pat Goodin, and Nate Hamilton for the weekend. They had some suspension assistance from BC Racing who was also out there assisting its sponsored drivers and providing us with this great photos.


If you follow us on Instagram you would know that Nate Hamilton has slapped a turbocharger on his Nissan 240sx for the new season. Hoping some more horsepower and another year of experience under his belt will push him into the right direction to perform at a high level for 2015. Most of his other sponsors and tire company have stayed the same giving him a good base line I think for the new year.


Here is a glance at his new turbo engine setup built by Enjuku Racing.


Daigo Saito arrived in his Ferrari F430 to check out and see how his BC Racing teammates were doing while testing…….


The other two drivers were Pat Goodin and Kevin Lawrence. Kevin just got his Pro 2 license from Three Palms Drift and I think is planning to make a Pro 2 run this year starting in Orlando. He performed at a high level at Three Palms and really dominated the competition when he had things together with the car. He could make a splash in this huge Pro 2 grid for the new year.


Pat Goodin seems to have a pretty similar setup to last year. A turbo V8 with Garrett, same tire company, and BC putting coilovers together for him. I did notice he swapped wheel brands to Cosmis Racing but his test day seemed to just shake down some small changes with the car. He also leaked his livery to Wrecked already showing that he is heading back to his bamboo look. The Enjuku Racing test day should at least give these guys a big advantage when the series arrives at OSW and nobody else has ever driven the course but them.


Thanks to Garrett Wade and BC Racing for the pics

Formula Drift Has a New Website


Formula Drift has launched a new website today to usher in the new era with this brand new logo for 2015. The site seems to include all the same content but has a refreshing new look for the new season. The very top of the page gives you the ability to look into Pro, Pro 2, World Championship, and Pro Am. If you have nothing better to do at work I recommend giving it a check out.


Visit New Site: 

Kristaps Blušs Unveils HGK Motorsports BMW for Formula Drift

Drift.BMW.HGKMotorsports.BMWE46 Drifting.HGKMotorsports.BMWE46


HOLY COW, the guys famous for building insane and over the top BMW’s delivered with this Formula Drift legal bat shit insane E46. If you follow the “more” link below you can find some pictures of this beast without it’s body cladding on to see how wild the engine setup really is. Kristaps has opted for an all motor setup with some big ITB’s. His suspension is helped by WiseFab suspension and Achilles Radial to make that big horsepower stick. Follow the jump to see more photos of this beast!

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Alec Hohnadell Shows Off Get Nuts Lab x Achilles 240sx [SPYSHOTS]


Alec Hohnadell has released his 2015 livery showing off some new partners for 2015. He linked up with Forrest Wang’s operation Get Nuts Laboratory in Las Vegas to get his program off the ground and running in 2015. He has kept his LS Chevrolet engine for the new season and slapped a Magnuson TVS2300 jackshaft supercharger on it for a nice bump in horsepower for the year. I also like how his core color is green to match with the overall Get Nuts branding we have seen in years past. Alec seems to be carrying Holley Performance as a partner for the new year as well helping him with some great LS engine support. Alec mentioned to me he drove Forrest’s competition car at Vegas Drift over the past weekend and really did love the way a 2JZ engine felt in drifting. Perhaps we will see him shift over to the inline 6 setup in a future car build? What do you think of his new 2015 Formula Drift setup?