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Drifting Shotgun with Chelsea DeNofa [VIDEO]

Here is Chelsea DeNofa ripping around the Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach course in his E46 BMW. Chelsea made some changes to his program this year including a swap over to GT Radial tires. Here is what it looks like from the cockpit of his car on a flying lap around the Long Beach Grand Prix Turn 9/10/11 course.

2015 KMC Wheels SuperDrift at LBGP [RESULTS]


With a small field for the weekend and only 10 drivers to produce a score in qualifying the main event went on in a Top 16 format. The three drivers who failed to qualify were allowed to enter the main event so the field included 13 drivers. The night time tandem events saw several drivers make serious contact including Robbie Nishida and Odi Bakchis early in the event. In the end, Robbie Nishida made it into the finals but couldn’t beat Conrad Grunewald in the end. Here is how they finished:

1. Conrad Grunewald
2. Robbie Nishida
3. Forrest Wang

2015 Formula Drift KMC Wheels Super Drift Qualifying [RESULTS]


The KMC Wheels Super Drift Challenge at the Long Beach Grand Prix wrapped up a pretty mediocre qualifying session which found Formula Drift short of a full Top 16 field. Only 10 drivers managed a qualifying score as these guys will battle for a big pay day tomorrow at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Here is how they qualified:

1. Forrest Wang – 94
2. Justin Pawlak – 89
3. Odi Backhis – 84
4. Conrad Grunewald – 81
5. Charles Ng – 79
6. Robbie Nishida – 75
7. Michael Essa – 70
8. Kyle Mohan – 68
9. Jeff Jones – 66
10. Brandon Wicknick – 65
11. Dean Kearney – 0
12. Alec Hohnadell – 0
13. Joon Maeng – 0

Tandem Battles
Forrest Wang vs. BYE
Kyle Mohan vs. Jeff Jones
Conrad Grunewald vs. Joon Maeng
Charles Ng vs. Alec Hohnadell
Justin Pawlak vs. BYE
Michael Essa vs. Brandon Wicknick
Odi Bakchis vs. BYE
Robbie Nishida vs. Dean Kearney

Masashi Yokoi Drifts 2JZ S15 Silvia Around Streets of Long Beach [VIDEO]

An awesome sequential gearbox putting the 900+ horsepower from his 2JZ to the ground in one of the smoothest drift cars from a cockpit POV I have seen in a long time. Bummed we didn’t get to see Yokoi do more wall smashing over the Round 1 Formula Drift weekend.

Another Look at Formula Drift Long Beach with E3 Spark Plugs [GALLERY]




This is another look and glance behind the scenes of Formula Drift Long Beach thanks to E3 Spark Plugs and the skills of Regine Trias. Sit back and enjoy her work tackling the various elements of a Formula Drift weekend.


Check out the Gallery:

Odi Bakchis vs. Fredric Aasbo in the Finals – You Decide [VIDEO]

After watching this video a couple hundred times and sharing it with some other pro drifters I cannot seem to determine who was truly at fault for the contact but it does seem to me when you watch this in full screen at 1080 that Fredric Aasbo intentionally makes the car spin once Odi hits him. That is somewhat hard to say either way since Odi made contact with his wheel but you can see him rotating the wheel from the drivers position and the wheel moving (implying to me that suspension wasn’t broken) in the video. Fredric was hit quite a few times in the same area this weekend which makes me lean more towards the favor of Odi Bakchis not being at fault. I am curious to see what you guys all think in the comments.

One thing is for sure, Formula Drift needs to provide judges a better viewing angle in this hairpin other than what the Livestream provided. Our POV in this footage is far better than anything the judges had to look at. Several people in my 10 Things post even chimed in about drivers knocking over clip cones and people missing it but the Livestream view is less than ideal. I think they really need an inside clip camera and one on the outside to watch wheel speeds, e-brakes, and all the other games that clearly went on in that area. Chime in below!

10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Long Beach 2015


10. The Hyundai Genesis Isn’t So Bad After All

Last year I was ready to declare the Hyundai Genesis a “career killer” after Rhys Millen left while driving one and recently Dennis Mertzanis lost his license last season in the car pictured above. Well, Odi Bakchis got ahold of it and with some suspension wizardry at his Feal Suspension bunker built something to make this car work. His performance along with Matt Field put Vortech Superchargers taking home two of the final four places at Long Beach.


9. Will We Ever See Daigo Saito 100% Again? 

Daigo Saito had another terrible weekend. His new over the top Nissan GT-R took itself out in the Top 32 due to what I am being told is a power steering failure. I can imagine turing 21 inch wheels from lock to lock is going to create some serious stress on any steering system they can throw at this car. I love that Daigo is pushing the bounds of the sport and trying new things BUT I also really love it when his car works and he destroys people in tandem battles. I am at war with myself, a house divided if you will, on which one I want more than the other.


8. Tanner Foust’s Passat Was Banged Up This Weekend

Tanner Foust made a really lackluster return to Formula Drift this weekend. He crashed in Saturday practice, limped into qualifying, and ended with an epic wall smack against Justin Pawlak. You could visually see Tanner trying to keep longer full-lock drifts going which is the standard Formula Drift has shifted since he left. Someone asked me on Twitter about his performance and Tanner chimed in to concur. This track, with all the outer clips and layout also make it much harder to run the new way. I think Road Atlanta will be a blessing for him with way less to hit and a more open track environment allowing the Passat to perform in a range he is more comfortable with behind the wheel.


7. How Much Did We Miss Mad Mike?

The Mad Mike question probably cannot be answered until he arrives at Road Atlanta and puts on a show for everyone. The “RADBUL” as he has dubbed it sure looks like an engineering wonder but how can he perform in the States is a question everyone must be wondering about. His last visit to America didn’t have him performing at a top level but he has been actively driving worldwide in various cars since he left Formula Drift years ago. I would of loved to see him debut this Mazda MX-5 at Long Beach but Road Atlanta isn’t that far away at this point.


6. Chris Forsberg Misses Top 4 first time Since 2013

Chris Forsberg hasn’t missed a Final Four since the 2013 season. That is just how good he performed over the course of the 2014 drift season. He made a costly error allowing the 370z to over rotate in a battle with Pat Mordaunt and it was something he couldn’t overcome. Pat looked solid in his 350z and that misstep was too much with Pat being on point in both runs. This result already has the 2015 championship chase showing Chris 67 points behind Aasbo.

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2015 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Round 1 Main Event [GALLERY]



Justin Kaehler is our first Formula Drift gallery from the Long Beach weekend. Dig through our gallery that covers events from main event Saturday. A wild podium featuring Fredric Aasbo, Odi Bakchis, and Ryan Tuerck shows that the 2015 season could bring some new changes to the championship order.


Check out the Justin Kaehler Gallery:

2015 Formula D Championship Standings – Round 1 Long Beach [STANDINGS]


Photo: Jacob Leveton

Fredric Aasbo looked to be in mid-season form on the streets of Long Beach and earned his third consecutive podium, dating back to Texas last season. Odi Bakchis earned his second final round appearance (ironically against the same driver as his first final round appearance), and his third career podium. Ryan Tuerck earned the first ever podium in Formula Drift USA history for the Scion FR-S chassis, and his first podium since Evergreen in 2012 (16 events ago).

Formula Drift has made a few changes to the points structure this season, eliminating the 1/2 points in qualifying that made calculating totals annoying. Additionally, the number of points earned for the top qualifying spot has been reduced substantially. All drivers who make a qualifying pass earn 1 charity point. Beyond that, the top qualifier now only earns 6 points (plus the charity point), down from 10 points last season. Second place qualifier earns 6 total points (5 + 1), third earns 5 total points (4+1), fourth through eighth earn 4 total points, ninth through sixteenth earn 3 total points, and seventeen through thirty two earn two total points. Tandem points remain the same as last year (100 points for the winner, 80 points for second, 64 points for final four, 48 points for top 8, 32 points for top 16, and 16 points for top 32).

Here’s how the standings look after the first round of the 2015 Formula Drift Championship, including all drivers who made a qualifying pass:

1 Fredric Aasbo 105 points
2 Odi Bakchis 83 points
T3 Ryan Tuerck 68 points
T3 Matt Field 68 points
5 Vaughn Gittin Jr. 52 points
T6 Tyler McQuarrie 51 points
T6 Robbie Nishida 51 points
8 Pat Mordaunt 50 points
9 Chris Forsberg 38 points
10 Justin Pawlak 36 points
T11 Dai Yoshihara 35 points
T11 Dan Savage 35 points
T11 Geoff Stoneback 35 points
T14 Charles Ng 34 points
T14 Chelsea DeNofa 34 points
T14 Matt Coffman 34 points
18 Forrest Wang 23 points
15 Alec Hohnadell 20 points
T19 Pat Goodin 19 points
T19 Dave Briggs 19 points
T21 Daigo Saito 18 points
T21 Ken Gushi 18 points
T21 Conrad Grunewald 18 points
T21 Marc Landreville 18 points
T21 Kristaps Bluss 18 points
T21 Kyle Mohan 18 points
T21 Kenny Moen 18 points
T21 Dean Kearney 18 points
T21 Tanner Foust 18 points
T21 Nate Hamilton 18 points
T21 Masashi Yokoi 18 points
T21 Jeff Jones 18 points
T33 Mats Baribeau 1 point
T33 Jhonnattan Castro 1 point
T33 Michael Essa 1 point
T33 James Evans 1 point
T33 Joon Maeng 1 point
T33 Brandon Wicknick 1 point

2015 Formula Drift Long Beach Round 1 [RESULTS]


What a wild first weekend of Formula Drift! We have been working to crank out some serious content for you guys this week covering everything from Round 1.  I knew it was going to be crazy when Forrest Wang lost to Matt Coffman as the top qualifier got sent home earlier. Here is how the podium finished up which saw the first ever Scion FR-S podium in history. Here are the results:

1. Fredric Aasbo
2. Odi Bakchis
3. Ryan Tuerck

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