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2014 Formula Drift Canada Qualifier [RESULTS]


The Formula Drift Canada qualifier finished up this weekend which selected local Canadian drivers to come run with the Formula Drift drivers attending the Canada event in September. The event happened in front of a sellout crowd in St. Eustache, Montreal. Here is how the results finished up:

1st. Tomy Boisvert-bellemare
2nd. Jonathan Guitard
3rd. Brad Carlton

Formula Drift Round 3 Press Conference [VIDEO]

Here is a recap of the press conference which happened right after Formula Drift Miami. The guests for the press conference were Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Kenneth Moen. The audio in the room was a tad odd and we didn’t have a plug in to the localized system but check out what the drivers had to say after coming off the podium.

Formula Drift – A Look at Chevrolet V8 Engines in the Paddock Part 1 [VIDEO]

We take a detailed look at the variety of Chevrolet V8 engines in the Formula Drift series. The guys at really wanted us to highlight the variety of setups in the series so we walked around the paddock and did some quick interviews. Charles Ng shows off his Infiniti G37 with a Vortech Supercharged LS1 engine swap. Then Dennis Mertzanis pops the hood of his Hyundai Genesis to show off a Vortech Supercharged LS7 setup that is making 1000hp! Wrapping up Part 1 is Pat Goodin who brings out a turbocharged LQ9 engine setup into his Nissan 240sx.

Chelsea DeNofa vs. Tyler McQuarrie in Slow Motion [VIDEO]

Check out an awesome slow motion capture of the Tyler McQuarrie vs. Chelsea DeNofa wreck! This is an awesome angle showing the contact between the two cars as they go wheel to wheel which flings DeNofa sky high into the air.

10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Round 3 This Weekend

10. Car-​to​-​ Car Contact ​i​​s Becoming More Common
This is the best car -​to​-​car contact of the season to date! ​Chelsea ​DeNofa just managed to connect with Tyler McQuarrie wheel​-​to​-​ wheel​, throwing him airborne. Do you remember the accident that happened when these guys met at Wall Speedway in 2012? In case you don’t, here is the video. Quite a bit of other car ​-​to​-​car contact happened this weekend​,​ including some nice banging around with Matt Field and Chris Forsberg in the ​F​inal ​F​our. Keep an eye on this to be a theme through 2014.

9. Matt Field Deserves a Tip of the Hat
I will never forget the day the world discovered Matt Field as a serious American drifter. It was back at Irwindale Speedway when he sent Daigo Saito into a two OMT battle before finally ​losing to Saito. Something interesting I have noticed since then is ​Field does exceptionally​ well at new tracks where all drivers start without data. Look back to 2013 at Texas Motor Speedway and this weekend at Homestead. This tells me​, as he drives these tracks and learns what he needs to make things work​, ​​he will be a championship contender.
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2014 Formula Drift Round 3 – Miami Homestead Main Event [GALLERY]

MattField. KyleMohan.GTRadial JCastro.VaughnGittinJr.

Jason Scott brings us some solid main event coverage from Miami Homestead this weekend! We saw some of the new blood in Formula Drift really perform well this weekend. Rookie Geoff Stoneback put on a huge show and finished with this first Top 8 for the weekend! Others like Matt Field and Jhonnathan Castro looked unreal throughout the big show as well!

Check out the Gallery:

2014 Formula Drift Round 3 – Friday [GALLERY]


Jason Scott attacked the humidity and heat at Miami Homestead to produce some great Pro coverage from the Formula Drift Round 3 weekend. Enjoy tons of pictures as the drivers had morning practice and qualifying in the southern Florida heat.


Check out the Gallery:

2014 Formula D Tire Round 3 Miami – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


Vaughn Gittin Jr’s win combined with Justin Pawlak’s Top 16 appearance have helped to extend Ford’s lead in the OEM Championship. Nissan has risen into second position behind Chris Forsberg’s second place finish and Jhonnattan Castro’s Top 16 finish. Scion is now in third place behind Aasbo’s top-8 appearance and Tuerck’s top 16 appearance. Chevy has jumped into fourth position, while BMW remains in fifth place but is joined in a tie by defending champion Lexus (who drops from fourth place after Atlanta).

Here’s how the OEM championship shapes up after three of seven rounds:

1. Ford – 393 points
2. Nissan – 334.5 points
3. Scion  – 312 points
4. Chevy – 204.5 points
T5. BMW – 201 points
T5. Lexus – 201 points
7. Dodge – 84.5 points
8. Mazda – 71.5 points
9. Toyota – 51 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

2014 Formula D Round 3 Miami – Tire Manufacturer Championship [STANDINGS]


Tyler McQuarrie’s 4th place qualification and top-8 finish, paired with Chris Forsberg’s podium, helped keep Hankook Tire in first place in the Tire manufacturer championship. Nitto Tire closed the gap from 62.5 points down to 30.5 points via Vaughn Gittin Jr’s win combined with Matt Field’s final four finish. Achilles Tire, Falken Tire, and Yokohama Tire all remain in third, fourth, and fifth place respectively. Maxxis Tire now sits above Kenda Tire thanks to points from both Ryan Tuerck and Matt Coffman.

Here’s how the Tire Championship standings look after 3 of 7 rounds:

1. Hankook Tire – 452.5 Points
2. Nitto Tire – 422 Points
3. Achilles Tire – 338 Points
4. Falken Tire – 242 Points
5. Yokohama Tire – 128 Points
6. Maxxis Tire – 108 Points
7. Kenda Tire – 103.5 Points
8. GT Radial – 71.5 Points