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2014 Midwest Drift Union Round 1 by Subject Media [VIDEO]

The Midwest Drift Union kicked off last weekend with a big Round 1 weekend at Gateway International just outside of St. Louis. One of the most fun Pro Am tracks in the country kicked off in style. Here are the podium results from the weekends event.

2014 Evergreen Drift Pro Am Round 1 [RESULTS]


The Evergreen Drift season kicked off this weekend in Washington with Round 1 of the Formula Drift Pro Am series. Here is how the podium finished up:

1. Cameron Moore
2. Aaron Day
3. Brian Lockbaum

2014 Midwest Drift Union Round 1 at Gateway Motorsports Park [RESULTS]


The first round of Midwest Drift Union Round 1 kicked off for the 2014 season. Congratulations to the drivers who started off the season on the podium listed below:

1. Brian Peter
2. Rolando Alfaro
3. Dan Sommer

Maxxis Tire Rolls Out Racer Pricing Program for MA-Z1 Tire


The guys over at Maxxis Tire have opened up a grassroots racer program to help put people driving on the MA-Z1 Maxxis Tire. Sizing and details are in the PR below. The program will be executed by City Tire located in Southern California. Contact info for City Tire is attached at the bottom of the PR below! They join the ranks of GT Radial, Falken Tire, Achilles Radial and Kenda Tire all managing various racer programs for drivers.

Maxxis is offering their high-quality MA-Z1 Drift tires to grassroots drifters at a substantial discount. Eligible drivers must affix Maxxis decals to their vehicles, and can purchase the MA-Z1 Drift, prized by drifters for its durability, extra smokiness and superior traction, directly from City Tire.

“We’re always glad to have an opportunity to support grassroots drivers, and so we’re very pleased that we can work with our friends at City Tire to offer our MA-Z1 Drift tires through this discount program,” said Ritche Tay of Maxxis.

Available sizes are listed below:

For more information, please call 1-888-977-TIRE. City Tire Online is located at 9501 Atlantic Ave., South Gate, California, 90280.

2014 Just Drift Top Drift Round 1 at Balcony [GALLERY]

©Joshua Schock 2014

©Joshua Schock 2014

Here is the gallery coverage from Round 1 of Just Drift’s Top Drift series. The event took place at Balcony and watched Alex Heilbrunn dominate the competition in his green S13 smoke machine. Follow the action at Willow Springs International Raceway by clicking through the gallery below!

Check out the Gallery:

Up and Comer: Meet Lone Star Drift Driver Garrett Hoyt


Texas is the home to a pretty solid group of talented drivers, Garrett Hoyt (though technically being from Arkansas), is definitely no exception. I met Garrett last year when he was finishing up his previous Ls6 car cage build up in Dallas at Autocomp Racecars, and we pretty much became BFF right away. Over that weekend, I believe it was Lone Star Bash, I got to know him pretty well, and also noticed that he was an extremely good driver. He was very aggressive, and even more consistent. Unfortunately for him, at the time anyway, his fully built ls6 motor exploded in a fit of rage just a couple events later.


Jump ahead to round 1 of the 2014 lone star series this past weekend. Garrett had spent his offseason going full retard on a pretty intense 350z build. After realize how much time and money it was going to take, he decided breaking a few SR’s before even using them was the best option, and finally got a solid motor set in the car. Caught up with him that day at the event and chatted about his new setup, which low and behold, he liked even more than his more powerful v8 motor. HA! turbo forever! Garrett was the number 1 qualifier for the event and I believe finished 6th or 7th over all for the weekend! Heres a little bit of our discussion!


Q: What do you drive and why (specs and such)?

A: Well lets do this. I drive a 1995 Nissan 240sx, I’m running a red top sr20det with a top mount hybrid turbo. I have ISIS coilovers and arms and I can’t complain they feel really high end actually. Parts Shop Max super angle steering kit, with MCR Factory Knuckles. Also some PSM drop knuckles in the back. The car is perfect right now. Love it


Q: When did you start drifting and why?

A:  I Started drifting back in 2009. I had my Jeep and yes, I was drifting my jeep wrangler around into people’s yards and shit, then I got my first 240sx. I started drifting because it was just so much fun. It is for sure the most fun you can have with pants on.


Q: So besides being the pants-less wonder, what are your goals with drifting? Is it all for fun or do you plan to take it all the way to pro level?

A: My goal in drifting is to always have fun. But I am very competitive and I want to go pro, that’s what I’m aiming for.


Q: When you aren’t working on your car or driving events, what do you do for fun?

A: When I’m not messing with my racecar or my buddy’s cars. I love to play the guitar. Acoustic of course.


Q: Who do you look up to both in the drifting world and abroad?

A: Well I really look up to Nate Hamilton. He has been like my coach and we have had a lot of seat time together. And outside of drift it is gonna sound cheesy, but it is my dad. My dad is such an amazing person. Couldn’t ask for anyone better.


Q: Not cheesy, admirable! Where are you from and What made you decide to make the travel to drive the Lone star series?

A: ARKANSAS!!! I was born and raised in good ol’ Arkansas. I was drifting up in Memphis but they don’t have the series that lonestar does. NO ONE DOES! I love the lonestar drift series. Great drivers and fast courses plus the amount of tandem that goes on is crazy. Love it down there.


Q: At this point in your “career” with drifting, what moment stands out the most for you?

A: The moment that stands out the most to me, well there are moments. 1st one is when I blew the ls6 that I was running last season. I shot two rods through the block. And the second one is coming back from the blown ls6, to a little sr20det and I was first place qualifier with it at round 1. I couldn’t be more happy with how the sr20 feels. Soooo much better then the ls6. True story. #V8hunterReborn


Q: Any advice for someone looking to get into drifting?

A: If you’re wanting to start drifting. All I can say is GO FOR IT, like I said earlier it is the most fun you can have with your pants on haha. Don’t do it on the streets though. Safety first kids!


Photos By: Justin Cunningham, Alex Callaway, and Jason Scott

Just Drift Presents Top Drift Round 1 at Balcony [RESULTS]


The 2014 Just Drift season has kicked off with Round 1 of Top Drift taking place at Balcony over at Willow Springs. The weather was solid and served as a great precursor to Formula Drift Round 1 this next weekend. Here is how the top drivers finished:

1st: Alex Heilbrunn
2nd: Spike Chen
3rd: Daniel Giraldo

Welcome to Texas! A Look at Lone Star Drift Round 1[RECAP]


This past weekend marked round 1 of the Texas Formula Drift licensing series dubbed Lone Star Drift. The new format for the series here in Texas is a lot different than most of the pro-am sanctions. Each event will be 2 days, with the first day being an “open drift” format for all drivers competing or not, followed by a big party on track that night. Spectators and drivers get to burn the midnight oil, and drink it, for free with their entry! Sunday, its down to business. There is open driving in the morning, then its time for qualifying followed by the main competition!


Saturday started off around 9am with drivers showing up from all over the US. We had guys from St. Louis, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Florida, Cali, Vegas, and more. The driving in our series has gotten more exciting, in my opinion, each year. Texas has been the birth place of many now FD licensed and competing drivers like Chelsea Denofa, Josh Steele, Nate Hamilton and Will parsons, but it seems that we are just recently starting to put ourselves on the map with our big flashy events, and amazing guest drivers.

v8s14  garretthoyts14

Drifting started right away, around 10 am. Drivers hit the track to test out the course layout, and jumped right into tandem. We REALLY like tandem here, especially big 4-5-6+ car trains. Its one of my personal favorite parts about driving here. The spirit of driving is incredible, we all love to hang out, and we all love to bang on each others doors even more! Smoke filled the air right away as drivers attacked the course. A lot of guys now have cages so the tandem was really exciting right out of the gate!

s13vsae86 tandemtrain

Round 1 is always a blast, new cars, new drivers, new faces. This year was no exception. Like I mentioned, we had a ton of guys from around the country. You notice each group has their own style, some more aggressive, some more consistent, but all a lot of fun to watch drive. It was non stop action all day. From turbo powered JZ cars ripping through gears, to big loud v8’s pouring out smoke, and even your usual SR and KA powered cars hanging right in there with the big boys, we have it all.

williamv82 timwilliamskat dewaynebanana

The party kicked off at dusk. Tito’s vodka always comes out and has tons of alcohol for all of the of age spectators and drivers to kick back and relax with. DJ’s pumping out music and people dancing and having loads of fun. A couple of us had our ricer cars up at the tent with our strobe’s flashing along with the music. Nate Hamilton was out with us with his FD car and crew, and those guys always have their beer pong table and get down with their fans! Party wound down around 11:15 or so as the crowd thinned, and drivers went to catch some rest before we started up again bright and early!


Sunday started off with some typical out of nowhere random Texas weather. Saturday was muggy and warm, and as we showed up to the track sunday, we were greeted with cold windy air, and the look of some nasty rain on the horizon. Regardless, the drivers dove right back in to some tandem action, wasting no time! Open driving went on til about 2pm, and around that time some sprinkling had begun.

iantrinidad bradandlosey wario

Qualifying got started as soon as possible, hoping to work through it around the rain. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. About 4-5 drivers in, the gates opened, and down came the rain. The drivers continued to lay down their best runs despite the extremely different track conditions from the day before. Top 16 was finalized, and the drivers took a break as we tried to see if the rain would pass. After some time, we realized that it was just going to get worse, before it got any better, so the decision to continue on with the competition was made. Drivers lined up and got ready to throw down against each other as rain poured down.

Despite the super wet, and now almost cold track, tandem was pretty exciting. Drivers were going just as hard as they would in the best conditions, getting super close and laying down solid runs. There were a few close calls, and some obvious lack of traction as the competition went on, but over all for how bad the weather got, there was no shortage of exciting tandem for the crowd, who stuck around like champs, to watch. You’ll notice there isn’t much media from the comp, it was pretty nasty, and a lot of the guys were seeking shelter from the weather. In the end, we had an all NA power podium, with 2 v8 powered s14’s and 1 350z. Congratulations to new comer to Texas Josh McGuire in 1st, local badass Mario Gomez in 2nd, and William Little in 3rd!

Be sure to check out for all texas drifting news and events, including our 2nd round known widely as The Mexican Standoff on April 19-20 in Mineral Wells, TX!


2014 Lone Star Drift Round 1 [GALLERY]




Lone Star Bash kicked off its 2014 drift season with a big Round 1 at Gulf Greyhound Park in
La Marque, Texas. The event was plagued with rain and poor weather but the top drivers in Texas still found their way over to the podium. Jason Scott produced all of our photography from the Lone Star weekend!


View the Gallery:

2014 Lone Star Drift Round 1 [RESULTS]


The first round of the Pro 2 licensing series, Lone Star Drift, took place at Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, TX. With some bad  weather during the day the event continued on regardless of water on the ground. Congratulations to the drivers who were able to take a spot on the podium:

1st Place – Josh McGuire
2nd Place – Mario Gomez
3rd Place – William Little


Photo: Jason Scott | Results: Stephen Bayles