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Formula Drift Has a New Website


Formula Drift has launched a new website today to usher in the new era with this brand new logo for 2015. The site seems to include all the same content but has a refreshing new look for the new season. The very top of the page gives you the ability to look into Pro, Pro 2, World Championship, and Pro Am. If you have nothing better to do at work I recommend giving it a check out.


Visit New Site: 

2014 Golden Gate Drift Pro Am Round 2 [RESULTS]


Golden Gate Drift Round 2 came to an end this weekend at Stockton 99 Raceway. The all Formula Drift judging staff included Matt Field, Pat Mordaunt, and Tyler McQuarrie for the race weekend. Some good battles throughout the weekend and several cars were destroyed from the banked part of the course. Here is how they finished up:

1st: Tyler Knudsen
2nd: Ryan Rasberry
3rd: Rob Pascua

A Tribute to the Past Women of Formula Drift


Yoshie Shuyama is our first women to highlight on International Woman’s Day because she drove in Formula Drift the longest of all the woman in the series. Yoshie drove this S14 and spent some time in an AE86 Toyota Corolla during her Formula Drift career. She has a few qualifications under her belt in the old Top 32 format and is still seen in the sport today, mostly as the spotter for Taka Aono.


Our second woman to highlight is Amanda Lam. Her purple/pink S13 was anything but subtle as they competed in the 2005 Formula Drift season. She remained pretty quiet in her performance compared to this bright car she built and drove. This was before the Top 32 format so she did fail to qualify for the main event but did come rather close on that weekend.


Nadine Toyoda ran during the 2005 Formula Drift season as well but didn’t quite perform at the same level of Amanda Lam.  During the 2005 Formula Drift season she managed a 20th qualifying spot at Solider Field. After that great finish she had a tough accident at Formula Drift Sonoma in 2005 and never really got back into the swing of things with her bright red Nissan 240sx.


Verena Mei is another lady who danced in Formula Drift. In fact, she even loaned her Nissan 350z to Ryan Tuerck once so he could attempt to qualify after she failed to do so. Verena has kept up her racing career but moved into rally racing in more recent years.


Hiromi Kajikuma is the most recent girl to grace Formula Drift with some competition in 2006. She actually made Top 16 twice that year at Road Atlanta and Soldier Field (Chicago). Hiromi has continued her drift career in Asia over recent seasons even competing in Formula Drift Asia.

Now let’s take a look at the future ladies of drifting in America.

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Double Round of Three Palms Drift Pro Am [RESULTS]

Three Palms Drift finished Rounds Three and Four with two days of intense competition as a double-header on February 21st and 22nd. The weekend enclosed some of the best runs from every driver in the series. Upsets were made, and the points have never been closer for the championship. The amount of devotion each driver put in on both days really showed through as the days went on. Track staff was updated with the addition of Mikey from JimmyUp and Rich DeBerardinis from Slide United Motorsports. As for every 3PDrift event, Steven Purcell was on the microphone informing the crowd of all the action.


The biggest upset of the weekend had to come from Fello Ambivero in the Carlitos Tire E36, who had blown his head gasket coming into the Final Four at Round One. Ambivero had been running his strongest all season, and came into competition sitting pretty with a Number 1 Qualifying Score of 96! Ambivero ended up finishing strong in 4th Place in Round Three and the car sounded like a lawnmower by the end of the day. He was able to source a new head gasket for the E36 and his team was able to get the car back together with no sleep.


In the pink Garrett Turbo S14, Florida’s own Kelsey “Drift Chick” Rowlings came hungry for some points in the season. In Round Three, she scored one point lower than Ambivero with a 95. She drove her car harder than ever before, with more power and angle. On her last few runs of the day, we all were able to hear that her clutch was slipping and she was fighting her car more than usual. By the end of the event, her clutch was toast and that meant another night of no sleep for her team, but that wasn’t before she was able to clench a Third Place victory. She and her crew installed the new ACT Clutch on their backs all at night at the track. Luckily, they finished the car right before Pizza Hut closed.

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2015 Southwest Drift Pro Am Round 1 [RESULTS]


The first ever Southwest Drift Pro Am (formerly Vegas Drift now expanded) kicked off in Arizona under much fanfare. This Pro Am series has seen quite some talents produced over the course of the last few years. This track had a unique layout with some decent speed which challenged drivers all weekend. Here is how they finished:

1st. Tony Cisneros
2nd. Travis Avery
3rd. Joe Tardiff

Three Palms Drift Pro Am Round 2 [RECAP]

Coming into the second round of Three Palms Drift, the driver list showed some familiar names returning as well as some new drivers gunning for their Pro-2 licenses. This round showed many driver’s weak and strong points, resulting in more than one upset. Round 2 was held under the lights for its Top 16 competition which threw a lot of the top contenders off. Judges consisted of Pat Goodin, Gregg Bucell and guest judge, Geoff Stoneback. Needless to say, it was one hell of a fun event.


The biggest upset of the event had to be the number one qualifier, Kelsey Rowlings, being knocked out in the Top 8 after her Top 16 by-run. It was a tough break for Rowlings and her team because her run started off to be one of the best of the night. On the first outside zone, Rowlings wall tapped a little too hard, forcing in her to straighten out and later spin, coming off the bank. She did an amazing job recovering and kept the car off the wall, resulting in no further damage.

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Vegas Drift Pro Am Now Expands to Southwest Drift Pro Am


The Formula Drift Pro Am series Vegas Drift has expanded to cover the complete region of the southwest in 2015. The series is now five rounds expanding into Phoenix, Denver, and Albuquerque. The top three drivers in the series will be issued a Formula Drift Pro 2 license for the following year.

2/4 Round 1 – Phoenix, AZ @ Bondurant Racing School West
4/26 Round 2 – Las Vegas, NV @ LVMS
5/30 Round 3 – Las Vegas, NV @ LVMS
6/28 Round 4 – Denver, CO @ Colorado National Speedway
9/5-9/6 Round 5 – Albuquerque, NM @ Napa Speedway

Full Schedule of Drift Events Here:


The Southwest Drift Pro Am will also be providing a Livestream starting this year at the Phoenix Pro Am Round 1 upcoming this weekend. Spotters and teams can also be provided live scoring information direct from the judges stand showing a huge advancement in technical capabilities from the series itself.  Listed judges for the 2015 season are Forrest Wang, Odi Bakchis, Brandon Wicknick, George Marstanovic, Tommy Suell, and Ernie Fixmer.

Kelsey Rowlings Top Qualifying Run at Three Palms Drift [VIDEO]

Here is a cool video we found showing Kelsey Rowlings #1 qualifying run at Three Palms Drift over the past weekend. This was Round 2 of the new Pro Am series which saw Kelsey exit early due to a strong contact on the bank which forced her to straighten up and go out in competition. Regardless, her qualifying fun was pretty wild and very aggressive and high on the bank compared to others who ran that day.


Three Palms Drift Pro Am Round 2 [RESULTS]


Three Palms, the Florida Formula Drift Pro Am series, put to bed its second ever round of Pro Am competition. The track in western Florida offered some challenges to drivers and featured Formula Drift judge Brian Eggert to oversee the festivities. Kelsey Rowlings qualified first but didn’t manage to secure a podium spot at the end of the weekend. Here is how the drivers finished:

1. Ignacio Mendoza
2. Fello Ambivera
3. Kevin Lawrence

Formula D’s 2015 Pro 1 and Pro 2 Driver Roster, via Promotion / Relegation


Prior to the Formula D season finale at Irwindale, we previewed how the whole promotion / relegation system would work entering the final event. Now that the standings are complete and 2015 is officially just days away (although Formula D’s season is still more than 120 days away), we thought we would give you the full list of drivers and their current standing as it relates to the Pro 1 or Pro 2 class.

While these rosters were derived from the final standings, keep in mind that drivers will be allowed to petition for Pro 1 standing. While previous petition approvals haven’t been very transparent, Formula D officials told us that moving forward, they are moving towards black-and-white criteria for petition approval. We believe this means that drivers who have a proven international or previous Formula D history of podiums would likely be allowed to jump straight to Pro 1, but Pro-Am graduates would likely need to earn their Pro 1 license via Pro 2 regardless of sponsor support or overall level of commitment to the series.

Pro 1 Roster in alphabetical order (Top 32 from Pro 1 + top 8 from Pro 2) – 38 total due to 2 drivers earning licenses via both methods

Aasbo, Fredric
Bakchis, Odi
Baribeau, Mats
Briggs, Dave
Castro, Jhonnattan
Coffman, Matt*
DeNofa, Chelsea
Essa, Michael
Evans, James*
Field, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Gittin, Vaughn
Goodin, Pat
Grunewald, Conrad
Gushi, Ken
Hamilton, Nate*
Hohnadell, Alec
Jones, Jeff**
Kado, Ryan
Kearney, Dean
Landreville, Marc
Lowe, Jeremy*
Maeng, Joon
McNamara, Darren
McQuarrie, Tyler
Moen, Kenny
Mohan, Kyle
Mordaunt, Pat
Ng, Charles
Nishida, Robbie
Pawlak, Justin
Saito, Daigo
Savage, Dan*
Stoneback, Geoff**
Tuerck, Ryan
Wang, Forrest
Wicknick, Brandon*
Yoshihara, Dai

* Blue drivers earned their license via Promotion from Pro 2
** Green drivers earned both Pro 1 and Pro 2 licenses

Rumored Drivers (qualifications in parenthesis) – We believe all drivers would be approved for the Pro 1 class:

Kumakubo, Nobushige (2006 & 2012 D1GP Champion, 2007 D1GP Runner-up, multiple D1GP event winner)
Suenaga, Naoto (2008 D1 Street Legal champion)
Whiddet, “Mad” Mike (2009 NZ Champion, FD Asia @ Thailand 2009 event win, 2008 Red Bull Drifting World Championship top 4, 2011 FD Yas Marina exhibition top 4, etc)
Yamanaka, Kenji (3-time Formula D podium winner, finished 7th overall in 2007)
Yokoi, Masashi (FD Japan July Fuji 2nd place,
FD Japan December Okayama winner)

Pro 2 Roster for 2015: (Ranked lower than Top 32 in Pro 1, or earned at least 64 points in Pro 2) – 20 drivers

Angelo, Tony
Aono, Taka
Cisneros, Tony
Ewerth, Ron
George, Danny
Hateley, Andy
Hill, Eric
Litteral, Ryan
Mertzanis, Dennis*
Osaki, Karl
Parsons, Will*
Pollard, Mike
Primozich, Rob
Richter, Jeremy
Rintanen, Juha*
Rydquist, Carl*
Sumida, Hiro
Takahashi, Kuniaki
Wolfson, Jeff

All drivers who earned a Formula D license via a ProAm series in 2014 will be required to run Pro 2. No rookies will be allowed to run in Pro 1.

* Red drivers were below top 32 in Pro 1 and earned at least 64 points in Pro 2