Formula D Pro Am

Formula D’s 2015 Pro 1 and Pro 2 Driver Roster, via Promotion / Relegation


Prior to the Formula D season finale at Irwindale, we previewed how the whole promotion / relegation system would work entering the final event. Now that the standings are complete and 2015 is officially just days away (although Formula D’s season is still more than 120 days away), we thought we would give you the full list of drivers and their current standing as it relates to the Pro 1 or Pro 2 class.

While these rosters were derived from the final standings, keep in mind that drivers will be allowed to petition for Pro 1 standing. While previous petition approvals haven’t been very transparent, Formula D officials told us that moving forward, they are moving towards black-and-white criteria for petition approval. We believe this means that drivers who have a proven international or previous Formula D history of podiums would likely be allowed to jump straight to Pro 1, but Pro-Am graduates would likely need to earn their Pro 1 license via Pro 2 regardless of sponsor support or overall level of commitment to the series.

Pro 1 Roster in alphabetical order (Top 32 from Pro 1 + top 8 from Pro 2) – 38 total due to 2 drivers earning licenses via both methods

Aasbo, Fredric
Bakchis, Odi
Baribeau, Mats
Briggs, Dave
Castro, Jhonnattan
Coffman, Matt*
DeNofa, Chelsea
Essa, Michael
Evans, James*
Field, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Gittin, Vaughn
Goodin, Pat
Grunewald, Conrad
Gushi, Ken
Hamilton, Nate*
Hohnadell, Alec
Jones, Jeff**
Kado, Ryan
Kearney, Dean
Landreville, Marc
Lowe, Jeremy*
Maeng, Joon
McNamara, Darren
McQuarrie, Tyler
Moen, Kenny
Mohan, Kyle
Mordaunt, Pat
Ng, Charles
Nishida, Robbie
Pawlak, Justin
Saito, Daigo
Savage, Dan*
Stoneback, Geoff**
Tuerck, Ryan
Wang, Forrest
Wicknick, Brandon*
Yoshihara, Dai

* Blue drivers earned their license via Promotion from Pro 2
** Green drivers earned both Pro 1 and Pro 2 licenses

Rumored Drivers (qualifications in parenthesis) – We believe all drivers would be approved for the Pro 1 class:

Kumakubo, Nobushige (2006 & 2012 D1GP Champion, 2007 D1GP Runner-up, multiple D1GP event winner)
Suenaga, Naoto (2008 D1 Street Legal champion)
Whiddet, “Mad” Mike (2009 NZ Champion, FD Asia @ Thailand 2009 event win, 2008 Red Bull Drifting World Championship top 4, 2011 FD Yas Marina exhibition top 4, etc)
Yamanaka, Kenji (3-time Formula D podium winner, finished 7th overall in 2007)
Yokoi, Masashi (FD Japan July Fuji 2nd place,
FD Japan December Okayama winner)

Pro 2 Roster for 2015: (Ranked lower than Top 32 in Pro 1, or earned at least 64 points in Pro 2) – 20 drivers

Angelo, Tony
Aono, Taka
Cisneros, Tony
Ewerth, Ron
George, Danny
Hateley, Andy
Hill, Eric
Litteral, Ryan
Mertzanis, Dennis*
Osaki, Karl
Parsons, Will*
Pollard, Mike
Primozich, Rob
Richter, Jeremy
Rintanen, Juha*
Rydquist, Carl*
Sumida, Hiro
Takahashi, Kuniaki
Wolfson, Jeff

All drivers who earned a Formula D license via a ProAm series in 2014 will be required to run Pro 2. No rookies will be allowed to run in Pro 1.

* Red drivers were below top 32 in Pro 1 and earned at least 64 points in Pro 2

2015 Golden Gate Drift Pro Am [SCHEDULE]


The Golden Gate Drift Pro Am series announced its 2015 schedule which finds the series adding two new venues in addition to Stockton 99 Raceway. Last season, the Wrecked Magazine team attended three of the rounds to provide some cool and unique coverage of the Northern California series. Here is a video we shot with Faruk Kugay and his attempt at a championship finish last season at Golden Gate Drift. Check out the 2015 schedule here:

February 1st – Round 1 @ Sonoma Raceway
March 14-15th – Round 2 @ Stockton 99 Raceway
May 16th-17th – Round 3 @ Stockton 99 Raceway
July 5th – Round 4 @ San Joaquin Fairgrounds
September 16-17th – Round 5 @ Stockton 99 Raceway

A Look At the Beginning of Three Palms Drift Pro Am Series [RECAP]

Shortly after Formula Drift came to a nail biting end, Three Palms Drift announced that they would be running an off-season Formula Drift Pro-Am series, awarding three FD Pro-2 licenses and $15,000 in season prize money. Needless to say, drivers all around the South and as far as Texas put their competition cars back under the knife to compete. The benefit of Florida weather allows this off-season drift series to take place in Punta Gorda, at Three Palms Speedway.

A few familiar faces running the program are included but not limited to: Pat Goodin, Jeremy Lowe, Brian Eggert, and Gregg Bucell.

Along with some popular staff members, the drivers list included the likes of Kelsey Rowlings, Fello Ambivero, and Mad Mike Masse. These drivers came with their guns fully loaded. The talk of drivers gunning for the $10,000 first place prize money seemed to be the topic of choice in the pits.


After qualifying came to an end, it was obvious that the event was going to be a close one. With a lower driver count, most likely due to the series being very recently announced, off season while cars were beginning their Winter refreshes, and close to the holidays, there would be only one Top 16 race to fight for a spot in Top 8. After the hard decisions the judges needed to make, the qualifying results came as follows:

1. Fello Ambivero
2. Kelsey Rowlings
3. Brett Collins
4. Brandon McDowell
5. Mike Masse
6. Kevin Lawrence
7. Ryan Quinn
8. Rudy Martinez
9. Kevin Phillips Read More…

A Sit Down with Nate Hamilton After His Second Formula Drift Season


Joey Redmond – What did you learn being a second season Formula Drift driver?
Nate Hamilton: Well, I think that round one thru round seven, every track and every lap, things happen so quickly. Formula Drift is a very fast pace sport. My skateboarding mind wants to describe it as a stair set with not much run up. ha You have to be focused. Then when you think your focused there is always room to improve. The most important lesson I took home from the 2014 season would simply be, to run each lap “my way” and not compare myself to everyone and get caught up in everyone else’s driving. I think its easy to ruin a practice session by not being focused, by that time you effect qualifying and before you know it the event is over. Stay Focused.

JR – Can you tell us about your engine package/setup in the Nissan 240sx?
NH: 2014 I ran a 490hp LS motor, built in Texas. It was extra difficult to keep up with the grip and smoke levels Formula Drift Demands. Looking forwards our chassis is on the way to Enjuku Racing for some REAL power. I will keep Wrecked updated!
JR- Why have you opted to stick with the Nissan 240sx chassis platform in Formula Drift?
NH: Honestly, I would love to drive another chassis. I think a 350/370 or even a FRS would be exciting to pull up to the line. Formula Drift will force you to account for every dollar and every penny spent. This is simply the nature of a competitive sport. As a young guy in the sport building a program with my Dad, we simple don’t have the resources to move away from our Nissan package at the moment. Until we reach the next level I enjoy tossing a S13 around. Its CLASSIC.

Read More…

2014/5 Three Palms Drift Pro Am Round 1 [RESULTS]


The newest Formula Drift Pro Am series kicked off today in southwestern Florida which will help get the last Pro 2 licenses issued for the 2015 season. Familiar names such as Pat Goodin and Brian Eggert were in attendance to help make the first event happen. Here is the podium finish:

1. Fello Ambivero
2. Kelsey Rowlings
3. Brandon McDowell

2015 Just Drift – Southern California [SCHEDULE]


The 2015 Just Drift schedule has arrived just before the holiday season! The schedule packs events every single month of the year to keep Southern California Pro Am and drift fans/drivers entertained. All the events take place at Willow Springs but offers a variety of courses to finish off the year. Below is a complete schedule:


2015 Just Drift/Top Drift Schedule
FEB 21-22 – JUSTDRIFT Clinic – Saturday Balcony and Saturday/Sunday Horse Thief Mile
MAR 28-29 – TOPDRIFT Formula D Pro Am Round 1 – Balcony Saturday/Sunday
APR 25-26 – TOPDRIFT Limited Round 1 – Balcony
MAY 23-24 – TOPDRIFT Formula D Pro Am Round 2 – HTM Saturday/Sunday
JUN 13-14 – TOPDRIFT Limited Round 2 – HTM
JUN – 19-20 TOPDRIFT Formula D Pro Am Round 3 – Walt James Oval
JUL 17-18 – TOPDRIFT Limited Round 3 – Willow Speedway Night
AUG 28-29 – TOPDRIFT Formula D Pro Am Round 4 – Willow Speedway Night Drift
SEP 26-27 – JUSTDRIFT CLINIC Balcony Saturday/Sunday – Horse Thief Mile
OCT 17-18 – All-Star Bash 15 Streets of Willow + Horse Thief Mile Saturday/Sunday

Three Palms Drift – New Formula Drift Pro Am Kicks Off Next Week


The newest Pro Am sanctioning body and series found in Southeastern Florida is set to start next weekend in-between the big holidays. The pro class payout is set at $10,000 for first and works its way down to $1,000 for fourth. This Pro Am series will be issuing licenses for Pro 2 after the March 21st round closing out this winter drift season so check it out if you are a driver looking to step up into Pro 2 in the southeast. All events take place at Three Palms Raceway.

2014 Midwest Drift Union Round 5 in St. Louis [RESULTS]


The 2014 Midwest Drift Union season wrapped up this weekend in St. Louis with Mike Feiock taking home a win in his clean RX-8. Gateway International Raceway is one of the best Pro Am circuits you can find in America to run an event on. Here is how Round 5 and the 2014 season wrapped up:

Round 5
1st Mike Feiock
2nd Brian Peter
3rd Mike O’Mara

2014 Season
1st Brian Peter
2nd Rolando Alfaro
2nd Dan Sommer
4th Mike Feiock
5th Steve Topping

Formula Drift 2015 Rulebook Changes – Seats Now Require “Halo style” Top


We got a hold of the 2015 Formula Drift technical rulebook this morning which looks to be mostly the same as last season with some small tweaks. We have been digging into the rules today and ignoring the advertisements (yes, they added advertisements to the rulebook) as we combed through the technical regulations. One noted change in the rulebook has to do with seats. Below we have a full listing of the 8.4 seat rule found in the new rulebook. Do note that drivers will all have halo style tops, seen in the photo above, to protect drivers from side impact. Please drop us a note in the comments or via our contact page to let us know of any other rule changes you catch!

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Faruk Kugay – A Pro Am Drift Journey [VIDEO]

Tune in and watch a great drifter documentary on Faruk Kugay who does battle at Golden Gate Drift Round 4 to secure his Formula Drift Pro 2 license. Faruk Kugay sold everything he owned to build a S14 Nissan 240sx with a 1JZ engine. He then finished second in the GGD Formula Drift Pro Am sanctioning series for 2014. Follow the journey of a drifter who is risking it all to make it into the big show of Formula Drift one day!