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2015 Formula Drift World Championship Updates


The 2015 Formula Drift world championship has finally produced more details! According to a Formula Drift PR (you can read below) all seven rounds of the US series will be included in the World Championship along with two or three international venues to make a world championship. The PR does note that the venues will be already vetted locations by Formula Drift on some kind of international level or parntership. This should cook up some international petitions we bet for 2015! Here are the possible and realistic places I think they could be traveling for the international rounds:

1. Fuji Speedway
2. Kuala Lumpur
3. Melbourne, Australia
4. Autodrome St. Eustache
5. Yas Marina Circuit
6. Pathumthani Speedway (Thailand)


Formula DRIFT has announced additional information on the 2015 World Championship that include details on event rounds and locations, competition format, confirmation of all Formula DRIFT Pro licenses to be valid for the World Championship and the petition process for international drivers.

The World Championship will encompass all US Formula DRIFT Championship rounds plus two to three international rounds. The select international rounds will be vetted by Formula DRIFT through the 2014 season with all existing Formula DRIFT international rounds to be considered, including previous international venues.

The competition format will be based off the traditional top 32 head-to-head format. Formula DRIFT also confirms that all Formula DRIFT Pro Licenses are considered valid for the World Championship as well as selected Formula Drift Affiliate Series drivers will be eligible as well, while all other international drivers will need to go through a petition process in order to qualify. Additionally, three selected rounds of the World Championship will constitute its own Triple Crown with a prize pool of a possible USD $100,000.

“We have laid out the groundwork to complete this ambitious task in front of us in an effort to help bring the sport of drifting to the next level,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT.

The New Path of a Formula Drift Driver – Promotion and Relegation


The way you become a Formula Drift driver has changed largely now that a promotion/relegation system is in place here in the United States. We are going to break down moving forward how you can now become a Formula Drift driver and how you get relegated back to Pro Am. The 2014 exemption rules are ignored for the sake of clarity in this post.


Formula Drift Pro Am
You must win a license from one of the following series by finishing in one of the top three places in a Pro Am series. Here is the list of series you can attend and each series has three licenses to gives away.  These Pro 2 licenses are only allowed to be given to the top three ranking drivers of the series based on championship points:

Just Drift
Midwest Drift Union
Golden Gate Drift
Lone Star Drift
Vegas Pro Am
Evergreen Drift
Streetwise Drift
US Drift
Formula Drift Asia
PR Pro Drift


Formula Drift Pro 2
Once you have earned a Pro Am license you will be placed into the Formula Drift Pro 2 series. This is how you must perform in the Pro 2 series to be promoted and avoid relegation.

Promotion: Top 8 Drivers in Pro 2 championship points will be granted a Pro license for following season.

Relegation: To avoid relegation back to your local Pro Am series you must score 64 points in the four round Pro 2 season based on the same points structure as the Pro Championship. This means in four rounds of competition you need a minimum of two Top 16 placements to retain a Pro 2 license. Pro 2 is only run as a Top 16 format and the final round at Irwindale can only be run if you do all other rounds first keep in mind.


Formula Drift
Now that you finished in the Top 8 of the Pro 2 series you want to stay drifting with the big boys. No promotion is required past this point but with a poor performance you can be relegated back to Pro 2.

Relegation: Unlike years past that required a certain point count to retain your place it is now based on championship rank. You must retain a finish within the Top 32 of driver championship standings to keep your license for the next season.

*Note that all Formula Drift drivers not ranked in the Top 16 of driver points are allowed to enter and run Pro 2 to protect their respective Formula Drift license.

GT Radial Enters Formula Drift with Champiro SX2


The GT Radial Champiro SX2 is the newest tire to enter Formula Drift this season. With a big announcement from GT Radial they are bringing the tire they have tested and developed in the Formula Drift Asia series right into the big show here in America. Here is Josh reviewing the Champiro SX2 tire:

“I have been able to drive on most of the tires used in Formula DRIFT, and with the Champiro SX2 I believe we are going to impress not only the fans but the other drivers as well,” Wolfson said. “When testing the SX2, the first thing I noticed was the tire’s predictability, which is extremely important not only in drifting competition but also for every day driving on the streets.”

Wolfson added, “Another strong attribute of this GT Radial tire is durability; compared to competitor’s tires that have to be changed after a couple battles, I have been able to do run after run on our SX2’s.

WiseFab in Development of Scion FR-S/Toyota 86 Kit



The guys at WiseFab previewed these front and rear knuckles that are currently in development for the Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86. These full aluminum and light knuckles will be ready for Formula Drift Long Beach and street legal. WiseFab tells us that Ryan Tuerck will be running these in his Retaks/Maxxis Tire Scion.  It also seems Fredric Aasbo will be doing some product development testing with what we assume is one of his overseas Toyota 86 builds.

Formula Drift Thailand – Another Look [VIDEO]

While we covered the results of Formula Drift Thailand last week we found an awesome compilation video that is the highest quality content we have seen come out of the Thailand event weekend to date. Follow along again as Fredric Aasbo drives to a win with other drives like Ken Gushi and Daigo Saito doing battle in the Formula Drift Asia series.

2014 Formula Drift Asia Round 3 in Thailand [RESULTS]


What a great event streamed live across the world from Thailand this morning! The biggest news to come out of the FD Asia Round 3 event was that Fredric Aasbo defeated Daigo Saito and advanced into the finals. Daigo Saito was suffering from an illness so bad he did not attend the Top 16 driver introductions. However, he did still manage to beat some great drivers like Tengku Djan Ley but couldn’t defeat Fredric Aasbo in his V8 powered Toyota 86.

Our Twitter feed, which you can follow or look at from the link above, covers a minute by minute recap of what happened at Formula Drift Thailand. Otherwise, here is how the podium finished up:

1. Fredric Aasbo (RSR Toyota 86)
2. Oat Nattawood (MStar Mazda Rx-7)
3. Davide Dorigo (Rasta Silvia)
4. Daigo Saito (Achilles Radial Lexus IS250C)

Formula Drift Japan Takes on Fuji Speedway July 4th [RUMORMILL]


During the broadcast of Formula Drift Thailand the announcer Jarod DeAnda first mentioned a Formula Drift Japan event at Fuji Speedway which was a huge shock to everyone in our office! He then mentioned it again about 5 minutes later saying the Formula Drift Japan event at Fuji Speedway in collaboration with MSC will take place over the Independence Day weekend here in America (July 4th). Haven’t seen any news or posting of this event anywhere else but Jarod has been announcing drift events for 10+ years now and we can imagine he is a reliable source for this information. More updates if they become available. This Fuji Speedway event will seemingly be the one in collaboration with the Formula Drift Asia series for the 2014 calendar championship.

Watch Formula Drift Thailand Round 3 Tonight [LIVESTREAM]


The Formula Drift Asia series has a rear treat for you this evening or really early tomorrow (depending on area c0de)! Round 3 in Thailand will feature a Livestream that airs at 12:00am PST or 3:00am EST. Normally Formula Drift Asia isn’t allowed to do a Livestream due to live television rights in Asia but this round has an exception! So sit back and stay up really really late to enjoy Round 3 in Thailand with familiar drivers Ken Gushi, Robbie Nishida, Daigo Saito, and Tengku Djian all set to compete in the Top 32! Tune in:

How to Watch Formula Drift Asia Round 3 Thailand:
January 19th, 2013 – 12:00am PST
January 19th, 2013 – 3:00am EST

2013 Formula Drift Asia Round 3 Thailand Qualifying [RESULTS]


The qualifying results are in from the first runs which set the Top 16 for Formula Drift Asia’s Round 3 event in Thailand. Fredric Aasbo took his V8 powered Toyota 86 to the top qualifying spot in Thailand. Pathumthani Speedway is build in the shape of a high speed P. Here is how the Top 16 finished:

1. Fredric Aasbo (82)
2. Davide Dorigo (82)
3. Auttapon Prakopkong (82)
4. Daigo Saito (80)
5. Tengku Djan Ley (79)
6. Chiam Jun Wen Benjamin (77)
7. Masao Suenaga (77)
8. Josh Boettcher (73)
9. Somchai Aroonrung (70)
10. Daynom Templeman (69)
11. Oat Nattawoot Krerpradab (69)
12. Ken Gushi (69)
13. Sadis Duangmas (66)
14. Kulachart Rhyvatana (66)
15. Kumpee Thamtarana (65)
16. Pachara Chokkueakueakulchai (65)

Formula Drift Asia Set to Hold 2014 Final Round with World Time Attack Challenge

Formula Drift Asia will return to Australia during the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) at Sydney Motorsport Park on October 17 – 19, 2014. This event will be the final round of the Formula Drift Asia championship. Formula Drift Asia practice/qualifying will happen on Saturday and Sunday will be competition.

“Joining the WTAC to make for a mega international motorsports weekend is a great way for Formula Drift to return to Australia,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “We are looking forward to making this a spectacular event and to forge a long term relationship, especially as Formula Drift’s international footprint grows and as we make plans for the launch of the Formula Drift World Championship in 2015.”