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RIP Paul Walker – The World Loses One High Profile Drift Fan

I am sure by now you have read about the tragic high speed accident that took the life of Paul Walker and World Challenge GTS driver Roger Rodas. The influence and impact of Fast and the Furious to our generation of car enthusiasts is huge. It is sad that Paul Walker lost his life at the age of 40 in a super car accident over the weekend.

I debated writing this post forever but I wanted to take the time and let people know that Paul Walker was actually a drifting fan. This photo shows him at Irwindale Speedway this year which he attended. Paul obviously had plenty of other things he could be doing on a weekend but always took some time to attend drift events. It was great to have such a influential automotive person be a supporter of the drift world. The car community at large and more importantly the drift world has lost a high profile fan of the sport and one great actor.

Sam Hubinette Promotes Fast Five on his Hood

This Friday Fast Five comes out in theaters all around the United States. It looks like stunt driver Sam Hubinette has his hood running Fast Five for promotion over the Road Atlanta weekend coming up in just under two weeks. The Fast Five movie brings characters back from the dead and fills the film with stars from all four movies.

Paul Walker’s Skyline Stolen: Car Owned by Formula Drift Driver

I am sure you have heard the buzz around the Internet that Paul Walker’s Fast and the Furious Nissan Skyline was stolen out of a warehouse earlier this week. The theft has made the local news in Los Angeles and Chris Milano claims the car is valued at $75,000. The car was a Nissan Skyline GT-S that was converted to look like a GT-R that you can see above. The crime seems to have no leads from LAPD at the time. Chris Milano drives the purple AITRacing Nissan 350z in Formula Drift this year. You can follow the link and watch the KCAL 9 news coverage there at Jalopnik.


Fast and the Furious 4: This movie is about Drifting?

Fast and the Furious 4: Full Length Trailer

If you remember some early reports they were taking the Drifting angle again and producing FF4. After watching this trailer I am not really sure what this movie is about at all? You see some CORR truck racing, drifting, old school muscle car drag racing, building chases, and much more convaluted confusion. Let’s also not forget in the first trailer they are stealing gas trucks. Less drama and more drifting hopefully but somehow deep down we doubt it.

Watch the trailer:

Drift Speed S15 Formula D car for sale on Craigslist

We received a user tip last night that the Drift Speed S15 was being listed for sale on Craigslist in the Los Angeles Auto section. After doing some homework we couldn’t really find out much about the sale of the vehicle outside of the Craigslist ad. The car is listed at $25,000 asking price. It talks about how the car was built by WiseSquare for the American D1GP series and SEMA. The car was also featured in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in the final scene of the movie. The car also was driven to a podium finish at the 2007 Formula D Long Beach Team Drift event getting 2nd place while driven by Mitsuru Haraguchi. To top it all off the car had a feature in Turbo Magazine to boot.  Please contact Mina or 562-342-9000 for more info.

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Fast and the Furious 4: Trailer

The date is set for June 5th, 2009 according to Today they also posted an exclusive trailer to the new FF4 film. We have been documenting information on the movie for you guys for quite some time now and we wanted to get you this update. If the trailer is a true reflection of the film it might not be to bad, definitly the best FF trailer to date. Then again, it is the Fast and Furious series and they have curve balled us before. To everyone on the Wrecked staff it almost feels like how Fast and the Furious 2 should of been to begin with.

Fast and Furious 4 Trailer

Fast and the Furious 4: More Set Photos

Can you say Fast and the Furious OG flashback?

Vin Diesel

Paul Walker standing next to a R34 Skyline. Note the Turbonetics intercooler.

Paul Walker

Vin Diesel doing a burnout in his old school ride!

Big Burnout by Vin Diesel

Last but not least…….

Fast and the Furious 4

Source: John Miles

Behind the scenes at Fast and the Furious 4!

Sam Hubinette took us on a little behind the scenes peak at what Fast and the Furious 4 will be like. He is stunt driving in the movie naturally since the film is based on Drifting. Here is a shot from the set, notice the R34 Nissan Skyline (blue) lined up with some American muscle ready to do battle.


Check this shot out….note that the second car seems to have at least two duplicates sitting next to it, perhaps we can expect to see that thing see some carnage!

Fast and the Furious 4

Here are pictures of Sam in makeup before his Drifting sequence.

Sam Hubinette

Sam Hubinette

Fast and the Furious 4: Footage Leaked

This is some production footage “leaked” of Fast and the Furious 4. We have a sneaky suspicion that it was leaked by Universal Pictures but oh well. We have been keeping you posted on what is happening with the film so here goes nothing. This footage looks like a mix of the four car race from the original Fast and the Furious and the parking garage races of Tokyo Drift (FF3). The movie is reportly focused mainly on Drifting but this possibly shows a tad otherwise. That is our Fast and the Furious 4 report for now, enjoy the fake start to a race from the film!

Clip from Fast and Furious 4

Formula D Singapore – This weekend!

I know it’s easy to forget about all the stuff going on in Drifting but let’s NOT forget Formula D’s first International adventure this weekend in Singapore! Formula D reports that Andy Luk and Jim Liaw have already landed in Singapore to prepare for the event. Everyone is waiting eagerly to see how the event turns out here back in the States!

Here is a photo from the Formula D guys as they descend on Singapore.


Ryan and Jim catching up on work at the Singapore airport.

Working in Singapore

Here is Jim (Formula D) and Marcus (Binter) discussing the track setup for the weekend.

Formula Drift

Getting ready for the weekend in Singapore! Our crew rolls in later during the week so watch out for updates.

Singapore Drift

If you want more information on the Singapore Drifting event, you can find it here.
Formula D Singapore Information