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Our Fantasy Drift game is now launched for the 2014 season! You can pick four drivers and manage them throughout the season against up to 7 friends in a league or just join a public league.

Here is a YouTube video to walk you through signup/registration:

Here is a YouTube video to walk you through How to Play:

The 10 actions that allow you to score a single point in Fantasy Drift with a driver are:
Qualifying for Top 32
Placing in the Top 16
Placing in the Top 8
Podium Finish
Vehicle Malfunction
Wreck (resulting in a tow off)
Wreck (resulting in a drive off)
One More Time
Underdog (Your driver wins a tandem battle with someone who qualified higher during a race weekend)
Team Tire Podium (any driver on the podium on your drivers matching tire brand except him).

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2013 Fantasy Drift is Now Live and Ready for Signups

Register Here:

The 2013 Fantasy Drift season is ready for signups of private and public leagues for 2013. Thanks to our new sponsorship from Garrett Turbo we are shaking things up for the year. All Garrett Turbo drivers are denoted in the driver profiles and will receive double points for the Long Beach and Irwindale round. This should modify your strategy when making draft picks for 2013. For example a driver such as Chelsea DeNofa will be issued two Top 32’s once he qualifies in Long Beach. Note this only applies to the Long Beach and Irwindale rounds of competition in 2013 and all other rounds and drivers will remain a single point per event action.
In case you forgot how to play once you join a private or public league you will have to draft players and compete for points n ten categories. If you need help with the registration OR draft process we built a step by step video to walk you through the process which can be found HERE on our YouTube account wreckedmagazine. The 10 actions that allow you to score a singke point in Fantasy Drift with a driver are: Qualifying for Top 32, Placing in the Top 16, Placing in the Top 8, Podium Finish, Vehicle Malfunction, Wreck (resulting in a tow off), Wreck (resulting in a drive off), One More Time, Underdog (Your driver wins a tandem battle with someone who qualified higher during a race weekend), Team Tire Podium (any driver on the podium on your drivers matching tire brand except him). If you need more details on how to play the game we built a step by step video to walk you through the process which can be found HERE on our YouTube account wreckedmagazine.

Some videos showing you How to Play:

2012 Formula Drift Round 4 at Wall [RESULTS]

One head splitting mind numbingly confusing event which watched the three championship points drivers go out early. Wall was reclaimed by Falken Tire once again after no win in 2011. Some insane carnage and tons of wreck drive off points for everyone playing Fantasy Drift. Here is how the top four finished:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Dai Yoshihara
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Daigo Saito

Fantasy Drift Draft Happens at 11:00pm PST for All Leagues [TONIGHT]

Hurry up and situate your league because tonight at 11:00pm PST (2:00am EST tomorrow) the draft will officially run for your drift team regardless if your in a public or private league. Make sure you pick your team, assign your roster, and hope for one amazing draft pick spot for your team. If you need to learn how to play the game you can visit our YouTube video – How to Play Fantasy Drift.

Have An ACT Clutch Driver on Your Fantasy Drift Team – Win A PlayStation 3 [FREE STUFF]

The guys at ACT gave us some great news about Fantasy Drift this week for our loyal players. Below in the block quote text is all the information ACT is providing for the contest. To give you cliff notes we are picking three people randomly who are running ACT drivers for this contest. Below you can see what you will win if your in this top three. Here is a quick list of drivers that make you eligible to win:

Eric O’Sullivan
Fredric Aasbo
Ian Fournier
Jeff Abbott
Joon Maeng
Matt Field
Matt Powers
Nikolay Konstantinov
Ryan Kado
Ryan Tuerck





Here is the ACT Press Release:

ACT is pleased to present a special prize package for participants in Wrecked Magazine Fantasy Drift 2011.  One lucky Fantasy Drift PRO player will win the grand prize which includes a one of a kind ACT themed Sony PlayStation 3 and a complete set of ACT swag! Two additional players will each receive an ACT swag bag.  

Grand Prize includes the following:

        • Custom ACT Sony PS3 (160gb or equivalent) & extra controller
        • ACT T-shirt
        • ACT Hat
        • ACT Lanyard
        • ACT License Plate Frames
        • ACT Zippo Lighter
        • ACT Mechanic Gloves
        • ACT Sunglasses


Second and Third Prize includes the following:

        • ACT T-shirt
        • ACT Hat
        • ACT Lanyard
        • ACT License Plate Frames
        • ACT Zippo Lighter
        • ACT Mechanic Gloves
        • ACT Sunglasses





(Approximate Retail Value of Prize Package: $650)
Advanced Clutch Technology is a premier clutch manufacturer that has more than 700 different applications and more than 1,300 performance clutch kits. The company’s product line features clutches and forged flywheels for the most popular vehicles in the sport compact, American and European car markets. Advanced Clutch Technology has been involved with the sport of drifting since 2004 and currently sponsors Ryan Tuerck, Eric O’Sullivan, Fredric Aasbo, Matt Powers, Joon Maeng, Matt Field, Ryan Kado, Jeff Abbott, Ian Fournier and Nikolay Konstantinov.  ACT is headquartered in Lancaster, Calif.  

Formula Drift Cars Loading up for Texas IRL Demo [SNAPSHOTS]

We caught up with a handful of drivers this weekend as they prepared their cars to hit the road and make their way to Texas Motor Speedway for the Ultimate Drifting Demo on June 11th. On hand was Fredric Aasbo returning in his old competition Japan Auto Supra, Joon Maeng in his S13, Pat Mordaunt’s S14, Jeff Abbott’s Miata, Charles Ng in his Evasive Motorsports FC RX7, and Roland Gallagher in his teal S13.

As their cars were loaded onto the Formula Drift rig, I took the time to chat with the drivers, and everyone was unanimously excited for the Texas Motor Speedway demo event. Check out the Indy Race on June 11th for the Ultimate Drift demo and Top 8 competition. In the meantime however, check out our mini gallery of the demo cars below.

Fantasy Drift Draft Will Run Just After 11:59pm PST Tonight

Everyone make sure you secure your draft and fill your leagues before Long Beach arrives this weekend. The draft will run just after 11:59pm PST and give you just over a day to make trades or pick up free agents before the rosters freeze for Round 1. Good luck everyone on the new season and drop any questions/concerns/comments in the comment box here and we’ll help you out ASAP.

Fantasy Drift 2011 Is Open NOW and Ready for You!

A new year in Fantasy Sports should have all you Formula Drift fans excited to get going! Last year we saw some fierce competition internally within leagues. The public Drift Alliance league had Justin Pawlak take home top honors and the staff league was won by me (Joey Redmond) by inching out Jacob Leveton in second place.

Head over to the system and get signed up before Long Beach. In case you forgot how to play we have two instructional videos to walk you through the process and educate you on how the game works.

Video 1: Fantasy Drift How To: Registration & Draft – Part 1
Video 2:
Fantasy Drift How To: How To Play the Game – Part 2

Once you have an account and are ready to set your draft picks you should think long and hard before setting up your team! You are a general manager of a Formula Drift team with four star drivers who will guide you to fame or defeat by Round 7 at Irwindale Speedway. If you need help or some assistance use our contact form or post a comment in the blog comments section of this post! Here are some statistics I complied today while doing research for my team draft picks today:

Looking Back: 2010 Formula Drift Fantasy Drift Point Statistics
Most One More Times in 2010 – Darren McNamara
Most Podiums in 2010 – Vaughn Gittin Jr.
Most Vehicle Malfunctions in 2010 – Robbie Nishida
Most Wreck Drive-Offs in 2010 – Matt Powers/Tony Brakohiapa
Most Wreck Tow-Offs in 2010- Matt Powers
Most Underdog Victories – Tony Brakohiapa
Most Tire Podiums – Falken Tire
No Driver Available in Draft Made Top 8 all 7 Rounds of Formula Drift


Go Sign Up and Play:

2010 Formula Drift Malaysia [RESULTS]

The 2010 Formula Drift series in Southeast Asia came to an end in Malaysia this weekend. The big story is Daigo Saito finally runs a Formula Drift sanctioned event after years of antics from D1GP preventing him to do so. Former D1 champ and current FD star Miki got podium as well. Here is how they finished up.

1- Daigo Saito
2- Koe Kae
3- Ryuji Miki

2010 Fantasy Drift – Top 25 Pro Account Prize List

A long awaited prize list has arrived for the Pro Accounts of Fantasy Drift.

Injen Technologies

1st. Injen Exhaust System – Enjoy an exhaust system from Injen that will fit your car. If you win this prize we will work with you to get the proper Injen exhaust product for your car. Check out all the great products and exhaust application listings from Injen:

S-Max Intercoolers Logo

2nd. S-Max Products Package – This package from S-Max is loaded with their drifting weighted shift knob, a FPR, expansion tank, and catch can. The package also includes a few other SMAX products to really complete a great 2nd place prize. Check out more information on these products at S-Max:

ACT Clutch Logo

3rd. ACT Clutch Certificate and Gift Pack- Enjoy a gift certificate for a free clutch (up to $750 value) when you take home third place overall in Fantasy Drift. You will be sent a redeemable certificate that will allow you to purchase a clutch for your proper application. You will also receive a huge gift pack full of stuff from ACT. Check out all the great products and clutch application listings from ACT:


4. SPEC Clutch – Receive a SPEC clutch for your vehicle application when you finish here in Fantasy Drift. We will work with you to receive a clutch quickly for your specific automotive application. Check out all the great products and clutch application listings from SPEC:

AEM Logo

5. AEM Intake System – Select a great AEM intake system for your vehicle. You can custom pick an intake for your car and select from an assortment of powder-coats or polished. We just installed one on our Project Tow Vehicle, you can check the AEM intake install out here: :

AEM Logo

6. AEM Gauge – Pick up any select AEM gauge you want for your car. The selection is endless of high quality gauges from AEM so the hard part will be picking just the one you want. Check out all the different gauges available from AEM:

 Mishimoto Logo

7. Mishimoto Catch Can – Finish here and you will score a carbon fiber catch can from Mishimoto. This is a great product and addition to your project car. Find out more information about this product:

8. Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator – A universal fuel pressure regulator for fuel injected vehicles provided by the best fuel solutions company out there. Find out more information about this product:

Royal Purple Logo
9. Royal Purple Package – A certificate for free motor oil that you can select along with a box of useful items for your garage. This is a package for anyone who works on a car at home or in a garage by themselves. Find out more information about this product:

10. Package – A great clothing package from the guys at I Love Racing will have you in some new clothes in your perfect size. Find out more about the clothes they have available:

11. Retaks Prize Package
12. Retaks Prize Package
13.DSTROYR Package
14. Meguiar’s Car Care Package
15. Formula Drift Ride A Long (Must Be 18+)
16. Formula D Family Pack of tickets (5) with VIP Access
17. Formula D Family Pack of tickets (5) with VIP Access
18. Formula Drift Autographed Helmet
19. Formula Drift Autographed Jersey
20. Drift Life Package
21. Wrecked Magazine Store Package
22. Wrecked Magazine Store Package
23. Wrecked Magazine Store Package
24. Slide America DVD
25. Slide America DVD