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7 questions with FD Rookie Jeremy Lowe [INTERVIEW]

After his stunning defeat of Justin Pawlak in Seattle, we wanted to sit down and chat with FD Rookie Jeremy Lowe. Here’s our quick 7-question interview with Lowe.

1 – What were your expectations going into your rookie season?

I didn’t really know what to expect. I just went into the season wanting to do the best that I could. I felt like I had a chance to compete with the top FD drivers. It’s been a bit tougher than I expected, but I feel that most of it is due to some mistakes I’ve made as a driver. I think it’s going better now though, especially now that I have a tandem win under my belt.2 – How did it feel to qualify for top 32 at your first Formula D event in Long Beach?

I was pumped on that! My first event felt pretty good, to qualify at a Formula D event was pretty wild especially my first one. After qualifying, it didn’t really set in that I had made it until Top 32 practice started. Earlier practice just felt like ProAm all over again. My first tandem run in the top 32 practice was against Rhys Millen or someone big like that. That was when it hit me that I was in Formula D, not ProAm anymore. I lost to Ken Gushi in top 32 in Long Beach, I’d rather lose to a big name driver like that than beat myself.

3 – When you saw you were up against Justin Pawlak in Seattle, what were you thinking? Did you think you had a chance?

I always think that I have a chance or I wouldn’t be there. Going into Seattle, after what happened with failing to qualify at a few events, I almost wanted to call it quits. I couldn’t get the car to perform well, I made some mistakes, I was having transmission issues, I was thinking about taking the rest of the season off. Just squeaking into top 32 isn’t much fun, I was ready to be done with it. I got some help and motivation from friends and family, got everything back together and kinda changed my outlook on anything. At that point I realized I had nowhere to go but up. I can’t make myself look any worse, it took a lot of stress off of me. Going up against JTP helped because everyone expected him to win so if he beats me, no big deal. Might as well go 100% and see what happens, I was able to keep myself under control and not make any major mistakes.

4 – During the run, did you feel you had beaten Pawlak? Did your team give you feedback about the run?

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