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James Deane and Piotr Więcek Set for Formula Drift 2017


The new has dropped from Europe that the two of the biggest superstars from the continent are heading to Formula Drift in 2017. James Deane won the 2016 Drift All-Stars championship and has continued the domination across Europe. Pitor Więcek in his Bud Auto car noted by the yellow paint scheme always is said to be one of the few drivers who can match James Deane’s incredible driving talent. They are both building new cars to bring over the Atlantic and compete in 2017!


Source: Speedhunters

2016 Drift Allstars Round 7 – Hungarian GP [RESULTS]


Steve “Baggsy” Biagoni pulled off what many have considered nearly impossible, defeating James Deane in a tandem competition. Over the past several seasons, Deane has looked unstoppable, but Baggsy was able to pull away from Deane in his lead run to earn the advantage and the overall event win. Max Heidrich was able to hold off local up-and-coming driver Andras Molnar in the consolation round to take the final rung of the podium. Deane ended up clinching the Drift All Stars championship, his fourth career championship in the series.

Here’s a look at the final round results from Mariapocs Circuit in Hungary:

  1. Steve “Baggsy” Biagoni – UK – Monster Energy

  2. James Deane – Ireland – Falken Motorsport

  3. Max Heidrich – Germany – Durst GMBH/ Team SB

  4. Andras “Axl” Molnar – Hungary – Molnar Drift Team

Check out the event highlights below:

2016 Drift All-Stars X IDC Global Warfare 3 [RESULTS]


The big collaboration weekend in Ireland at the famous Mondello Park is in the books! James Deane drove the daylights out of his Nissan chassis and that resulted in almost another victory for him. In a battle fit for the finals, Drift Allstars veterans Janis Eglite, from Latvia, and James Deane duked it out too, with Deane taking a narrow victory. Deane also dealt justice to Vasiliauskas in the Semi Finals as Jack Shanahan beat fellow countryman Mike Fitz in the other Semi-final for an all Irish final battle.

In the Final, Deane and Shanahan’s duel would be one of the best seen on Irish soil, with neither driver wanting to concede the important victory. With results counting towards both IDC and Drift Allstars standings, a lot was on the line. After two explosive runs the judges had their winner by a narrow margin – 16 year old Jack Shanahan raised the flag for Ireland and beat his mentor, James Deane!


Here is how they finished up:
1. Jack Shanahan – Ireland – West Lake Tyres
2. James Deane – Ireland – Falken Tyres
3. Andrius Vasiliauskas – Lithuania – TurboSystems
4. Mike Fitz – Ireland – Prodrift Academy

2016 Drift Allstars – Round 1 Yas Marina [RESULTS]


While the Formula Drift boys were qualifying practicing in Long Beach, the first round of Drift Allstars was taking place as the historic Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. The event at Yas Marina was missing a few of the top names including James Deane and Janis Eglite, but the competition was still quite competitive. Similar to Formula Drift, Drift Allstars will crown a European Champion alongside a World Champion, with this round counting towards the “World Championship” title.

Monster Energy driver “Baggsy” Biagioni had a newly-installed Nitrous-fed Chevy LS3 motor shipped over from the US just in time for the event, and the engine would prove to be a winning combination with his Nissan S13 chassis. Baggsy qualified first on Friday, and eliminated all drivers on Saturday in tandem competition to take the early lead in the championship chase.

Here’s how the podium shook out:

1st – Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni – Monster Energy / Westlake Tyre Nissan S13

2nd – Ahmad Daham – Nitto Tire / Tensai Tuning Nissan S13

3rd – Nigel Colfer – Tri-Ace Tyre Nissan S13

Extreme Drift All-Stars Releases 2016 [SCHEDULE]


The guys at Extreme Drift All-Stars just released a solid 2016 schedule with stops in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa! They also rolled out a new title sponsor with Monster Energy for the 2016 season. Monster Energy will be bringing some of their star drivers with Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni and Dmitriy Illyuk competing alongside the current EXTREME Drift Allstars roster of world class drivers.

Round 1. Abu Dhabi Drift GP Yas Marina Circuit April 7-8th
Round 2. British Drift GP Lydden Hill May 1-2nd
Round 3. Global Warfare EXTREME Drift Allstars Vs Irish Drift Championship @ Mondello Park July 2-3rd
Round 4. Estonian Drift GP-Laitse Rally Park July 29-30th
Round 5. Latvian Drift GP -Bikernieki Circuit August 5-6th
Round 6. German Drift GP August 12-13th
Round 7. Hungarian Drift GP August 26-27th – Trackwood Festival
Round 8 . Thai Drift GP Chang International Circuit October 21-23rd
Round 9 – South African Drift GP Cape Town December 16-17th


We have this schedule and many more on our Find An Event Page.

Drift All-Stars Sets Eye on International Round in Thailand


Drift All-Stars is looking beyond Europe in 2016 announcing that the first round of the championship will be taking place in Thailand! I find this a solid move to bring in an international stop as part of the regular series instead of an added on bonus like other organizations.This international stop brings them tothe world-class Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand. The southeast Asia market has always seemed to do so well with drift events coming into town. They don’t have a date set for Thailand or the 2016 season but they promise a full schedule will be delivered shortly.

Source: http://www.drift-allstars.com/extreme-drift-allstars-launches-onto-international-stage/

Clarification around proposed Drift Allstars 96-or-newer rule comes to light


Yesterday, we were able to get in touch with some sources close to Drift Allstars to get some clarification around the proposed 96-and-newer rule that was rumored around the internet over the weekend. Turns out, this rule may not be as harsh as initially understood. The initial post on another website was designed to get some public opinion around the proposed rule, although the post may have been poorly written and mis-interpreted by many, which lead to the quick backlash.

First of all, we are being told that this is a proposed rule that will be phased in over the next two or three years, not a hard-cutoff that will be initiated immediately. Of the nearly 20 drivers who traveled with the series, this rule would only affect two teams. Drivers like Nigel Colfer (1997 180SX) and James Deane (1999 FD RX7) who drive chassis that span years before and after the cutoff both would be safe. Additionally, there may be some flexibility with cars that are a year or two before the cutoff but have been in the same chassis for awhile, this rule is more to push future builds towards newer chassis.

Drift Allstars apparently has a private drivers discussion forum as well, and this idea has been tossed around for awhile now amongst the drivers, and overwhelmingly, drivers are in favor of it. Looking at the FD grid, only one driver in the top 20 would be affected by the rule for sure, with a few drivers in S14’s possibly being affected depending on the actual year of the chassis they drive. Again, the goal of a rule like this is to allow drivers who have been in an S14 to continue to drive their current chassis, but to encourage new builds to be in newer chassis.

We’re told that Drift Allstars will be releasing their schedule shortly, and more clarification will be available at that time.

Drift All-Stars Bans Old Car From Series Starting in 2016


The Drift All-Stars series makes a ridiculous step and bans cars that are 1996 year model or older from the series. I sure hope drivers such as Nigel Colfer were given a heads up well in advance of this announcement. I get the idea of what the guys at Drift All-Stars is trying to do but I don’t think the series is in the place to make these demands on drivers and programs. They are also banning a large portion of the FD RX7, MK4 Supra, various BMW models and the Nissan 240sx market. It moves the grassroots and pro series further a part and leaves drivers worried about what could get banned next (assuming they weren’t given a good heads up). It is a bold move that I just tend not to agree with. How do you think this will effect Drift All-Stars and the sport of drifting in Europe moving forward?

2015 Drift All-Stars Poland and Season [RESULTS]


The 2015 Drift All-Stars season came to an end with an awesome stadium event in Poland. I almost attended this event on a last minute flight/trip with Pro 2 driver Faruk Kugay but couldn’t make it work out with my schedule sadly. The final battle with Kuba Przgonski and James Deane brought the stadium to its feet. The follow from Deane was just unreal. Here is a snapshot from it.


Final results from the Polish Drift GP – Round 6:
1st- Kuba Przygonski – Poland – Orlean Team
2nd- James Deane – Ireland – Falken Tyres/Level One Qatar
3rd- Grzegorz Hypki – Poland – PUZ Drift Team


Even with his second place finish in Poland – James Deane took home the 2015 championship which just continues to highlight the dominance of Ireland in European drifting. James Deane is now back to back champion and once again I wish he would get a seat in Formula Drift already! Here is how the 2015 championship finished-

1st- James Deane (497 Points)
2nd- Janis Eglite (437 Points)
3rd- Luke Fink (307 Points)
4th- Nigel Colfer (298 Points)
5th- Juha Poyatalskoo (284 Points)
6th- Piotr Wiecek (282 Points)

2015 Drift Allstars Round 5 – Lithuania [RESULTS]


Drift Allstars Round 5 featured an incredible track on actual city streets in the city of Kaunas (including drifting over a bridge – possibly a first in international drift competition?) and some awesome tandem action. Some familiar names made it back to the podium, including James Deane who continues his incredible run this season with his seventh podium of the year by our count. Drift Allstars allows drivers to drop their lowest score of the season, so the championship chase is still alive for the final round in Warsaw Poland on October 9th and 10th.

Here are the results from Kaunas, Lithuania:

1st – Piotr Wiecek – Budmat Auto Nissan S14- Poland
2nd – James Deane – Falken Motorsports Nissan S14 – Ireland
3rd – Nigel Colfer – Tri Ace Tyre S13 – Ireland
4th – Janis Eglite – Tri-Ace Tyre BMW E46 – Latvia