Dave Briggs

2013 Formula Drift Official Drivers List for Streets of Long Beach

Here is the official list of drivers who are paid and ready to head out for Streets of Long Beach. You will notice an absense of Rhys Millen but an addition of an open wheel racing star. Please remember that the * denotes anyone who is eligible for rookie of the year in 2013.
Saito, Daigo
Gittin, Vaughn Jr.
Pawlak, Justin
Tuerck, Ryan
Aasbo, Fredric
Yoshihara, Daijiro
Gushi, Ken
Grunewald, Conrad
Powers, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Essa, Mike
Nishida, Robbie
McQuarrie, Tyler
Yoshioka, Toshiki
Bakchis, Odi
Denofa, Chelsea
Wilkerson, Walker
Moen, Kenneth
Field, Matt
Kado, Ryan
Mohan, Kyle
Angelo, Tony
Maeng, Joon
McNamara, Darren
Mordaunt, Patrick
Aono, Taka
Mertzanis, Dennis
Ovcharik, Miroslav
Castro, Jhonnattan
George, Danny
Lee, Alex
Ward, Chris
Goodin, Patrick
Briggs, Dave
Hosford, Corey
Jones, Jeff
Cano Estrella, Carlos
Mendoza Jr., Enrique
Stone, Gabe
Thomas, Nick
Bostrom, Jason*
Graven, Otto
Hamilton, Nate*
Hateley, Andy
Hildebrand, J.R.*
Jacobs, Julian*
Jeanneret, Chris*
Kretschmer, Eugene*
Landerville, Marc*
Moore, Victor
Osaki, Karl*
Pakula, Luke*
Parsons, Will*
Primozich, Rob*
Steele, Josh*
Wang, Forrest
Wicknick, Brandon*
Kearney, Dean
Keezer, Kory*
Rydquist, Carl
Pollard, Mike

Dave Briggs Insane Sounding SR20 on the Dyno [VIDEO]

Dave Briggs has officially retired the Nissan 350z it appears for the 2013 Formula Drift season. Instead he has called upon one insane SR20 build to get him running during the new season. Our Canadian photographer Jeremy Glover put together a video of this car ripping it up on the dyno! What do you think about this insane sounding 4 cylinder in Formula Drift this season?

Dave Briggs stays 4-cylinder for 2013

Dave Briggs started his season off in a V8-powered 350Z in Formula D, but after failing to qualify in the first 3 events and rumors that the V8 power was too different to what he was used to, Briggs switched back to an SR-powered S14 for the final two events. The switch paid off as he qualified in both Vegas and Irwindale, and looked much more comfortable in the car. For 2013, Briggs appears to be working with Mazworx out of Florida to build a stroked SR20 with a VE head, and rumored to be pushing out 30psi for well over 600hp to the wheels. Just two years ago, the best way to push more than 600 whp was via a V8, but with Daigo proving that 1,000 HP is reliable out of the 2JZ motor and several other drivers pushing more than 700hp last year through 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder cars, the tides of FD may be turning.

2012 Formula Drift Round 7 – The Main Event [GALLERY]


One of the best drift events in history was put in the books this weekend as a huge turn of events put Daigo Saito in the books for a victory at Irwindale Speedway and a championship during his “rookie season.” The biggest story of the weekend was Matt Field who defeated Ken Gushi in the Greddy Scion FRS and took Daigo Saito to a judges call of OMT almost rewriting drift history in 2012. Justin Kaehler caught all the action as Vaughn Gittin Jr. missed a chance for his second championship and Rhys Millen crashed his way out of one against Daigo Saito.

Check out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=319

2012 Formula Drift Irwindale Qualifying [RESULTS]

Rhys Mad Skills Millen Formula Drift Irwindale Top Qualifier

Rhys Millen takes the home the Top Qualifier position in the Final round of Formula Drift. The qualifying order is below.

1. R. Millen
2. J. Pawlak
3. F. Aasbo
4. C. Forsberg
5. K. Gushi
6. R. Tuerck
7. T. McQuarrie
8. C. DeNofa
9. V. Gittin
10. T. Brakohiapa
12. M. Field
11. M. Powers
13. D. Saito
14. D. Briggs
15. A. Lee
16. K. Mohan
17. D. Yoshihara
18. T. Angelo
19. R. Nishida
20. T. Aono
21. J. Lowe
22. L. Lonberger
23. M. Essa
24. N. D’Alessio
25. P. Mordaunt
26. J. Maeng
27. R. Kado
28. T. Yoshioka
29. C. Gruenwald
30. D. McNamara
31. W. Wilkerson
32. Kenny Moen

2012 Drift Mania Championship – Marc Landerville Wins [RESULTS]

The championship came down to the very last round this year basically between Marc Landerville and Pat Cyr. Both drivers advanced to the final four when Marc Landerville blew his engine battling against Jeff Laflamme in the top four. Once Marc Landerville was eliminated from competition it was set for Jeff Laflamme and Pat Cyr in the finals. If Pat Cyr won the final battle he would of won the championship by 1 point over Marc Landerville. Pat couldn’t defeat Jeff in the finals losing by just 12 points. Here is how the championship finished up:

1. Marc Landerville (532 points)
2. Pat Cyr (521 points)
3. Francis Tasse (448 points)
4. Tomy Boivert Bellemare (408 points)
5. Claude Poirier (394 points)
5. Jeff Laflamme (394 points)
7. Alexandre Michaud (384 points)
8. Eric Paradis (367 points)
9. Dany Bernier (362 points)
10. Simon Schaffner (349 points)
11. Joe Thiffault (336 points)
12. Mike Pollard (292 points)
13. Bradley Carlton (250 points)
14. Alex Gosselin (237 points)
15. Peter Chrisikopoulos (232 points)
15. Marc-Andre Fontanie (232 points)
17. Bob Patinka (210 points)
18. Dominic Desrosiers (173 points)
19. David Briggs (170 points)
20. Tanner Munson (133 points)

2012 Formula Drift Round 6 Main Event [GALLERY]

Round 6 of Formula Drift had a lot of action and a alot of carnage. Our photographer, Ricky Cervantes caught all of the action and the carnage that came along with it .

Check out the full gallery : http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=312


2012 Formula Drift Main Event Matchups

The Top 32 bracket has a couple of really interesting matchups including Aasbo vs Forsberg, two drivers that we usually don’t see battle so early in Top 32.  Pawlak and  McQuarrie are also matched up in Top 32 . You’ll recall that last year Justin Pawlak was given Tyler McQuarrie’s car last year at Vegas causing Tyler to be out of the points race. The rest of the matchups are below:

Left side of the bracket:
F. Aasbo vs C. Forsberg
K. Mohan vs D. Yoshihara
M. Powers vs T. Yoshioka
J. Pawlak vs T. McQuarrie
C. Grunewald vs R. Bell
K. Gushi vs M. Field
V. Gittin vs D. Briggs
J. Maeng vs L. Lonberger

Right side of the bracket:

R. Millen vs A. Lee
C. Ward vs R. Gallagher
D. Saito vs T. Angelo
C. Denofa vs I. Fornier
R. Nishida vs O. Bakchis
R. Tuerck vs D. Mertzanis
M. Essa vs P. Goddin
D. George vs W. Wilkerson

2012 Formula Drift Round 6 at Las Vegas Qualifying [GALLERY]

Formula Drift Qualifying ended with Fredrick Aasbo taking home the top qualifying spot. Follow the link below to check of some Formula Drift Round 6 Qualifying photos.


Dave Briggs brings his S14 to Formula D Vegas

After failing to qualify less than stellar results in the first three rounds of Formula D, Dave Briggs has switched back to the trusty S14 chassis he earned his FD license in. This chassis is actually a brand-new build from the former blue S14, but has already proven to be successful as Briggs won DMCC Round 4 in this very chassis. When he won, Briggs had an SR20 under the hood, but he may have swapped over to a Chevy LSx setup for Vegas as well. Perhaps this will prove to be a more successful combination for the Canadian.