Dave Briggs

Dave Briggs releases Irwindale edit [VIDEO]

While everybody is out at the SEMA show, Dave Briggs released a video recapping his Irwindale event. Briggs ended the season as the highest ranked Canadian driver (ahead of rookie-of-the-year winner Mats Baribeau) and is the only SR20-powered S-chassis remaining in the series.

2013 Formula Drift Round 7 at Irwindale Speedway: Qualifying [RESULTS]

Mike Essa picked up right where he left off in Texas, earning the top qualifying position on the first qualifying run of the day. We’ll have an update on the championship shortly. Until then, here’s the full list of who made the top 32:

1. Mike Essa
2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
3. Ryan Tuerck
4. Dean Kearney
5. Robbie Nishida
6. Tyler McQuarrie
7. Matt Field
8. Chris Forsberg
9. Odi Bakchis
10. Forrest Wang
11. Pat Goodin
12. Darren McNamara
13. Ken Gushi
14. Frederic Aasbo
15. Mats Baribeau
16. Daigo Saito
17. Justin Pawlak
18. Ryan Kado
19. Conrad Grunewald
20. Chelsea Denofa
21. Tony Angelo
22. Matt Powers
23. Toshiki Yoshioka
24. Dave Briggs
25. Dai Yoshihara
26. Kyle Mohan
27. Taka Aono
28. Danny George
29. Pat Mordaunt
30. Jhonnattan Castro
31. Carl Rydquist
32. Luke Pakula


Here are the tandem battles, in the order they will appear:

Essa vs Pakula
Saito vs Pawlak

Forsberg vs Yoshihara
Bakchis vs Briggs

Kearney vs Mordaunt
Gushi vs Denofa

Nishida vs George
McNamara vs Angelo

Gittin Jr vs Rydquist
Baribeau vs Kado

Field vs Mohan
Wang vs Yoshioka

Tuerck vs Castro
Aasbo vs Grunewald

McQuarrie vs Aono
Goodin vs Powers

2013 Drift Mania Round 6 Montmagny [RESULTS]

The Top 16 staged Dave Briggs vs. Mike Pollard where Briggs slipped off course and managed to cut a tire taking the loss to Mike Pollard. Mike didn’t look back and drove his route all the way to the podium after this big victory. Marc Landerville missed the whole weekend due to engine issues as well. Here is how the Final Four finished:

1. Francis Tasse
2. Jeff Laflamme
3. Mike Pollard
4. Max Lemoine

2013 Drift Mania Round 5 at St. Croix [RESULTS]

Round 5 of Drift Mania kicked off at St. Croix this weekend and Dave Briggs took his huge horsepower SR20 powered S14 Nissan 240sx. The driver has done double duty with FD and DMCC this season and brought home $10,000 for winning Round 5. Here is how the podium stacked up:

1. Dave Briggs
2. Francis Tasse
3. Tanner Munson

Dave Briggs Takes Home the Win at DMCC Round 3 [VIDEO]

The guys at JHD Productions are on top of their game by already dropping a victory video from Dave Briggs smashing victory over at Round 3. Dave Briggs took out Maxime Lemoine in his Chevrolet S10 to take the win who is one of the hottest rookies Drift Mania has ever seen. Congrats to Dave and his team with him perhaps taking some of this luck over to the Formula Drift series where he is campaigning the same car he drove to this victory at Drift Mania.

2013 Drift Mania Round 3 at St. Croix [GALLERY]

The Drift Mania Round 3 event at Ste. Croix was a big win taken by Dave Briggs in his SR20 powered S14 along with a good look at Pat Cyr’s Scion FR-S. The event went off with a bang and a big crowd of Canadians made everything come together for a successful drifting weekend up north. Follow the link below to check out all the pictures from the race weekend.

Check out the gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=352

2013 Drift Mania Round 3 – Ste-Croix [RESULTS]

1st – Dave Briggs – Nissan S14

2nd – Maxim Lemoine – Chevy S10

3rd – Alex Michaud – Nissan S13

2013 Drift Mania Round 2 at St. Eustache [GALLERY]

Some great pictures of the Round 2 weekend at St. Eustache which saw the first ever Chevrolet S10 take home a victory at a North American drift event. Drift Mania has been pumping out huge payouts in 2013 and pulling in top level talent all year. Dave Briggs even brought up his Formula Drift competition S14 out for the race weekend. Enjoy all the coverage from Quebec.

Check out the gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=351

Our Readers Pick What Formula D Palm Beach Judging Call They Want Clarification On [ROCK THE VOTE]

After a Formula Drift judging reply to the incidents at Round 2 Road Atlanta we have talked to the three judges who agreed to break down a judging call of the Wrecked readers choice. Below, we hand picked the Top 10 most controversial tandem battles of the Palm Beach Round 3 weekend so the readers can request clarification.


What Palm Beach Tandem Battle Do You Want the Formula Drift Judges to Break Down on Wrecked Magazine?

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2013 Formula D Palm Beach Qualifying Order [RESULTS]

After two passes in the humid Florida air, Justin Pawlak rose above the rest of the pack to claim the top qualifier position. Pawlak won the first event at Palm Beach Raceway back in 2011, so he seems quite comfortable on track. Here’s the full qualifying order:

1 – Justin Pawlak

2 – Kenneth Moen

3 – Daigo Saito

4 – Chris Forsberg

5 – Mats Baribeau (R)

6 – Dai Yoshihara

7 – Vaughn Gittin Jr

8 – Dave Briggs

9 – Tony Angelo

10 – Conrad Grunewald

11 – Matt Field

12 – Taka Aono

13 – Ryan Tuerck

14 – Miro Ovcharik

15 – Chelsea Denofa

16 – Chris Ward

17 – Robbie Nishida

18 – Fredric Aasbo

19 – Forrest Wang

20 – Odi Bakchis

21 – Mike Essa

22 – Brandon Wicknick (R)

23 – Darren McNamara

24 – Joon Maeng

25 – Jeremy Lowe

26 – Ryan Kado

27 – Danny George

28 – Tyler McQuarrie

29 – Dean Kearney

30 – Pat Goodin

31 – Jeff Jones

32 – Kyle Mohan

Notable names who did not make the cut include Ken Gushi, Walker Wilkerson, and Matt Powers.

Here are how the tandem battles are shaping up:

1 Pawlak vs 32 Mohan
16 Ward vs 17 Nishida
8 Briggs vs 25 Lowe
9 Angelo vs 24 Maeng

4 Forsberg vs 29 Kearney
13 Tuerck vs 20 Bakchis
5 Baribeau vs 28 McQuarrie
12 Aono vs 21 Essa

2 Moen vs 31 Jones
15 DeNofa vs 18 Aasbo
7 Gittin Jr vs 26 Kado
10 Grunewald vs 23 McNamara

3 Saito vs 30 Goodin
14 Ovcharik vs 19 Wang
6 Yoshihara vs 27 George
11 Field vs 22 Wicknick

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