Daijiro Yoshihara

2013 Formula Drift Round 5 at Evergreen Speedway Qualifying [RESULTS]

Darren McNamara took down first place with a solid qualifying pass while tons of big names scored a 0 on the first run setting them to the back of the grid such as Ryan Tuerck, Daigo Saito, Kenneth Moen, and Robbie Nishida. A notable absence is Kyle Mohan who had steering rack issues and failed to qualify. Here is how the Top 32 wound up:

1. Darren McNamara
2. Fredric Aasbo
3. Matt Field
4. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
5. Odi Bakchis
6. Matt Powers
7. Toshiki Yoshioka
8. Ryan Kado
9. Michael Essa
10. Justin Pawlak
11. Chris Forsberg
12. Conrad Grunewald
13. Dennis Mertzanis
14. Dai Yoshihara
15. Tyler McQuarrie
16. Ken Gushi
17. Chelsea DeNofa
18. Kenneth Moen
19. Robbie Nishida
20. Taka Aono
21. Joon Maeng
22. Miro Ovcharik
23. Ryan Tuerck
24. Pat Goodin
25. Danny George
26. Daigo Saito
27. Jeff Jones
28. Tony Angelo
29. Chris Jeanneret
30. Pat Mordaunt
31. Jhnotthan Castro
32. Brandon Wicknick

Top 32 Tandem Battles:
Darren McNamara vs. Brandon Wicknick
Ken Gushi vs. Chelsea DeNofa
Ryan Kado vs. Danny George
Michael Essa vs. Pat Goodin
Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Chris Jeanneret
Dennis Mertzanis vs. Taka Aono
Odi Bakchis vs. Tony Angelo
Conrad Grunewald vs. Joon Maeng
Fredric Aasbo vs. Jhonnthan Castro
Tyler McQuarrie vs. Kenneth Moen
Toshiki Yoshioka vs. Daigo Saito
Justin Pawlak vs. Ryan Tuerck
Matt Field vs. Patrick Mordaunt
Dai Yoshihara vs. Robbie Nishida
Matt Powers vs. Jeff Jones
Chris Forsberg vs. Miro Ovcharik

Max Orido Says Formula Drift is Better Than D1GP – Poised for Possible Return

Dai Yoshihara’s web series Behind the Smoke went to southeast Asia in the last episode to the Sepang F1 track and interviewed Max Orido who is currently piloting a V8 powered Toyota FT-86 in D1 and also running a FT-86 with a NASCAR engine in FD Asia. This is a translation from their Japanese interview on the last episode of Behind the Smoke.


Dai Yoshihara – “Difference between FD and D1?”
Max Orido- Hmmmm, I think Formula D is beter at entertaining the event goers. Just looking at the schedule of events, you can tell it’s structured to entertain the fans.

Dai – “In 2008 you competed in Formula D, any possibility you would come back to compete in the US?
Max – I’d like to challenge one more time. I’m starting to prepare my entry next year. I have my racing here so I can’t do all of the events but I’d like to challenge one more time. I just like the atmosphere at Formula Drift. I have friends now in FD so I just want to get out to experience it one more time.


Watch just the interview: http://youtu.be/Fz4S04MycYc?t=5m26s

Our Readers Pick What Formula D Wall Speedway Judging Call They Want Clarification On [ROCK THE VOTE]

Our judging call series has been firing away the last two rounds and we have now racked in quite the votes. A much calmer Round 4 took place over the weekend with some fire ups from the Twitter and Social Media world we caught. Pick one of these five tandem battles or you can vote other and leave a suggestion in the comments. We tried to highlight any run that involved a judging split call.


What Wall Speedway Tandem Battle Do You Want the Formula Drift Judges to Break Down on Wrecked Magazine?

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Formula D Championship Points standings after New Jersey [STANDINGS]

After a third consecutive podium, Daigo Saito is increasing his lead on a quest to win his second consecutive championship. After being knocked out in the top 16, both Vaughn Gittin Jr and Mike Essa lost ground on Saito in the points standings. Forsberg remains in fourth after his second podium this season, while Pawlak moves from 8th to 5th with his first podium of the season. Here’s how the points shape up after four events in the season:

Here’s how the points currently sit:

1. Daigo Saito                   361 points

2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.       300 points

3. Michael Essa                296.5 points

4. Chris Forsberg            286 points

5. Justin Pawlak              282.5 points

6. Fredric Aasbo             266.5 points

7. Darren McNamara     259.5 points

8. Aurimas ”Odi” Bakchis     221.5 points

9. Daijiro Yoshihara      219.5 points

10. Kenneth Moen               210 points

11. Ryan Tuerck               205 points

12. Matt Field                   199 points

13. Robbie Nishida         191.5 points

14. Chelsea Denofa          186 points

15. Conrad Grunewald   174.5 points

16. Tyler McQuarrie       143.5 points

16. Matt Powers               143.5 points

Official Top 32 Ranking and Runs for 2013 Formula Drift Wall Speedway [RESULTS]

Justin Pawlak locked down top honors thanks to the new qualifying format (otherwise Ryan Kado would of seen his first first place qualifying spot) but he couldn’t get the job done on the first run like Justin Pawlak. Speaking with Justin at an event in downtown Los Angeles last week he told me the car feels better than it ever has with the 2013 changes and its a work in progress but it will end up being better than ever before. Perhaps this is the beginning of that new era he spoke about starting up. Here is how the Top 32 runs will be and a list of how they qualified:

1.Justin Pawlak vs. 32. Nate Hamilton
16. Danny George vs. 17. Ryan Kado

8. Conrad Grunewald vs. 25. Miro Ovcharik
9. Chelsea DeNofa vs. 24. Matt Powers

4. Chris Forsberg vs. 29. Carl Rydquist
13. Michael Essa vs. Chris Ward

5. Tyler McQuarrie vs. 28. Jeff Jones
12. Kyle Mohan vs. 21. Marc Landerville

(Other Side of Bracket)

2. Darren McNamara vs. 31. Pat Goodin
15. Dean Kearney vs. 18. Ryan Tuerck

7. Robbie Nishida vs. 26. Corey Hosford
10. Kenneth Moen vs. 23. Odi Bakchis

3. Fredric Aasbo vs. 30. Dai Yoshihara
14. Jhonnatthan Castro vs. Matt Field

6. Daigo Saito vs. 27. Taka Aono
11. Vaughn Gittin vs. Ken Gushi


Qualifying List in Order
1. Justin Pawlak
2. Darren McNamara
3. Fredric Aasbo
4. Chris Forsberg
5. Tyler McQuarrie
6. Daigo Saito
7. Robbie Nishida
8. Conrad Grunewald
9. Chelsea DeNofa
10. Kenneth Moen
11. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
12. Kyle Mohan
13. Michael Essa
14. Jhonnatthan Castro
15. Dean Kearney
16. Danny George
17. Ryan Kado
18. Ryan Tuerck
19. Matt Field
20. Chris Ward
21. Marc Landerville
22. Ken Gushi
23. Odi Bakchis
24. Matt Powers
25. Miro Ovcharik
26. Corey Hosford
27. Taka Aono
28. Jeff Jones
29. Carl Rydquist
30. Dai Yoshihara
31. Pat Goodin
32. Nate Hamilton

Formula Drift Off-Track at Palm Beach by NetworkA [VIDEO]

This nine minute installment of Off-Track with NetworkA this week brings you a “Meet the Pro” with Patrick Goodin and the tandem battle of the weekend was selected as Matt Field versus Daijiro Yoshihara. I was going to embed the run from the Livestream.com Formula Drift feed but they only put up a clip of the replay when Field was leading. Tune in to see Jarod DeAnda and Danger Andy take everyone around the Palm Beach International Circuit.


Formula D Championship Points standings after Palm Beach [STANDINGS]

With his second consecutive podium finish, Daigo Saito now moves into the drivers seat for the championship, 13 points ahead of Vaughn Gittin Jr. Essa now moves firmly into third place overall, 39.5 points ahead of Chris Forsberg, while Darren McNamara falls from third place all the way to ninth with his first top-32 exit of the season.

Here’s how the points currently sit:

1. Daigo Saito                              257 points

2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.                 244 points

3. Michael Essa                          241.5 points

4. Chris Forsberg                        202 points

5. Fredric Aasbo                        197.5 points

6. Daijiro Yoshihara                  195 points

7. Kenny Moen                           184 points

8. Justin Pawlak                       182.5 points

9. Darren McNamara                 180.5 points

10. Aurimas ”Odi” Bakchis          166.5 points

11. Ryan Tuerck                           150.5 points

12. Matt Field                             144.5 points

13. Forrest Wang                        136.5 points

14. Chelsea Denofa                       130 points

15. Robbie Nishida                      127.5 points

16. Matt Powers                             119 points

2013 Formula D Palm Beach Qualifying Order [RESULTS]

After two passes in the humid Florida air, Justin Pawlak rose above the rest of the pack to claim the top qualifier position. Pawlak won the first event at Palm Beach Raceway back in 2011, so he seems quite comfortable on track. Here’s the full qualifying order:

1 – Justin Pawlak

2 – Kenneth Moen

3 – Daigo Saito

4 – Chris Forsberg

5 – Mats Baribeau (R)

6 – Dai Yoshihara

7 – Vaughn Gittin Jr

8 – Dave Briggs

9 – Tony Angelo

10 – Conrad Grunewald

11 – Matt Field

12 – Taka Aono

13 – Ryan Tuerck

14 – Miro Ovcharik

15 – Chelsea Denofa

16 – Chris Ward

17 – Robbie Nishida

18 – Fredric Aasbo

19 – Forrest Wang

20 – Odi Bakchis

21 – Mike Essa

22 – Brandon Wicknick (R)

23 – Darren McNamara

24 – Joon Maeng

25 – Jeremy Lowe

26 – Ryan Kado

27 – Danny George

28 – Tyler McQuarrie

29 – Dean Kearney

30 – Pat Goodin

31 – Jeff Jones

32 – Kyle Mohan

Notable names who did not make the cut include Ken Gushi, Walker Wilkerson, and Matt Powers.

Here are how the tandem battles are shaping up:

1 Pawlak vs 32 Mohan
16 Ward vs 17 Nishida
8 Briggs vs 25 Lowe
9 Angelo vs 24 Maeng

4 Forsberg vs 29 Kearney
13 Tuerck vs 20 Bakchis
5 Baribeau vs 28 McQuarrie
12 Aono vs 21 Essa

2 Moen vs 31 Jones
15 DeNofa vs 18 Aasbo
7 Gittin Jr vs 26 Kado
10 Grunewald vs 23 McNamara

3 Saito vs 30 Goodin
14 Ovcharik vs 19 Wang
6 Yoshihara vs 27 George
11 Field vs 22 Wicknick

Championship Points standings after Formula D Atlanta [STANDINGS]

Vaughn Gittin Jr monster-trucked catapulted himself to the top of the championship points with another podium finish. He becomes the first driver of the season to place on the podium twice. Daigo Saito moves into second place with the win, while Darren McNamara sits in third place. Dai Yoshihara dropped to fifth in the standings with his early top-32 exit. The last time Vaughn Gittin Jr hit the podium in Atlanta, he won the championship. Will history repeat itself?

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.                 172 points

2. Daigo Saito                              161 points

3. Darren McNamara               156 points

4. Michael Essa                           141 points

5. Daijiro Yoshihara                  137 points

6. Fredric Aasbo                        136 points

7. Chris Forsberg                      135 points

8. Ryan Tuerck                          125.5 points

9. Kenny Moen                          120 points

10. Matt Powers                         119 points

11. Justin Pawlak                     116.5 points

12. Aurimas ”Odi” Bakchis            112 points

13. Chelsea DeNofa                    105 points

14. Kyle Mohan                           86 points

15. Forrest Wang                        82 points

16. Matt Field                             81.5 points

Throwback Thursday: All 9 podiums from Atlanta

Although Wrecked Magazine has only been around since 2007, we’ve dug into the archives to put together all 9 previous podiums from Atlanta. Dai Yoshihara and Chris Forsberg both have two wins at the track, but Darren McNamara and Ryan Tuerck both have two career podium finishes at the track. Who’s your pick to take home the win this weekend?

1st – Justin Pawlak – Falken Tire Ford Mustang
2nd – Freddy Aasbo – Need for Speed Scion tC2
3rd – Daigo Saito – Achilles Radial Lexus SC430

1st – Dai Yoshihara – Discount Tire Nissan S13
2nd – Darren McNamara – Falken Tire Saturn Sky
3rd – Toshiki Yoshioka – Retaks Nissan S13

1st – Dai Yoshihara – Discount Tire Nissan S13
2nd – Vaughn Gittin Jr – Monster Energy Falken Ford Mustang
3rd – Chris Forsberg – NOS Energy Maxxis Tire Nissan 350Z

1st – Chris Forsberg – NOS Energy Drink Maxxis Nissan 350z
2nd – Darren McNamara – Sears Saturn Sky
3rd – Ryan Tuerck – Gardella Racing Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice

1st – Rhys Millen – Red Bull Pontiac Solstice
2nd – Michihiro Takatori – Superautobacs  Skyline R34
3rd – Ryan Tuerck – Gardella Racing Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice

1st – Chris Forsberg – Maxxis Nissan 350Z
2nd – Darren McNamara – Falken Tire McnSport SR86
3rd – Tanner Foust – AEM Memphis Audio 3350Z

1st – Tanner Foust – AEM Nissan 350Z
2nd – Sam Hubinette – Mopar Dodge Viper
3rd – Dai Yoshihara – Rockstar Energy Drink S13

1st – Sam Hubinette – Mopar Dodge Viper
2nd – Dai Yoshihara – Pacific Rim S13
3rd – Rhys Millen – Pontiac GTO

1st – Sam Hubinette – Mopar Dodge Viper
2nd – Chris Forsberg – Motorex Nissan 350Z
3rd – Hiro Sumida – DriftDay Corolla AE86