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2017 Formula Drift Seattle Round 6 [GALLERY]

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Andrew Jennings rocked out with some amazing Formula Drift Seattle snaps. All the dirty tricks, tandem drifting, and Formula Drift paddock action in one great gallery.

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Maximum Driftcast – A Podcast about Drifting


If you haven’t caught the Maximum Driftcast then you should check it out on iTunes or however you consume your daily podcasts. The show features three hosts (Corey Hosford, Paco Ibarra, and Sam Nalven @ Drift Idiot) and normally a guest to talk about drifting for just over an hour. Wrecked Magazine got a nice shout on Episode 9 I just tuned into so I figured I would return the favor. They just had Chelsea DeNofa hop on the most recent show to talk about his win at Long Beach.


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Bored on Sunday? Watch Corey Hosford Take Apart his S14 Nissan


Former Formula Drift driver Corey Hosford is live streaming him take apart a Nissan 240sx S14 piece by piece in Roofless Garage. Sit back and watch mayhem ensue as they take apart this car in costumes and crack random jokes about various drifting drivers.


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2014 Triple Crown Drift Week at Pikes Peak Intl. Raceway [RESULTS]


I managed to watch this whole event on LiveStream minus the Pro Am battles. The course was huge and the drivers were all judged by a panel including Chris Forsberg, Odi Bakchis, and Corey Hosford. Brandon Wicknick was in a loaner SR20 Nisasn 240sx and looked pretty solid until he was eliminated by Forrest Wang (video of battle below). The Colorado drift scene actually impressed me over the weekend with some of the young talent they have which was full on display. Here is how the Pro podium finished up:

1st. Forrest Wang
2nd. Frank Cundari
3rd. Kasey Kole

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Corey Hosford and Luke Pakula Announce No Plans to Run in 2014

Corey Hosford and Luke Pakula both took this week to announce and confirm a lack of presence for both of them in 2014. Luke Pakula announed on Facebook his plans for Pro 2 in 2015 with a new S14 while Corey release a video seen above. Its a shame to lose both drivers for this season but we have a ton of 2014 rookies ready to fill shoes of these two for the new drift season.


Luke Pakula via Facebook:
Dear family, friends, fans and sponsors … alot of you have been messaging me in the past few weeks asking about my 2014 Formula D plans … well I apologize about not keeping you all posted but I will not be competing in Formula D this season. I have begun to part out my AE86 with hopes to finish up my S14 that I feel will be more suitable to my driving style and will be capable of taking me further. I plan to return to compete in Formula D Pro 2 in 2015. I hope you all continue to follow me through because I assure you that this is not the end of me! The mark in 2013 has been made and I can’t wait to come back out with another bang!

Corey Hosford Helps the Drift Idiot Bring Back His Form [VIDEO]

Corey Hosford brings out his missile S13 to help the Drift Idiot find his drifting form. The video attempts to bring the Drift Idiot back into proper drifting form with baby clipping points, burnouts, and the tandem jam.

Biggest Disappointments in Drifting From 2013

In case you missed it our whole staff got together for a Google+ Hangout with special guests Justin Banner of and Formula Drift judge/US Drift owner Brian Eggert. We weighed in on six categories including one that was the biggest disappointment of 2013. Here is my paraphrasing of everyones answers or you can watch them answer in video directly by using the link below.

Joey Redmond (me) – The Rookie Class
The rookie race over the past few seasons has been a fun and interesting battle to say the least. The word I described them as for the season was “deplorable” in Formula Drift. It threw the future of the sport into question and I think forced the hand of Formula Drift staff to fast track the Pro 2 series. Marc Landerville really showed promise at New Jersey but only participated in that one event. Some of the drivers that ran like Mats and Nate Hamilton have potential but they just didn’t put it together. The 2014 class has tons of promise so don’t give up hope yet.

Rathyna Gomer – Final Fight at Irwindale
The way Michael Essa won a championship and how it was anticlimactic. It just lacked excitement as a fan and most people were in the dark about behind the scenes activities like the protests going on.

Justin Banner – Protests
He points to the slowing down of the show for protests this year was a huge let down. It really played a major effect on Round 6 at Texas with the judging call reversal which he doesn’t even 100% agree with after watching replays.

Jacob Leveton – Walker Wilkerson
Tons of people were excited about his twin turbo LS7 Nissan 240sx S14 and managed to miss Round 1 which was already a let down with the build. He did attend Motegi Drift Challenge and did very well at the event and landed a podium. With an engine issue at Road Atlanta he didn’t perform well and then vanished for the rest of 2013. He had a good car and program in the past so it was a let down to not see him around. Jacob spoked with him and a good bit of it was attributed to parts issues.

Brian Eggert – Corey Hosford / Nate Hamilton / Ken Gushi
Brian didn’t want to place it as a dissapointment but more of a misfortunte or disappointment for the season with these two drivers. Corey Hosford he felt with the help of Chris Forsberg Racing was going to do really well and with car troubles and issues just couldn’t make it happen. Nate coming off a great performance in XDC he had high hopes for just had a couple issues and couldn’t make it come together. He was eighth in 2012 and finished 21st this season. He missed rounds 2/3 with car issues and just never really recovered.


Watch Us Discuss Our Disappointments:

2013 Formula Drift / Drifting Year in Review with Wrecked Magazine Staff [VIDEO]

We gathered the Wrecked Magazine staff (Jacob Leveton and Rathyna Gomer) for a Google+ Hangout with some special guests to look back at the whole 2013 season of drifting. We brought on two special guests for the episode including Justin Banner ( / Mackin Industries) and Brian Eggert (Formula Drift Judge / US Drift Founder / Pro Am Founder) for the show. In just over one hour we cover the big 6 topics below along with giving some inside scoops on potential Formula Drift formatting changes and analyzing the Pro 2 series. The following drivers all got rewards/mentions in our video: Vaughn Gittin Jr., Danny George, Pat Goodin, Chelsea DeNofa, Darren McNamara, Chris Forsberg, Michael Essa, Conrad Grunewald, Walker Wilkerson, Corey Hosford, Patrick Mordaunt, Daigo Saito, Robbie Nishida, Nate Hamilton, Geoff Stoneback, Rapper Dan Savage, Mike Pollard, and Dan Brockett. Here are the six categories we focused on:

Most Improved in 2013
Most memorable tandem battle 2013
Biggest letdown/disappointment of 2013
Driver of the Year 2013
Best Up and Comer for 2014
Hopes for 2014

Formula Drift Pro 2 Series Explained

Starting as a driver in 2015 this would be your path to FD: 
1. You would start driving on a local level anywhere that hosts events.
2. Once you have advanced beyond your local group you can move into a Pro Am environment. Right now the options are Evergreen Drift (Washington), Golden Gate Drift (California), Just Drift (California), Lone Star Bash (Texas). Midwest Drift Union, Streetwise Drift (Southeast), US Drift (East Coast), and Vegas Drift. Once you gain a license in this league you will advance into Formula Drift Pro2
3. Now Pro2 will consist currently of four event weekends on the Formula Drift schedule. You will compete in this series with other drivers who fail to renew their FD Pro license* will fill the field in Pro2. Once you finish in the top of Pro2 you will be granted a Formula Drift license for the next season.”Top” of Pro2 could potentially be 8+ drivers each season. This is TBD. From there, once in the Pro Series as long as you can stay above the minimum threshold in the Pro series (via points or rank) you will retain that license forever.
Where will the Events Be?
Where are these Pro2 events going to happen you ask? The rumor mill we are hearing for a 2014 Formula Drift Pro2 schedule is Road Atlanta, Evergreen Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, and Irwindale Speedway.
 The Transition Year of 2014
So many drivers, fans, sponsors have been coming up to me nervous with fear about what is going to happen to them in 2014. You basically fall into one of three categories for the 2014 season that should be worried about Pro 2. You are either a Sub 100 point driver, 2014 Sophomore, and a 2014 Rookie.
1. Sub 100 – According to the Formula Drift standings 30 active drivers in 2013 scored less than 100 points. Looking at X’s on the board most of them attended only 5 events or less (in theory making Pro2 a logical result). Only 2 of those 30 drivers made all 7 rounds (Jhonnattan Castro and Corey Hosford). Make a note that Castro finished the season with a 98 as well and I think could easily get a petition based on being so close. A small group of drivers also ran 6 rounds that scored under 100 points. Everyone else under that marker of six events I imagine is going to be relegated to Pro 2 and either Petition and continue in Formula Drift or drive in the second tier series.
2. 2013 Rookies/2014 Sophomores – Every single 2014 Formula Drift Sophomore (or 2013 Rookie) is under the 100 point mark except ROTY Mats Baribeau. The other 13 Rookie Class drivers will be given the option to run in Pro or Pro2  and/or run both. They should also take note that at the end of 2014 if they don’t meet the 100 point marker and opted out of running Pro2 for the season they will be relegated to Pro Am in 2015. So basically, these guys should REALLY consider running Pro2 in addition to Pro.
3. 2014 Rookies – The rookie class is going to be offered a pass to run in Pro or Pro2, or both in 2014. The 34 licensed drivers through the Pro Am ranks however are no longer being granted a 2 year license like years past and will be issued a single season license. This means they must meet the 100 point standard like everyone else or face relegation in 2014.
*(Minimum requirement as dictated by Formula Drift. This is TBD, but could be points based or rank based. Currently, it is 100 points)

Formula D: Title Fight by State of Stance [VIDEO]

Check out State of Stance’s video highlighting some of the most action-packed moments at Formula Drift’s Title Fight in Irwindale. They were able to capture some pretty cool runs such as the close tandem battles with Daigo Saito  going against Falken drivers Justin Pawlak and Pat Goodin and previous years’ champions Chris Forseberg and Daijiro Yoshihara going head to head.  In the video you’ll be able to see Ryan Kado and Corey Hosford and their aggressive, nearly wall-scraping performances. Lastly, you can see a few high-angled, smokey runs featuring Mike Essa, ending with him being awarded the 2013 series champ.