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Gorgeous World Racing Formula Drift Prepped Scion FR-S [FOR SALE]



One of the best opportunities to own a turn key Formula Drift car has arrived this afternoon from Torrance, California.  This Scion FR-S built by World Racing has been followed by Wrecked Magazine and was slated with a 2013 Formula Drift debut but due to the customer being unable to finish the project the guys at World Racing are looking to liquidate it for pennies on the dollar! The car is being sold as a rolling chassis and drivetrain/suspension is complete. Engine plate, bell housing, and adapter plate are all designed to mate the Quaife QBE69G 6-speed sequential transmission to a Toyota Tundra 3UR-F3 V8 which can be purchased separately. World Racing is offering the car without the engine as it is most likely not the “go-to package” some are looking at in a Formula Drift build. There is a body kit available for this car that has been mounted but for visual stimulation we decided not to include it in the shots and showcase the chassis. Included are three spare body kits that are all unpainted and a slew of OEM parts. The price would be discussed in person with serious potential clients only!



Here are the STATS of this Formula Drift legal/ready Scion FR-S:
Acid Dipped and seam welded chassis by WORLD Racing.
Every single hole on the body has been filled for strength and appearance.
100% powder-coated body, chassis and rollcage
Custom rear sub-frame mated with Winters rear end (FD legal)
Custom tin-work
Air-Jacks with plumbing and nitrogen wand

Custom carbon fiber hood and rear deck lid.
Lexan MR10 windows with NACA ducts
NACA ducting in roof for driver cooling and ventilation

Winters “Quick-Change” 10″ rear end 4:12 ring/pinion – ask for ratios
Quaife QBE69G (6-speed sequential) gearbox
Ray Bates 300m (“OEM” FRS spline) axle stubs for 930 CV’s
Mark Williams Axles
“No-Lift” shift cut mechanism from Angerole

OMP Eco Life – Fire Suppression system
Recaro Profi SPG Racing seats x2
Crow Enterprizes 5 point harness’

12 Gallon ATL Fuel Cell
Misc. A/N lines and fittings from Earls have been plumbed for the tank

Rear-Mount Mishimoto Custom dual-pass Radiator
Earls hoses, fittings and plumbing are completed

KW Suspension Competition 3-way adjustable coil over
Solid Toyota MR-2 power steering pump has been fitted to work with this steering rack.
Right hand drive conversion w/ Nissan 240 steering rack fitted for MR2 pump
Toyota MR-2 power steering pump (p/n 1960-17017)
Vorshlag GD High Caster aluminum front caster plates (60mm)
Cortex Competition lower arms (front)
Cortex Toe Link Assembly (pair)
Cortex Bump Steer Kit
KW Suspension Competition 3-way adjustable coil over
Cusco rear pillowball lateral link

Dry Sump Tank (3Gal) Mounted
Dry Sump Pulley (for use with ATI damper)
Dry Sump hoses, fittings and plumbing are completed.

Wilwood Rotors, Hats, Calipers and pads… (custom)
Tilton Pedal assembly w/ reservoir
Tilton proportioning valve
ASD Hydraulic E-Brake (Pull-Up style)

Motegi Racing Traklite 1.0 (Drift)
17×8 Front
18×10 Rear
(Also includes 1 spare set of 4 wheels)

Falken Azenis RT615R – 255/40R17
Falken Azenis RT615R – 295/40R18

2013 Formula Drift with Otto Graven Update- Scion FRS and 1000hp+

Just before Irwindale we made a 2013 Otto Graven returning post and quickly since then details about his program and links to his new team Facebook page have been sent to us through our contact form. The program from Otto Graven involves a Scion FRS and a partnership at some level with World Racing (Chris Rado) for 2013. The World Racing team is taking the knowledge they have of making big power with Toyota engines and plugging that into a Tundra 6.2L that has been rumored to be running wel over 1,000hp. The horsepower wars seem to be officially here thanks to our weight/tire rulebook in place. What does everyone think of this upcoming build?


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Gary Gardella vs. The Bergenholtz Vs. Chris Rado [DRAG RACING]

I know that none of us care about drag racing but when a ton of shit talking hits the Internet and the convenient result is a drag race then we can get excited…. really excited! I have heard a buzz going back and forth between some trash talking involving Chris Rado and Gardella over recent weeks. We are all fired up for a a possible one-off Outlaw Class drag race showdown in fall this year. According to Gary Gardella he wants Chris Rado to do battle against Ed Bergenholtz before they run in a winner take all drag race. While drag racing is great and all…. I would love to see them do battle against each other in a drift competition! What do you guys think?

Gary Gardella Facebook Status:
So I spent the past couple of days thinking about this and I am down to run Rado anytime as long as we come up with a good date (Oct 1st & 2nd). The only set back is he needs to make it past Ed Bergenholtz first to run with the champ.

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Ken Gushi Wins Toyota Celebrity Race at Streets of Long Beach

Who cares about ALMS when you have a Celebrity Toyota race happen first on Saturday in Long Beach? The Celebrity Race mixes celebrities and pro drivers in a battle with some old Scion tC’s. Formula Drift star Ken Gushi complained about the lack of parts for his drift Scion on his blog this week but apparently his Celebrity tC was setup for perfection. Qualifying yesterday for the race was full of accidents and a flipped over tC but through all that Ken Gushi was able to put himself on pole position. He followed that up with a victory over the celebrities and fellow racers such as Chris Rado.

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Chris Rado: Time to speak the truth!

After the drama that spiraled from to the Wrecked Magazine blog to my cell phone. I told Chris Rado that we would give him a chance to speak it out and let the Drifting community know his side of the story. In a little over five minutes Chris lays it out all on the table for us as we expected. He says he will be driving at the West Coast Formula D Pro Am this weekend in Tony Angelo’s S13 Nissan 240sx. He also told us that for 2009 he will NOT be building a Toyota tC like everyone else. He is looking at a native RWD Toyota to start his build on, sounds exciting.

Watch the video:—chris-rado

Chris Rado Blogs: He is going Drifting

Okay… here comes a big one… blog that is. Prepare yourself, as I am about to touch on some drag racing, time attack, SEMA stuff, and drifting… yes, you read correctly… drifting. Let the Speedhunting begin!

So some have you may or may not have heard through the rumor-mill that I have been out at Willow Springs five days over the past two weeks causing some ruckus with veteran drifter Tony Angelo. Why you ask? Because in 2009, WORLD Racing will be starting their own drift program. That’s right folks, no need to check your eyes… drift program. Two weeks ago I started testing with Tony using his Nissan Silvia S13. I have had the best time learning with Tony; he is not only a great dude, but a great teacher as well.

It’s definitely been a huge challenge for me. While it’s true that a lot of the fundamentals are high-level basic driving skills, it is the timing and execution of these techniques to put the car exactly where you want it that has really been the biggest challenge for me. Sure I’ve got great car control from drag racing and road racing, and my throttle imputes and braking are very smooth, but with drifting it’s a whole different animal as I have been learning. These guys that are on the professional level are just that – TRUE professionals – and for me to compete with the best of the best, it’s going to take me quite a bit of practice. But as you all know, I am always up for a new challenge, and what more of a challenge can I face myself with right now in my career than to try to get to the level of these amazing guys and compete with them?

Day one of drift practice was pretty fun. Tony told me to get out there and do some tight donuts around a cone, which was pretty much no problem for me. Then we moved on to wide circles around a big group of cones, which was still pretty easy only because it didn’t involve any transitions of the vehicle,then we moved on to figure-eights. Figure-eights became a challenge for me at first because there are a lot of vehicle transitions involved. The perception of where to point the car in order to rotate the car around the cone and start my transition at the right time, how long to let go of the wheel, when to grab hold of the wheel again, were all factors I was battling with to get it down right. Once I got that down pat, Tony wanted me to move on to the next challenge – linking a small course.

Day two was interesting. I’m not going to lie; this small course was a big challenge for me at first. Especially coming from the last two-and-a-half years of road racing my FWD Scion tC, because one thing I learned from that was you can NEVER EVER let go of the wheel. If you let go of the wheel for one split-second, that car of yours is not going to go where you want it to go. This is completely opposite of drifting a RWD car. When a FWD car goes into a slide, you don’t breathe the throttle and counter-steer, because if you do that the car doesn’t go where you want it to go. In a FWD car, you point the wheels where you want the car to go, and you mash the throttle down and the car will pull out of the slide and go in the direction you want it to.

In a drift car, this is completely opposite, you need to let go of the wheel, and as a matter of fact, as I learned the hard way, even touching the steering wheel with one light tap before it has unwound to the correct amount, guess what? You’re gonna spin and not be successful, which is something I had a real hard time with. Sometimes it would feel like I had it, then my brain and my FWD instincts would kick in and I would give the wheel a little tap, like “Oh I need the car to go over here”, and guess what, I would spin.

It had finally started to set in that I needed to stop touching the stupid wheel and steer the car with my feet. After Tony beat this through my head of what to and not to do, at the end of the day, some of it actually started to sink in and I started to be able to link the course. Now believe me, this was not without many, many, many trials of me spinning or messing up that I was finally able to link this course. But when I finally did, damn it felt good. Here’s a quick video of my practice.

At first Tony was telling me these things and I was like “Oh yeah, I got it…” but you know what… I didn’t get it. I’m the type of person who has to do and feel things for myself and that’s the only way I was going to get it that day, and the only way I’m going to get it in the future. I still have a really long way to go to get to a competitive level, but the most important thing about my drifting practice with Tony was that I HAD A BLAST!

I am going to try – and I do mean “try”, because in no means do I think I’m going to be able to get out there after a couple weeks practice and knock ‘em dead – to get my FD license this year at the PRO/AM event in Long Beach. I’ve been in this business of motorsports for 11 years now and if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you’ve got to pay your dues. If anything comes easy, you’re probably not doing it right anyway. I’m going to go out there and give it 100 percent of my effort because it’s the only way I know how, and if I fail, then I fail. But if I fail, then I am the only one to blame, because Tony Angelo has been a great teacher, and other friends of mine in this sport, like Vaughn Gittin, are great mentors as well. These are guys that I look up to and anytime I need help and guidance, they are always there for me. So do I think I will eventually be able to make it in drifting? Yes, I do. And that’s only because I am not the type of guy who gives up easily. How long it might take? Only time will tell!

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The Scion Army Expands – Now with Tanner Foust for Formula D 2009

Well after hearing some rumors floating around that Tanner Foust would be leaving Nissan he apparently has released this mock up for a 2009 Drifting car through Everythingdrift. The Scion Drift Army is seeming to expand with Ken Gushi already piloting the first Scion under the RSR flag. We would assume that Chris Rado would drift a Scion tC if he acquires a license next month as well. All of his advertisers seem to be in place such as our Wrecked Magazine Ad partner AEM Power (go buy AEM stuff so we can stay in business). This render comes a shock being released so close to SEMA.

Since SEMA is right around the corner below are a list of drivers that we have been hearing rumors about for a new ride in 2009, perhaps SEMA will shed some more light:

Daijiro Yoshihara
Tyler McQuarrie
Vaughn Gittin Jr. (2010 Ford Mustang?)
Rhys Millen
Sam Hubinette