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Fredric Aasbo to drive Toyota Corolla iM in Formula Drift for 2017

Fredric Aasbo debuted his Toyota Corolla iM today on the internet by recreating the opening scene of the famed Initial D series from Japan in his new car. Aasbo’s new car, built by Stephan Papadakis, maintains the same 2.7L 2AR-FE powerplant as his Scion tC, which should ease the transition between the two cars. While the Corolla iM seems like a short car due to the hatchback nature and lack of a rear bumper, the wheelbase is actually 1″ longer than the Toyota GT86 at 102.4″, so it shouldn’t face any of the twitchiness that shorter wheelbase cars sometimes face.

Here’s a great behind-the-scenes video of the car build by our friends over at Speed Academy. This video was shot back in January, when the car was still very naked, but there’s a lot of technical description of the build from Stephan Papadakis. Sounds like the suspension geometry is very similar to the tC, which will also aid in the car being competitive quickly.
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“Mad” Mike Whiddett debuts RADBUL Gen 2 with new bodywork

Radbul Gen 2 front Radbul Gen 2 rear

“Mad” Mike Whiddett posted some images of his RADBUL MX-5 Chassis this week on Instagram, which is now wearing bodywork from the Mazda MX-5 ND Chassis. This car started as an NC chassis Miata, and Whiddett explained via social media that he personally hand-built nearly all the panels to fit the chassis. This car looks awesome, and appears to possibly have some chrome blue vinyl as part of the livery. This car should be back in the US with plenty of time for the Long Beach round in 6 weeks, especially since there’s no strike at the Port of Long Beach like the one that backed up cargo traffic last year and caused Whiddett to miss Long Beach.

Radbul Mad Mike panels


Chris Jeanneret’s Honda S2000 Chassis is available [FOR SALE]


Chris Jeanneret’s Honda S2000 roadster drift car is now for sale, pending a “V2” build for the 2016 season. This car is Formula Drift ready, pushing more than 800 hp / 700 ft-lbs of torque to the rear wheels with a Garrett GTX4088R turbo. The car was featured in Vibrant Racing’s SEMA booth in 2014, and ran a few Pro 2 events in both 2014 and 2015. With technical support from Bilstein Suspension and Sparta Brakes among others, the car is just a few tweaks away from being fully competitive in either Pro or Pro 2 class.

The car is currently located near Seattle, Washington.


Contact for Purchase- 

A full description of the car can be found HERE

The liveries of FD Tech Day – Jeff Jones, Charles Ng, Ken Gushi, Dave Briggs, and Daigo Saito


Source: Achilles Radial


Source: Briggs Drift fan page


Source: Charles Ng Racing


Source: Greddy Racing


Source: Instagram

Contrary to the name, FD Tech Day didn’t actually include the technical inspection of any cars, unlike in years past. Despite that, there were a handful of liveries which were revealed at tech day, several of which we previewed earlier.

Confirming our rumor, Daigo Saito’s GT-R was not only confirmed to be in the US, but was wrapped live at the tech day, which was a cool experience. The livery still carries the black, green, and purple of the Achilles Radial liveries of years past, but has a cool digital camo type of pattern to it.

Dave Briggs also went green and black with his livery, although he revealed that he will be in Hankook Tires, not Achilles like last season.

Charles Ng showed probably the most dramatic livery change, with major sponsorship from Maxxis Tires and Speedhunters looks to still be involved in the program, but in a much less way than last year.

Ken Gushi’s FR-S livery is very similar to the livery he ran on last year’s Pikes Peak car, but still carries a lot of the elements of last season’s drift livery.

Finally, Jeff Jones’ livery was already revealed earlier, but we are big fans of the livery now that we have seen it in person.


An Old Formula Drift 240sx – We Have A New Project Car with Vapure

S13convertible.Vapure WreckedMagazine.ProjectCar.Vapure ProjectMuBrakes.Vapure Vapure240sxRear

After a couple of years since Project V8 240sx we finally have a new fun drifting project car in the works thanks to the guys over at Vapure! The project titled V3 240sx (Vapure VQ Vert) was an old Formula Drift chassis that some eagle eyed diehard drift fans might even recognize. The car just got on a hauler in Southern California and was sent out to the east coast where MA Motorsports and Chris Forsberg Racing will help return this old Formula Drift chassis into a working drift beast once again! We have some really cool projects and plans to go along with this V3 240sx build. Stay tuned for more updates.

Chris Jeanneret teases his Honda S2000 rendering on Instagram [SPY SHOT]

ChrisJeanneret-TeaserFront ChrisJeanneret-TeaserRear

Chris Jeanneret’s Instagram featured two teaser images over the weekend of the Honda S2000 he’s building with SpeedFactory Racing in Washington. Jeanneret talked about the build on the Wrecked Weekly #13 show, where he mentioned that building a 1,000hp motor was a bit of a detuned motor for SpeedFactory. This rendering features a lot of blue, which is very different from the teal and dayglow yellow livery he ran last season. The rear fender flares remind us a bit of the flares Toshiki Yoshioka ran on his Subaru BR-Z last season. We can’t wait to see the full livery!

WiseFab in Development of Scion FR-S/Toyota 86 Kit



The guys at WiseFab previewed these front and rear knuckles that are currently in development for the Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86. These full aluminum and light knuckles will be ready for Formula Drift Long Beach and street legal. WiseFab tells us that Ryan Tuerck will be running these in his Retaks/Maxxis Tire Scion.  It also seems Fredric Aasbo will be doing some product development testing with what we assume is one of his overseas Toyota 86 builds.

Michael Essa goes with a rear-mount radiator for 2014 [SPYSHOT]


Michael Essa took to Instagram to post up the first steps of re-assembling his championship-winning E46 chassis for the new 2014 season, the first major change being a rear-mounted radiator setup. This setup is becoming more and more common in Formula D as drivers look to minimize potential mechanical failures in the event of a front-end collision. In chatting with Essa last week, his car will be largely unchanged beyond this radiator move and a slight turbo upgrade.

Ron Ewerth’s 2014 Formula Drift Build Thread – Scion FR-S with 2JZ



Ron Ewerth from the SWD Pro Am series is building a brand new Scion FR-S with a LS9 engine. His build thread on FT-86 is quite detailed and nice on how the Formula Drift rookie’s car build is coming along. It looks like him and Jeff Wolfson will have similar builds as 2014 rookies (Ron isn’t a rookie from running 7 events in 2009. I only looked at his 2010 season where he ran 3 events which would allow him to still be one, sorry for the mix up) . Who will perform better is the final questions?


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Drift Garage Episode 1 with Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg set to walk you through the building of a $5,000 drift car. The platform is a S13 Nissan 240sx and the build sets off with an introduction from Professor M. Issile. The episode starts with a 240sx hatchback being bought from Formula Drift driver Tony Angelo and a new KA engine from Elite JDM. The broken parts are off the car and next week seems all ready for the ISIS turbocharger being installed which was leaked by Chris in our last weeks Wrecked Weekly interview with him which you can see here.