Calvin Wan

Calvin Wan Blogs about his E46 BMW M3


Calvin Wan took to his blog on Speedhunters to document his person E46 M3. The car is freshly sprayed with this new white color. Previously, the car was black with factory wheels last time I saw it circling the Internet. Calvin Wan has a gorgeous pair of Falken Azenis stretched on some black powder coated factory wheels. Looking good Calvin!

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2005 Sonoma – What Were They Driving Then?

To honor our flashback gallery we wanted to take it one step further and let some of you know what stars were in these old cars back in the day.

 Daijiro Yoshihara - Pacific Rim / Nitto Tires S13 Silvia

Daijiro Yoshihara – Pacific Rim / Nitto Tires S13 Silvia

Chris Forsberg S15 Silvia

Chris Forsberg – Password JDM x Falken Tire S15 Silvia

Kenji Yaminaka

Kenji Yaminaka – Rotora S13.5 Silvia

Calvin Wan - Infiniti G35

Calvin Wan – Falken Tire Infiniti G35

Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust – McKinney Motorsports Nissan 240sx

Ken Gushi

Ken Gushi – Ford Racing x Toyo Tires Ford Mustang GT

Ross Petty

Ross Petty – Falken Tires x Rotary Power Mazda Rx-7

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Team Fatlace at ThunderHill [VIDEO]

Team Fatlace At ThunderHill

Check out this great video piece from Team Fatlace that they made at Thunderhill recently. The video has Formula Drift star Calvin Wan tearing it up in his personal Mazda Rx-7. After watching his Mazda Rx-7 we sure miss seeing it slide around in the Formula Drift series. The video also has some highlights of a camo S13 driven by Jay Lapid. Mix these guys skill with some great music and you won’t want to miss this video.

Watch the video:

Formula D Round 6 by Falken Tires [VIDEO]

2009 Formula Drift Locked and Loaded with Falken Tires

Formula D Official Announcement from Calvin Wan/Chris Forsberg Sonoma Event

Below is a statement released from Formula D on the Calvin Wan/Chris Forsberg incident It looks like we missed this one right when it came out but the statement has some very interesting/useful facts and information from the perspective of the sanctioning body. The snapshot above was posted in our blog comments and came from where you can check out a full sequence of images from this angle. Here is Formula D’s official statement:

Formula DRIFT Memorandum

Date: August 22, 2009
Re: Decision regarding tandem match-up between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan

Due to various external communications based on poor information from unqualified sources, Formula Drift has issued the following clarification ruling regarding the Round of 32 match-up between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan.

– On the first run of the head to head match-up contact was made between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan. Calvin Wan, who was chasing, was deemed at fault for the contact. Subsequently Chris Forsberg’s car was damaged. Specifically a lower control arm was broken.
– Chris Forsberg Racing enacted the 5 Minute Rule via their spotter; legally per the guidelines of the Formula Drift rulebook.
– The 5 Minutes expired and Chris Forsberg Racing brought the vehicle back to the line to run the second run of the head to head match-up.
– The judges’ decision was One More Time.
– Chris Forsberg Racing asked for a second 5 Minute and was denied by the Chief Steward
– The match continued and Calvin Wan was deemed the victor.
– 8 minutes past the expiration of the Head-to-Head battle Chris Forsberg Racing filed a legal protest deeming that they were unjustly refused additional time to fix their vehicle according Appendix E/”5 Minute Time Out” of the 2009 Formula DRIFT Rulebook. Chris Forsberg Racing stated that there is no provision that would NOT allow additional time if the team requests and that the Chief Steward can allow for additional time to fix the vehicle if deemed warranted.
– The protest by Chris Forsberg Racing was deemed legal and valid and that additional time should have been allowed which would have easily repaired the minor issue with the car
– The Chief Steward ruled to run the One More Time battle between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan.

Formula DRIFT understands that this is a rare and isolated incident and in no way sets precedent for “Re-runs”. This is an example of a team properly using the protest provision on a non-subjective call and finding error in a specific ruling by a Formula DRIFT official.
Any questions and comments, can be addressed to Randy Hembrey, Jim Liaw, or Ryan Sage. Contacts are listed on the Formula DRIFT website.

Chris Forsberg Vs. Calvin Wan – The Crash/Runs on Video

Chris Forsberg Vs. Calvin Wan at Formula D Sonoma

Check out this intense video from this weekends Formula D weekend in Sonoma, California. Round 6 had huge championship implications and this tandem battle really mixed things up. Calvin Wan crashed into Chris Forsberg on the first run and somehow CFR held the car together with ratchet straps. We didn’t shoot this film but Andy L. did over at DA Films and it’s quiet so crank your audio way up to hear Jarod’s voice and the sound of these cars fly by. Now that you have watched the video, what do you think of the runs?

Watch the video:

Calvin Wan Vs. Chris Forsberg – A Formula D First [THE REMATCH]

So to make a long insane story a little shorter it appears Formula D has upheld a protest from the CFR team and are allowing a rematch to happen before top 16. This tandem battle will have huge championship implications and we mean HUGE since Ryan Tuerck (2nd) and Tyler McQuarrie (3rd) are already eliminated.

Chris Forsberg during his 5 minutes was informed by Formula D staff from our reports that he had two choices, either run Calvin Wan and continue into the top 16 or forfeit for a malfunctioning car and move to the top 16 but not be able to compete in the top 16 which is awful stupid. This was also announced the crowd by Jarod and we assume he didn’t make it up!

Of course Chris chose to run in a car that shouldn’t of been on the track due to safety concerns but who can blame him as the driver? His job is to win and he tried his heart out by track officials should of removed him before running the OMT runs.

Later it was allegedly reported that Chris Forsberg was told he didn’t have to run to advance and continue and Randy denied that was ever the case. So when Chris went and ran again did it not click that why would he be running if he could not run and advance? That whole mishap seems to have some gray areas for sure and it sucks poor Calvin Wan has to be stuck in the middle of all of it.

I think the decision should be over turned and Chris Forsberg should move into the top 16 on three principals.

1- Chris was not given a 5 minute repair time due to a false rulebook citation that the officials claimed. This was already established in my last post – Reality Vs. the Rulebook

2- Chris was told he could advance to top 16 and forfeit if he didn’t make another pass leading him out onto the track. How does that make sense? Chris was unable to run a car in good condition due to a collision with his opponent which means he should of taken a win and then had time to fix his car for top 16.

3- Track officials let that car out on the track to begin with when clearly that was not a good idea or safe for spectators/Chris Forsberg/media. That wheel could of come off at anytime during his run which is not a prospect or accident we would want the whole IRL community to witness or to happen period at a Formula D event. Since the car was not safe to run then he would of advanced per the announcements they made. At which point Forsberg and his crew would be protesting the fact he would have to forfeit Top 16 later today which would of been easy to get overturned since it makes no sense.


This is what has been unofficially determined by the Formula D staff. I have not been able to reach or speak with anyone from the official staff but I have been confirmed with two teams this is the case. Calvin Wan and Chris Forsberg will be rematching before top 16 to complete and re create their top 32 runs. This means the runs of yesterday are null and void and we get to see all the drama happen again tomorrow. This has to be the biggest championship related judgment call in Formula D history. Keep your eye out on our twitter feed tomorrow since this top 32 rematch will really make a huge difference on the championship and who has the potential to win it all at the House of Drift come October.

Get ready for the first rematch of epic proportions in Formula Drift history!

Chris Forsberg – Safety Concerns [SNAPSHOT OVERLOAD]

Chris Forsberg

In our first post about the Calvin Wan Vs. Chris Forsberg drama that I titled Rulebook Vs. Reality I covered the 5 minute rule. My next issue with this tandem battle is how was Chris Forsberg let on track with their “repairs.” Now, the way Kevin Wells and CFR got his car to operate and run on the track was truly amazing and the fact that Chris Forsberg was able to drift with ratchet straps holding his front suspension together is amazing but was it safe. Personally, after reviewing the photos of how his car was held together and the movement of his wheel it seems very clear to me that Nissan 350z should of not been allowed on track period, much less after a One More Time was called. Here is a break down of the Nissan 350z after the unfortunate crash between Calvin Wan and Chris Forsberg. Here is what held the front suspension together and the damage done to the wheel.

Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg

So this is how Chris made three passes in his Nissan 350z. It’s amazing he got this car to drift at all. Here now is a shot of the damage done to Calvin Wan’s S15. You can see the front wheel of Forsberg put a hole in the Silvia.

Calvin Wan

Now you can view the wheel movement on Chris Forsberg’s car as he was continuing to compete. The images below are pretty crazy.

Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg

Should Chris Forsberg have been allowed on the track after the collision with Calvin Wan? Please leave comments to let us know your thoughts!

Calvin Wan Vs. Chris Forsberg – The Rulebook Vs. Reality [PART 1]

For those of you not at Formula D this weekend, the most controversy in some time revolved around the Calvin Wan Vs. Chris Forsberg tandem battle in the top 32. So much happened that I am going to break it down into PART posts. We have video of the runs we can post tonight and several rulebook violations along with other information.

To recap the events basically Chris Forsberg lead a tandem battle and Calvin Wan put the rear of his door straight into Chris Forsberg’s passneger side wheel which is visible above. Chris Forsberg called “5 minutes” and was issued the time. All the fans were told by Jarod DeAnda (at event MC) that he either had to run again to complete the tandem battle round or lose to Calvin Wan. Chris Forsberg Racing later confirmed they were told the same thing.

So Kevin Wells and his pit crew hustled and put a ratchet strap on his car to replace the bent tie rod. In my opinion they should of never let the car on the track in the first place but that is a whole new post in itself. The judges after another run call for a One More Time since Chris Forsberg spun at the finish line.

Then Chris Forsberg Racing calls for another “5 minutes” and were denied. This was made public to all the fans that he was unable to call 5 more minutes because your only allowed one per round. Not only is that totally bogus it’s not anywhere in the rulebook. Ryan Tuerck used his 5 minutes in Las Vegas twice and nobody said anything to him. The rule/call inconsistency from Formula D on this seems to be insulting of intelligence.

I combed the rulebook tonight and the word “minute” only appears 12 times in total. The only reference related to the 5 more minute rule is in APPENDIX E.

5-Minute Time Out
To maintain safety in the competition, during tandem competition runs only, teams may call for a 5-minute grace period to make any necessary repairs.  5-Minute Time Outs are not allowed for

Practice or Qualifying.  5-Minute Time Outs are not to be used for strategic purposes.  Only the
designated Team Representative will be allowed to request the 5-Minute Time Out, and it must
be made through a FORMULA DRIFT OFFICIAL.  Only the CHIEF STEWARD may grant a 5-
Minute Time Out.  Team will not be granted a 5-Minute Time Out if it is believed to be

This mistake/error has huge championship complications. Especially since Ryan Tuerck (2nd place) lost to Sam Hubinette today in the top 32 and Tyler McQuarrie (DNF’d) by having a faulty cam angle sensor. We have more on the story which will be coming soon but not allowing a 5 minute break is just purely insane!

Formula D Sonoma Round 6 Qualifying Results Are Here

The strange Thursday qualifying/practice and the lack of danger due to the walls being pushed way back for IRL safety have changed this track and how we know it as Formula D fans but qualifying was still awesome. Here is how they will line up for top 32 tomorrow.The biggest shocker on here was Joon Maeng who was unable to qualify shockingly after doing so well all season.

Driver: Car #: Score:
1 K. Ueo 15 80.8
2 R. Miki 36 77.3
3 C. Forsberg 64 73.7
4 R. Millen 6 72.2
5 A. Pfeiffer 88 71.3
6 V. Gittin 25 71.1
7 R. Tuerck 44 70.8
8 K. Gushi 5 69.9
9 D. Yoshihara 9 69.1
10 B. Sherman 22 68.2
11 J. Pawlak 13 66.9
12 M. Powers 11 65.7
13 T. McQuarrie 17 65.4
14 S. Verdier 12 64.1
15 T. Brakohiapa 18 63.7
16 P. Mordaunt 90 63.7
17 D. McNamara 8 62.8
18 K. Mohan 99 61.8
19 K. Hayashida 33 61.5
20 K. Yamanaka 7 60.6
21 T. Foust 1 59.5
22 M. Essa 101 58.7
23 Y. Kondo 52 55
24 E. O’Sullivan 35 54
25 R. Nishida 31 53
26 S. Hubinette 77 51.9
27 R. Petty 808 51.9
28 C. Parkhouse 562 51.9
29 R. Ewerth 27 48.4
30 C. Wan 3 42.4
31 T. Aono 86 42
32 J. Jones 29 40.9