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Thumb Drift Is Now on Android

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We noticed a bunch of comments last week about how Thumb Drift looked cool but it was missing from Android. Well, the game is now over on the Android platform and available for download. Top tip Android users, you can use the code DRIVEN to unlock the Street Driven Mazda RX-7 owned by Hert right away. iTunes users will have to drift to unlock this awesome car in the game. More info on the game and a video teaser can be found here if you missed our original post.

Bergenholtz Racing Mazda RX-8 [FOR SALE]


The Bergenholtz Racing Mazda RX-8 was driven by some of the biggest names in Formula Drift and built by a NHRA winning pedigree team. The car is a turn key Formula Drift build with a price tag of $85,000. The car was last driven by Chelsea DeNofa in Formula Drift at Irwindale Speedway in 2011.

The engine found inside the car is a Mazdatrix 3-Rotor with a dry sump system and a Garrett GTX GT42 Turbo to top it all off. If you are interested in the build or want more details on how this build came together head over to the Bergenholtz site where they have a complete page and write up on the build that is up for sale.


Download and Play Thumb Drift in the iTunes Store


Our friends at Street Driven Tour tipped us off to this awesome new games in the iTunes store called Thumb Drift. The game allows you to select and unlock over 50+ cars that you can drift with just your thumb and an iPhone. I have had a blast playing it today on my flight home and just managed to unlock Hert’s RX-7 put in the game by Street Driven. Watch the trailer or head over to iTunes to check out Thumb Drift! Love to hear what cars you have unlocked or how you like the game. Another update coming soon once I dig into the game.

The Truth Behind the Closing of Irwindale Speedway


I keep reading a ton of incorrect information online about the impending doom of Irwindale Speedway so I talked to several people close to the situation and built this story. The rumors of it all being a fancy ploy to sell tickets is flat out not true sadly and soon our beloved Irwindale Speedway will come crashing down from the Los Angeles County map. Here is a timeline of what happened and why the structure is still standing to this day. In fact, last season at Irwindale I helped produce an awesome tribute video to Irwindale Speedway with Mobil 1 that should be released shortly.


This first blip of news came to my attention in October 2013 just days after Michael Essa narrowly won his first championship in a BMW E46 chassis. A friend of mine sent me a link from CurbedLA indicating that a real estate group in Pasadena called Lindom Company purchased the 63.47-acre site of the San Gabriel Valley with plans to repurpose it. The company Nu-Way Industries sold the land to them who purchased it in 1966 and built the very racetrack that stands before us today.

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NeverSlo 98 Nissan 240SX LS2 Formula Drift Car with Enclosed Trailer [BUY THIS]


The best drifting car deal we have seen in 2016. A turn key Formula Drift Nissan for $40,000 that includes a 20 foot enclosed trailer. Basically, if you buy this package the only other things you need are a license and a drivers suit. You would have a hard time building this car for that cost and that doesn’t even account for the trailer. I expect this package to be gone by the end of the week so sell the last of your crumbling GoPro stock or liquidate your parents 401k so you can become a future drift star. Check below for all the spares and build for the package.

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Justin Pawlak’s Turn-Key Formula Drift Mustang [FOR SALE]


The S197 Ford Mustang chassis has become a proven entity in the sport of drifting. The S197 Mustang chassis holds a championship in Formula Drift and nobody can build/drive one better than Justin Pawlak. This Mustang was rented/used by Justin Pawlak for 2015 Formula Drift season and is now up for sale through the owner Jim Guthrie/Car Crafters in New Mexico. The asking price right now is $70,000 and a full list of modifications to this chassis can be found below.

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Stocking Stuffer – Formula Drift Long Beach Tickets On Sale


The first event of the 2016 season has tickets on sale starting today! You will want to act fast and buy some as we know the event will sell out (it has the last few years) and if you wait until the last minute you will be stuck with a ticket way in the nosebleed/finish line. Buy these for you or the one you love right before the holidays.

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Have Money Left Over from Cyber Monday? Get This


A few people emailed us in this as a news story and other people in the drift industry posted about it on social media. This thing cost $89.99 right now. Pretty serious deal if you want to start a simple fender rolling business or fix up your buddies 180sx before the next drift event to fit 17×10.5 wheels in the rear.

NEW Eastwood Fender Roller – Lip Forming & Rolling Tool for Larger Tires

For the Holidays – Buy Someone Jimmy Up Clothing

JimmyUp.S13 JimmyUp

The guys at Jimmy Up have some perfect stocking stuffers for you this holiday. The middle shirt is a celebration of Fredric Aasbo winning the championship with a cool unique design and tribute look. If you don’t see what you are looking for quite yet, the website has other cool stuff like a FC RX-7 hoodie, hats, stickers, and much more. Don’t forget about your fellow drift fan as the holiday season approaches.

Chris Jeanneret’s Honda S2000 Chassis is available [FOR SALE]


Chris Jeanneret’s Honda S2000 roadster drift car is now for sale, pending a “V2” build for the 2016 season. This car is Formula Drift ready, pushing more than 800 hp / 700 ft-lbs of torque to the rear wheels with a Garrett GTX4088R turbo. The car was featured in Vibrant Racing’s SEMA booth in 2014, and ran a few Pro 2 events in both 2014 and 2015. With technical support from Bilstein Suspension and Sparta Brakes among others, the car is just a few tweaks away from being fully competitive in either Pro or Pro 2 class.

The car is currently located near Seattle, Washington.


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A full description of the car can be found HERE