2010 Ford Mustang Giveaway – FREE FREE FREE!

What better way to get your hands on a 2010 Ford Mustang other than free. Bosch Spark Plugs right now is giving away a 2010 Ford Mustang to drifting fans. As long as your 18 with an address and a pulse you can sign up over at Bosch’s website. Vaughn is also giving away drifting lessons, Bosch Spark Plugs, and Bosch gear for people who sign up. The contest ends on June 1st so hurry up and head over before your chance for a free 2010 Mustang has passed.

Sign Up to Win a 2010 Ford Mustang

Formula D Long Beach – Friday Festivities and Qualifying [GALLERY]

Justin Pawlak

Tyler McQuarrie

Taka Aono

Wrecked Magazine is provided our fans with the most extensive coverage of the 2009 Round 1 event from Formula D Long Beach. With over 1,000 photos that include drifting, qualifying, umbrella girls, and driver pits. More than 50+ pages of Formula D drivers sliding around the streets of Long Beach course gearing up for Top 32 tandem tomorrow.

Check out the gallery:

Bosch Performance Art – The Game is Out!

Drift it up in a flash version of Performance Art where you can channel Vaughn Gittin’s skill in downtown Los Angeles. While you are on the website you can enter to win a 2010 Ford Mustang as well. You can pick from red tires, silver tires, and black tires and it has a Max Drift option whch you can achieve by just drifting in a circle. If you let go of the arrows it drops back to zero which is weak! Have fun and send us pictures of your art.

Drift in Los Angeles:

Bosch TV: Battle of the Bay at Formula D Sonoma

Bosch TV Episode 6: Battle on the Bay

A nice flashback to Sonoma brings us the battle of the bay and Vaughn Gittin Jr. in his Falken Tires Ford Mustang. A great piece showing off Northern California’s only pro drifting event of the year. Vaughn brought his A+ game to the event and we captured some exclusive footage with Bosch TV. So sit back and enjoy this great video.

Watch the video:

BOSCH TV: Vaughn Gittin Jr. attacks Seattle

Bosch TV Episode 5: Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes on Seattle

Bosch TV’s Formula D 2008 series continues with an installment of Episode 5 from Evergreen Speedway. Drift Alliance member pilots his Falken Tire x Bosch Spark Plug powered Ford Mustang around the track in the northwest. He even takes some time out of his busy weekend at the track to chat it up with the cameras for you guys at Wrecked Magazine.

Watch the video:–vaughn-gittin-jr-takes-on

Vaughn Gittin Jr. brings the 2010 Ford Mustang to Japan!

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is on a Japanese campaign with the new 2010 Mustang. He will be traveling to Osaka, Tokyo, Niimi, Gifu, Shibuya and Fukushima during his stay. Over the course of March 3rd to 9th Ford will be producing content of his travels to Japan. His 2010 Ford Mustang will have a Ford Racing supercharger and intercooler, an Exedy clutch, a Ford Racing FR3 suspension pack, a Ford Racing brake kit, HRE wheels, a K&N air filter, Bosch Performance spark plugs, and some meaty Falken Tires! You can follow Vaughn’s adventures on the Ford Mustang twitter account.

Follow the story here:

Top 5 Most Watched Drifting Videos of 2008

Drift Alliance Invades New Joizey is #1

5. 2008 Formula D Seattle Review

This video was an amazing Wrecked Magazine production that showed all the highlights of the rainy Seattle Formula D event. This video barely edged out the Drift Alliance Las Vegas video to secure the 5th spot. Some great clips from an amazing rainy north west drift event. (3,709 plays)

Watch the video:

4. S13 Flips at Hot Import Nights Nightshift Phoenix

This video happened pretty late in the season but with all the talk around this accident and the talk of safety at HIN events this video flew it’s way near the top. This video was user submitted by someone to us and is shocking it hit the top 5 really since we had multiple angles of the video. (3,818 plays)

Watch the video:

3. Bosch TV Episode 1: Streets of Long Beach

Bosch TV was a short series following Vaughn Gittin Jr. around the Formula D season in 2008. The series was supported by Vaughn Gittin’s sponsor Bosch Spark Plugs and caused a pretty big buzz at launch apparently as this video fell into third place. (4,489 plays)

Watch the video:

2.Wrecked Magazine does the Redbull Drifting Championship

This video JUST hit our website around one month ago and has surged into second place on our 2008 video plays. While our video program only went live around May of this year I was impressed this great production pushed this high. With worldwide hype and attention from Redbull and Formula D it really helped the views pile on for this video. (7,420 plays)

Watch the video:

1. Drift Alliance Invades New Joizey

The Drift Alliance takes the cake for the most watched video at Wrecked Magazine by a land slide! With the Vegas production coming in 6th place they almost had two hit videos in our top 5. This video really let’s you see the Drift Alliance in their full form since this is the only north east event on the Formula D circuit. All of the Drift Alliance boys claimed home to the north east in their childhood and still love to go back and put on a show. It was the only video in our section to push past 10,000 plays as well so congratulations guys. (10,508 plays)

Watch the video:

Formula D Sonoma on Speed TV

Make sure to turn off whatever bad NFL football game your watching and head to Speed TV at 4pm EST/1pm PST and enjoy Formula D Sonoma on television. Don’t miss Courtney Day, Jarod DeAnda and all of the Formula D drivers as they rip wine country apart with screeching tires and smoke. Don’t miss a new driver grab his first podium in Formula D history as well. 


Watch: Speed TV TODAY at 4pm EST / 1pm PST

Bosch Performance Art – The Complete Project

Bosch Performance Art

Finally after posting 50 previews, ten behind the scenes videos we got our hands on the complete Bosch Performance Art project. This is a full 90 second trailer that Bosch has used to promote Drifting and their spark plugs. They recreated the intersection at SEMA with Vaughn’s car on it and broadcasted this video with some huge projectors. Check out downtown Los Angeles during Performance Art.

Watch the video:

Bosch TV Episode 4: In the Pits at Las Vegas

Check out this installment of Bosch TV where we got to sit down with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his Falken Tires Ford Mustang for an extended period of time. He walked through the whole machine with us and how it has grown since the 2005 season where he unveiled it. Take a minute to listen to Vaughn Gittin Jr. run through the Mustang and you will probably learn a thing or two about Betsey before she gets retired next week at Redbull.

Watch the video: