Ignited Clothing Offers 35% Off Leading up to Formula Drift


The guys over at Ignited Clothing are offering 35% off all orders running up to Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta. You can even score this Keep Drifting Fun x Ignited Clothing collaboration shirt (seen above) for this big discount as well! They also have Matt Field shirts and Golden Gate Drift shirts for sale! Follow the link below and remember IGNITEDATL.


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Off Track: Formula Drift Behind the Scenes with Network A [VIDEO]

Network A who brings you the likes of Tuerck’d show now have a new series called Off Track. This episode has a special guest who walks around to interview Corey Hosford, Kyle Mohan, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and the Monster Energy girls. These off track segments will continue through the 2013 season with Jarod DeAnda and others giving you a look at what is happening off the track in Formula Drift.

Umbrella Girls of Formula Drift Asia in 2012 [SNAPSHOTS]

Cheryl Tay who is following the Formula Drift Asia series has been providing us some content from Formula Drift Asia this year. Cheryl wanted to show off the various umbrella girls featured at the Malaysia round of Formula Drift Asia kicking off the new year. Daigo Saito has dominated the FD Asia scene since appearing last year in 2011.



Summer Slide Fest Feature by Manuel Cintron [GRASSROOTS]

Here in Florida, you can tell when the weather is steadily approaching the end of summer:  it gets hot.  Damn hot.  It’s like summer becomes a beast in its death-throes and in one final attempt to survive, it beats you down with the kind of sweltering heat guaranteed to overheat oil pans and brain pans alike.  It really puts a damper on outdoor activities, like our beloved drifting.  I mean, who wants to be out there on a sun-scorched track, in a drift-missile – sans air conditioning – for hours? Well, when you’ve got the twin powers of NOS Energy and the Central Florida Racing Complex watching your back, we do.

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Formula Drift Insider – Episode 1 [VIDEO]

Formula Drift launched an “Insider” weekly video podcast a la Drift Zone version 2.0 (for you old timers) this week. The first episode has Ryan Sage talking about the first 5 rounds of the series. Then Justin Pawlak visits for a minute to tell us about his broken clutch in Seattle and how he is ready for Las Vegas Motor Speedway in a few weeks. All of this bundled with a closing from a brunette named Marcella wrapped up the first episode. We will keep you posted on these if when they come out and talk about any topics they break for the sport.


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Matt Powers brings the Drift Party to Seattle [VIDEO]


Nate Deck’s latest video from Seattle features Matt Powers paying a visit to Monroe Washington’s famous Cowgirls Espresso lingerie coffee drive-thru, car crashes, and some drifting. Titled “Mullets in Monroe”, Nate follows Matt during his stay in Seattle for Formula Drift round 5 at Evergreen Speedway. A classic soundtrack and plenty of onboard footage courtesy of RePlay XD cameras make this an awesome video.

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2011 Drift Mania Round 3 Webisode [VIDEO]

Drift Mania Round 3 Webisode by

Watch the new Drift Mania webisode from Warning it is in French but they do have a blonde host the whole thing and talk to all the drivers (in French). Victoriaville seemed like a much better event than Circuit ICAR the round before. In case you missed our gallery we have a great one shot by Jeremy Glover from Victoriaville which you can find here. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy some Canadian drifting.

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Behind the Smoke Episode 10 – MPTCC Grip Racing [VIDEO]

Behind the Smoke Ep 10: MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship – Dai Yoshihara Formula D 2011

Dai Yoshihara drove his way to quite the victory in a Nissan Sentra. In his spare time apparently he hit on chicks he couldn’t remember who got upset in the Moto IQ paddock. Where are these girls at a Time Attack event? We have no idea…. our staff has never claimed to see girls walking around the paddock looking for love? Dai does think one of them might be the one however.

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Rhys Millen Drifts Lexus LFA for New Advertisement

Here is Rhys Millen sliding a yellow Lexus LFA at El Toro Field around a girl in a yellow bikini. This will be run in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue that is coming out soon. Back in 2009 Sports Illustrated teamed up with the Drift Alliance in some Nissan 370z’s to promote the issue which came with video which can be seen here. The new piece looks really cool and the PR company even sent us a behind the scenes video link that shows Rhys Millen talking about the stunt and the model Rianne Ten Haken talking about how it felt to have a Lexus LFA sliding around her.


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Official Unveiling of Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Mustang RTR-X [SNAPSHOTS]

Today at the Ford Motor Company Booth (#22200) at the 2010 SEMA show a rather large group of people gathered around to see the unveiling of the Mustang RTR-X. This is a project led by Vaughn Gittin Jr. and will be heading on a huge tour to follow this weekend at SEMA. Vaughn did announce the car will be available to drive in one of the up and coming Need for Speed video games. Here are some snapshots we captured of the first look at the RTR-X. The car cover was removed by DJ Miki Taka and Vanessa James from Need for Speed.