Andy Hateley

2016 Southwest Drift Series – Round 4 [RESULTS]


The Southwest Drift ProAm Series capped off their season at the Formula Drift Pro 2 Finals in Phoenix, Arizona over the weekend. This was the first stand-alone event for the Formula Drift Pro 2 class, which gave a rare opportunity for a ProAm series to showcase their talent in front of a fairly large crowd. Blake Olsen capped off a perfect event by taking both top qualifier and the overall event win. Olsen defeated Bear Rzesnowiecky in the final round to take the event win, and both Olsen and Rzesnowiecky earned their Pro 2 licenses by finishing in the top three points for the series.

Here’s a look at the results from Southwest Drift Round 4:
1st – Blake Olsen
2nd – Bear Rzesnowiecky
3rd – Andy Hateley

Overall, Andy Hately took home the series championship and will make his return to the Pro 2 class for the 2017 season along with Olsen and Rzesnowiecky.

Southwest Drift Final Standings:

Series Champion: Andy Hateley
2nd overall: Blake Olsen
3rd overall: Bear Rzesnowiecky


Rapper Dan Savage Talks About the Journey into Formula Drift

The step into the 2014 Formula Drift season has been no easy or cheap task. With even more dedication to a top notch chassis build and time to test/ tweak a new chassis shall never be underestimated. With missing Long Beach back in April our focus was shifted towards the remainder Pro 1 rounds and also Pro2 now even more seriously. With the addition of Pro2 it really made a great show and more so track experience for us the drivers on track. Most of the Pro2 field is made up of the bottom 32 Pro1 bracket and also some dedicated drivers that are solely competing in Pro2.


The inaugural round of Pro2 in Miami yielded tons of track time and we loved it. The track flowed good and every lap was another one for the books as we gained more and more data on ourselves and opponents. With paid practice for Pro1 and then practice/qualifying for Pro2 there was no excuse to have the line down, and with that qualified 4th overall. For Fridays competition it meant I would face Doug Van Den Brink who was driving a borrowed E46 from Chelsea Denofa. He faced many mechanical problems and wasn’t able to make it to the line. My second round pairing would be Nate Hamilton. we had qualified close to each other but hadn’t practiced together and this showed when the lights went out and I got walked at the line. He had approximately 3-4 cars on me by initiation. This gap was to large for me to make up within my lead run and I lost in the great 8.

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2014 Formula Drift Pro 2 from Miami Qualifying [RESULTS]


Formula Drift Pro 2 qualifying at the Homestead Miami track this Thursday was a blast! The track has some very tricky elements but some drivers really were up for the occasion than I had imagined. Many drivers who are close or at risk to losing their Formula Drift pro license did not attend which was shocking. Here is how the drivers qualified:

1st. Carl Rydquist – 75
2nd. Geoff Stoneback – 74
3rd. Rob Primozich – 68
4th. Nate Hamilton – 67
5th. Dan Savage – 64
6th. Brad Heyl – 63
7th. Matt Coffman – 63
8th. Will Parsons – 61
9th. Jeff Wolfson – 60
10th. Dave Briggs – 60
11th. James Evans – 46
12th. Doug Van Den Brink – 46
13th. Andy Hateley – 45
14th. Jeremey Lowe – 45
15th. Ron Ewerth – 38
16th. Tony Cisneros – 35

Tandem Battles
Carl Rydquist vs. Tony Cisneros
Geoff Stoneback vs. Ron Ewerth
Rob Primozich vs. Jeremy Lowe
Nate Hamilton vs. Andy Hateley
Dan Savage vs. Doug Van Den Brink
Brad Heyl vs. James Evans
Matt Coffman vs. Dave Brigs
Will Parsons vs. Jeff Wolfson

2014 Formula Drift Pro 2 Debut Round in Miami [DRIVERS LIST]


Practice has just started for the Formula Drift Pro 2 series! We have seen a much bigger turnout then we had expected. Qualifying goes live at 5:30pm EST here in Miami. Check out the drivers list below and follow Pro 2 qualifying on our twitter account, @wreckedmagazine.

1. Dave Briggs
2. Dan Brockett
3. Tony Cisneros
4. Matt Coffman
5. Pat Cyr
6. Ron Ewerth
7. Nate Hamilton
8. Andy Hateley
9. Brad Heyl
10. Ryan Litteral
11. Jeremy Lowe
12. Will Parsons
13. Rob Primozich
14. Carl Rydquist
15. Geoff Stoneback
16. Doug Van Den Brink (In DeNofa’s old BMW)
17. Brandon Wicknick
18. Jeff Wolfson
19. Tyler Wolfson
20. James Evans
21. Rapper Dan Savage

2014 Formula Drift Tech Day [GALLERY]




Tech Day for the 2014 season happened a little earlier than years past and it seemed to really catch teams off guard. Most cars at Tech Day seemed far from finished and many slots remained opened for the day with people canceling. A fine is levied to specific drivers within the region who didn’t make it to Tech Day. Charles Ng did unveil his Achilles Radial Infiniti G37 with a brand new engine (he blew his last one in testing). We also had extensive talks with drivers and Ryan Sage about the new sporting regulations in the sport. So keep an eye out for some videos on that this week.

Check out the Gallery:

Otto Graven, Alex Lee, Andy Hateley, and others will miss Road Atlanta

We have received word that for the second event in the row, Otto Graven’s crazy ‘Ultimate 86’ Scion FR-S will not be in attendance. There was talk that Otto may make an appearance in his old 350z, but it looks like he will be attending an event in South Africa instead.  Alex Lee has also mentioned that he will not be attending Atlanta in his Lexus GS300 that he debuted in Long Beach. We have also learned that Chris Jeanneret and Kory Keezer, both rookies from the Evergreen Drift series, as well as Andy Hateley will not be attending. On the other hand, drivers like Walker Wilkerson, Jeremy Lowe, and Mike Pollard will be making their 2013 FD season debuts at Road Atlanta, all will be looking to make up for missing the Long Beach round.

2013 Formula Drift Official Drivers List for Streets of Long Beach

Here is the official list of drivers who are paid and ready to head out for Streets of Long Beach. You will notice an absense of Rhys Millen but an addition of an open wheel racing star. Please remember that the * denotes anyone who is eligible for rookie of the year in 2013.
Saito, Daigo
Gittin, Vaughn Jr.
Pawlak, Justin
Tuerck, Ryan
Aasbo, Fredric
Yoshihara, Daijiro
Gushi, Ken
Grunewald, Conrad
Powers, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Essa, Mike
Nishida, Robbie
McQuarrie, Tyler
Yoshioka, Toshiki
Bakchis, Odi
Denofa, Chelsea
Wilkerson, Walker
Moen, Kenneth
Field, Matt
Kado, Ryan
Mohan, Kyle
Angelo, Tony
Maeng, Joon
McNamara, Darren
Mordaunt, Patrick
Aono, Taka
Mertzanis, Dennis
Ovcharik, Miroslav
Castro, Jhonnattan
George, Danny
Lee, Alex
Ward, Chris
Goodin, Patrick
Briggs, Dave
Hosford, Corey
Jones, Jeff
Cano Estrella, Carlos
Mendoza Jr., Enrique
Stone, Gabe
Thomas, Nick
Bostrom, Jason*
Graven, Otto
Hamilton, Nate*
Hateley, Andy
Hildebrand, J.R.*
Jacobs, Julian*
Jeanneret, Chris*
Kretschmer, Eugene*
Landerville, Marc*
Moore, Victor
Osaki, Karl*
Pakula, Luke*
Parsons, Will*
Primozich, Rob*
Steele, Josh*
Wang, Forrest
Wicknick, Brandon*
Kearney, Dean
Keezer, Kory*
Rydquist, Carl
Pollard, Mike

Andy Hateley returns to Formula D in an LS3-powered E30 BMW

Andy Hately will make his return to Formula D in 2013 after a 5 year layoff in this crazy orange widebodied E30 BMW. Hately was last seen in FD driving a twin turbo 350Z with the Retaks team, but he has slowly been building this BMW over the past two years while simultaneously driving the Z at grassroots events. Hately re-earned his license last year via the Just Drift series. The motor should push 500hp to the wheels fairly easily. We’re excited to see how well Andy does in this new chassis, and love to see the variety that is coming to the grid for 2013.

Vegas Drift ProAm Round 4 [RESULTS]

Somehow in all the craziness of Vegas, we didn’t get a chance to post the final results of the ProAm event that happened at Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Vegas Drift pulled off another great event, and was able to showcase the talent of several local drivers on the same course as the Formula D pro drivers. Here are the results of the final round of Vegas Drift ProAm 2012:

1st – Forrest Wang – Las Vegas, NV
2nd – Eric Hill – Huntington Beach, CA
3rd – Brandon Wicknick – Layton, UT
4th – Andy Hateley – Malibu, CA

Collision between Forrest Wang and Andy Hateley takes to Facebook

Andy Hateley and Forrest Wang both have a plethora of experience, and both have driven in Formula D previously. The semifinal run between these two drivers at Vegas ProAm at Las Vegas Motor Speedway resulted in a car-to-car collision between Wang and Hateley when Wang was leading. Hateley was forced to retire due to the damage to his car, but both drivers earned licenses in Formula D. A photographer posted an image on Facebook, tagging both drivers, where the above comment exchange ensued between both drivers. We don’t create the drama, we simply report on it.