Alex Pfeiffer

Alex Pfeiffer Has No V8 Chevy Power – In Personal Lexus for Formula D Round 2

This one just got brought to our attention during the morning practice. It appears Alex Pfeiffer is not in the Tanaka Racing Chevrolet Corvette for the weekend and is driving his personal Lexus SC300. This car was seen at XDC Round 1 @ Irwindale Speedway earlier this year where he took home top qualifying honors. It will be interesting to see how this car holds up over the weekend and competes on the professional level.

2010 Formula Drift Long Beach – Top 10 Clocked Speeds of Qualifying

Rhys Millen - Fastest Driver

1. Rhys Millen 61.8mph
2. Alex Pfeiffer 59.9mph
3. Tyler McQuarrie 58.9mph
3. Ross Petty 58.9mph
5. Ryan Tuerck 58.8mph
5. Ryuji Miki 58.8mph
7. Daijiro Yoshihara 58.6mph
8. Vaughn Gittin Jr. 58.4mph
9. Conrad Grunewald 58.2mph
10. Taka Aono 57.7mph

Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 1 at Irwindale Speedway – Top 16 [GALLERY]

The first round of Xtreme Drift Circuit is in the books finally. I have to say that on almost every level they exceeded my exceptions and while a good portion of the crowd didn’t check out the drifting at all I am shocked they packed Irwindale Speedway out as much as they did. I would of liked a few less show cars and some more drift cars but we’ll take what we can get for a new series launch. About 200 photos highlighting some decent tandem action and a Canadian who drifted his way to victory.

Check out your gallery:

Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 1 – Top 16 Qualifying [RESULTS]

Here is how they stacked up after top 16 eliminations early on Saturday. The Formula Drift drivers took home first and third place while Drift Mania’s Dave Briggs took home second.

1. Alex Pfeiffer 96
2. Dave Briggs 83
3. Jeff Jones 76
4. George Marstonovic 75
5. Gleb Antonov 75
6. Sammy Tiger 74
7. Mike Pollard 74
8. Quoc Ly 67
9. Lance Feliciano 65
10. Jacky Sin 64
11. Chelsea Denofa 60
12. Brian Peter 59
13. Andrew Hateley 49
14. Will Parsons 48
15. James Evans 44
16. Forrest Wang 40