How The Drifters Finished up at the 2013 Pikes Peak Hillclimb

Pikes Peak came and went with the promises of insane weather and even faster driving. Sebastien Loeb has been the talk of the town with his warp speed 8:13.878. Well a former Formula Drift champion was behind him in second place and everyone that attended the event weekend seems convinced that the times will continue to get shaved down. In case you want to glance at the rides they brought out for the race to the clouds you can check out our spotters guide we made in this post. Here is how the drifters finished in order of fast to slow:

1. Rhys Millen – 9:02.192
2. Paul Dallenbach – 9:46.634
3. Rod Millen – 10:24.301
4. James Robinson – 11:45.518
5. Ken Gushi – 12:03.085
6. Toshiki Yoshioka – 12:13.753
7. Andrew Comrie-Picard – 12.39.891

Pikes Peak Guide to Spotting the Drifters

While the automotive world has descended on Colorado Springs, Colorado this weekend we are trying to not pass out back home at the office from this insane heat wave consuming California. Pikes Peak this year has quite the thumbprint of drifting DNA all around the mountain this weekend. While we aren’t attending we figured we could make a quick guide to spot everyone in the drift world flying up the mountain.

1. Rhys Millen – Insane Tube Chassis Hyundai
Here is Rhys Millen trying once again to set the fastest record up the hill. This car looks crazier than ever and he is running in the unlimited class to set an all time record to the top.

2. Paul Dallenbach – RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe
While Paul is not a Formula Drift driver he is piloting the old Formula Drift chassis of Rhys Millen’s up to the summit of Pikes Peak tomorrow which has now been modified for some climb attack. A quick Google search will show you Paul is mostly famous for that insane start line crash into the trees at Pikes Peak more than anything else we could note. According to his website he was a stunt driver in Fast and the Furious 4 along with over 250 car commercials. He held the hill climb record in 1993 and is a six time winner of the mountain.

3. Ken Gushi – 14k Lexus CCS-R
Ken Gushi is piloting this Lexus ISF-CCSR up the mountain tomorrow. Lexus added 14,000 names of fans to the car in a special promotion to help Ken get up the hill. Ken unveiled this car last year and we did a mini feature on the Lexus CCS-R here on the blog.

4. Toshiki Yoshioka – Formula Drift Subaru BRZ
A tough Formula Drift season so far for Yoshioka who is privateering a program with a nice new Subaru BRZ. With the help of Tomei and some other sponsors he is running a Formula Drift / Pikes Peak program for 2013 with a very small crew.

5. Rod Millen – Electric Toyota
Rod Millen is taking to an electric race Toyota to run the mountain this weekend. His 1994 record stood for sometime as the record of fastest up the hill. Rod also holds the oldest Formula Drift driver to enter an event well into his late 50’s campaigning a Mazda Rx-8 (which was sold to Tony Angelo after his retirement).

6. Andrew Comrie-Picard – Scion Racing Scion XA
ACP didn’t have the best performance in Formula Drift history with his Dodge Viper. The 2010 season wasn’t super kind to him where he only managed to rack up 24.25 points across the whole year. ACP moved on to Rally America with this Scion Racing XA above and is now competing at Pikes Peak.

7. James Robinson – HDP Acura NSX
James Robinson competed for a while in drifting with a HDP Honda Element that was just awesome to watch drift around. The car was mostly seen in the NOPI Drift series and was colored bright orange. Now he is taking this Acura NSX with the help of Honda Performance Development.

Ken Gushi and Toshiki Yoshioka both finish Pikes Peak with great times

Ken Gushi finished Pikes Peak in his inaugural run in the Lexus IS-F CCS-R car, and Toshiki Yoshioka finished his second year on the mountain in Colorado in an RS*R S15 he was seen testing last week. To show just how fast Rhys Millen’s record-breaking run up Pikes Peak was, the times for Ken Gushi and Toshiki Yoshioka were several minutes slower than Rhys’s record-breaking run. Yoshioka’s car was originally built by Driftspeed, but is now operated by RS*R and is different from the S15 he uses in Formula Drift. Gushi finished the course in 11:36.175, while Yoshioka finished in 10:49.009. By comparison, Yoshioka finished the course in 11:33.734 last year, showing just how much faster the course is this year.

Former Formula D driver Andrew Comrie-Picard also competed this year in his Scion xD rally car and finished the course in 12:06.160.

2011 Sam Hubinette Racing Cars in the Flesh [SNAPSHOT]

Check out Sam Hubinette Racing with his newly wrapped rig and two cars super refreshed for 2011. The V-LEDS Dodge Viper is being driven by ProDrift champion Dean Kearney and Sam Hubinette’s Dodge Challenger is being driven by Sam Hubinette of course. Discount Tire has hopped on board and the new black/white/red program has a great look to it. Good luck to this team in 2011 and I have a feeling they are going to be a big force for the new year.

2011 Rallycross Marketing Deck – A 24 Page PDF

We got our hands on the 2011 Rallycross Marketing/Information deck which includes details such as the ESPN2/ESPN television deal that will be broadcasting the series this year. The marketing deck includes Formula Drift drivers and former drivers ACP, Samuel Hubinette, Rhys Millen, and Tanner Foust. Note that all of this might not be final and some things might change before it is released out but this should give you a good idea of what Rallycross has going on.


Read It:!files/2011.RallycrossInformation.pdf

2010 Formula Drift by Mark Lenardon [VIDEO]

Mark Lenardon takes on Formula Drift 2010

A great recap of the 2010 Formula Drift season made by Mark Lenardon who toured around the Formula Drift series this year. It is a great documentation of the 2010 season highlighting everything that has happened including ACP’s Seattle crash and Charles Ng’s Road Atlanta collision.

Watch the video:

Gymkhana Grid Boasts More Formula Drift Drivers Than Before [UPDATE]

We have had a ton of drivers/teams hitting me up because they are missing from our Gymkhana Grid list that we pulled from the video was not quite complete. Here is a list from the website of what Formula Drift drivers will be attending in full. Here is the list of Formula Drift drivers PLUS I have been told that Toshiki Yoshioka is in attendance driving the Driftspeed S15. I know we have upset some people calling the event Formula G and auto-x cone drifting at Irwindale Speedway but the longer the events go on the more it just seems to be a Formula Drift moment of fame. They are at the House of Drift, a grid that is well over 50% Formula Drift drivers (per the website), they are using the Voice of Formula D Jarod DeAnda on the microphone so I don’t feel like my assumptions/words in the department are too harsh.

I also would link you to the website but the terms and conditions of the website restrict that under the section “LINKS TO THIS WEBSITE” which states this exactly, “You may not create a link to any page of this website without our prior written consent. If you do create a link to a page of this website you do so at your own risk and the exclusions and limitations set out above will apply to your use of this website by linking to it.” So uhh if you want more information about tomorrows event take the name of the event, put it together and add a .com to the end and you might find the information your looking for. Don’t worry, I screen capped their terms/conditions in case they remove it and claim I made it up.

Here is the drivers list of Formula Drift Stars:
Cody Parkhouse – APEXi Lexus SC430
Kyle Mohan – FC Mazda Rx-7
Toshiki Yoshioka – Driftspeed S15
Daijiro Yoshihara
Stephan Verdier
Jon Russakoff
Patrick Mordaunt
Joon Maeng
Tony Brakohiapa
Matt Powers
Michael Essa
Ross Petty
Jeff Jones
Calvin Wan

Gymkhana Grid Boasts A Ton of Formula Drift Drivers and Not Much Else

So Gymkhana Grid just released this promotional video promoting the Irwindale Speedway event this weekend and the drivers list read like a Formula Drift event and Ken Block. Well Vaughn Gittin Jr. will be in an unknown car (well he knows but won’t tell us), Tanner Foust, ACP, Dai Yoshihara, and Stephan Verdier. Joon Maeng will also be running in his Lucas Oil S13 seen above along with possibly some other FD drivers that were not listed in the promotion. Will you be attending Gymkhana Grid or Formula G this Saturday?

ACP and Sam Hubinette Talk Formula Drift Irwindale [VIDEO]

Sam Hubinette and ACP Talk Formula Drift Irwindale

Watch the Dodge Motorsports team chat through the Formula Drift Irwindale weekend. Sadly neither driver was able to participate in the Top 32. ACP failed to qualify for the event and Sam Hubinette had to DNF after an engine fire made him not capable of repair in time for competition.

Watch the video:

2010 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year – Fredric Aasbo

Even though Fredric Aasbo missed two rounds of this years Formula Drift series he was still able to secure Rookie of the Year in one of the most competitive years for the title. Here is how the Rookie of the Year standings looked after Irwindale:

1. Fredic Aasbo (279.50 points)
2. Charles Ng (228.50 points)
3. Mad Mike Whiddett (209.50 points)
4. James Deane (202 points)
5. Dean Kearney (182.25 points)
6. Nikolay Konstantinov (127.25 points)
7. Matt Field (103 points)
8. Dennis Mertzanis (97 points)
9. Ian Fournier (61.25 points)
10. Cyrus Martinez (48.75 points)
11. Jeff Abbott (48.50 points)
12. Andrew Comrie Picard (24.25 points)