Kevin Lawrence is your 2017 Pro 2 Champion [FINAL STANDINGS]

Posted on Sep 10, 2017 In Formula D Formula Drift Pro 2 Standings


Kevin Lawrence is the 2017 Formula Drift Pro 2 champion, taking the championship by just 2 points. Lawrence won the final event in Texas, bookending the season in which he started out on the highest high by winning his hometown event in Orlando but also hitting a season low in Atlanta by not qualifying for the main show. Travis Reeder finished in second after leading the points following rounds 2 and 3 in Atlanta and Seattle respectively. Reeder qualified 9th, but lost his first round tandem battle with Austin Meeks at the Texas season finale.

Following the final standings, the top 8 drivers have earned their Formula Drift Pro 1 licenses for the 2018 season:


Jacob Leveton

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  1. Justin Yamashiro says:

    Congrats to all Pro 2 drivers, but I think the FD staff jumped the gun a bit. They went about announcing Reeder the championship prior to the event ending with the probability of someone else being capable of taking the title. Jim Liaw plays the numbers so often that it shocks me that the announcement was even made so early.

  2. lostpuppet90 says:

    The real question, is why who finished 12th. I bet it was bye run

  3. Jaz says:

    Awesome! I hope Ola is building a new car or update the hell out of chucky!

  4. Scooter606 says:

    Rumor is FD is going to force the top 8 to go up to Pro 1 just to have a full field next year. They need it, especially with Nishida leaving next year.

  5. BG says:

    Why do I continue to check this site multiple times a day hoping for some activity?

    Side note when did they announce reeder the cham? Didn’t have a chance to watch the pro 2 stream.

  6. Drifter X says:

    All these drivers should spend at least another year in pro2 if not pro/am

  7. Slider S15 says:

    Nishida Basically announced his retirement from Formula Drift this morning on his Instagram.

    It wasn’t clear if he will run Irwindale or not though…

  8. drifty mcdrifterson says:

    I’m pretty sure Nishida will be at Irwindale. My guess would be that his sponsorship agreements were for the whole season. Bummed to see him go. Robbie is a good guy.

  9. Ryan says:

    10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Texas?

  10. Justin Yamashiro says:

    10. There’s still hope in Matt Coffman
    His solid qualifying score held him high before the engine said otherwise going into Top 16
    9. Tires or no tires
    The tire wall might absorb an impact but it doesn’t stop your car from the absurd amount rotations once sucked into the wall. Texas is cool, but reminds me of Florida. It’s just there.
    8. DeNofa getting dialed
    Chelsea seemed to really find his groove in the mustang with Texas, and with every event equals more seat time that I find he’ll get that car in all the right places come next year.
    7. Field of dreams
    It seems that this season just isn’t playing in the right hands for Matt Field and his S14. Walking into Texas there was hope he’d be dialed like last year yet going up against Castro subjected him to being out by Top 32.
    6. Force Forsberg
    Similar to DeNofa, Forsberg is understanding his new engine package…ish or was it just luck that he got there.
    5. Get Wrecked!
    This website is just dead and I can only give credit to Jacob Leveton for trying to create content.
    4. Pro 2 part 1
    The idea of Pro2 is to prepare entry level drivers to what a full season would be like as Pro1. Awesome. Downfall, they get tossed onto all of these tracks that generally require more than the average power they have come into the season with which provides us with all of our OMT’s.

    3. Pro 2 part 2
    FD staff jumped the boat with announcing Reeder the Championship winner before the events end and realizing Lawrence still was in even a possible contingency.

    2. Dead Wrecked!

    1. And James Deane gets the win
    With 4 wins and going into Irwindale, he’s on a roll and proving his skill with every battle he faces.

  11. Blaze1 says:


    Looks like D1 has let me down again. This FIA event is trash, even the drivers are complaining.

  12. Justin Yamashiro says:

    I’ve been torn for years on the way scores were determined with D1 and getting used to the human format, but is what it is. For the FIA I feel as if Odaiba wasn’t the most ideal location and could’ve chosen something better. I still think the seeked interest is good and if anything it’s a good trial for the current event to discuss in further meetings on how things can be changed and/or improved.

    So Top 10 things we’ve learned with the FIA…..and nope doesn’t exist nor will it.

  13. Doof says:

    So since you guys clearly aren’t doing anything with the website, can you just let it die and relinquish the domain name.

    I’d like to snag the URL to make a website for some shenanigans.


  14. kpa says:

    @ Doof

    Not likely…. I offered to buy but, asking price had one more digit then I thought it was worth.

  15. Justin Yamashiro says:

    So Irwindale was good overall.
    Exciting battles and controversial calls.
    Let’s start our Top10 topics.
    I want to discuss the Mohan vs Pawlak battle.

  16. WingZeroCustom says:

    The Mohan Pawlak Battle eh?? Sure I’m down..

  17. Mike Peters says:

    RIP Wrecked magazine.

    As someone who makes up 1% of the Mike Peters Wrecked Magazine Commenters I wanted to personally send my regards.

  18. kpa says:


    Kyle spun on his first run and JTP hit the wall on the his chase so the judges looked their lead runs and gave the win to JTP

  19. Justin Yamashiro says:

    Wouldn’t that battle zero itself out overall?

    Mohan spun out on his first run allowing Pawlak to cross the line cleanly, and on second run Pawlak hit the wall without any assist from Mohan so fault wouldn’t be deemed and as well crosses the line cleanly.
    The run should’ve been deemed either a 1. OMT or 2. Mohan winning since Pawlak possibly surpassing the 5 min comp timeout if he had to take one.

  20. WingZeroCustom says:

    Actually thats not how it works. This has happened in IDC and in FD multiple times really. Because both cars in the chase spun on their own and the spins were not caused by the lead cars.

    There for unimpeded spins/crashes on both drivers. The lead cars have to finish their runs without incident. So with both cars spinning in the CHASE position the judges look over the lead runs to see who had the better of each lead run.

    Remember you compare lead to lead and compare chase to chase. So just because they both spun in the chase doesn’t mean a instant omt.

    JTP had the much better lead run than Mohan thus he got the win. Its judged the same way in any other drifting series around the world……… *Grumbles* Unless your D1GP.

    But this is nothing new.. The battle doesn’t make their lead runs zero’s because they spun in the chase. Now if they had made mistakes in the leads.. then it would have become a OMT. Because once the lead car makes a major error they pretty much stop judging the run at that point.

    So if both JTP and Mohan had spun in their lead positions it would have been an OMT. Or if the lead car had affected the chase car to make him spin they take that into consideration as well. But in this case both incidents were of their own accord.

  21. Justin Yamashiro says:

    Makes sense and understanding now, but it’s just one of those questionable calls I wanted to bring up and get feedback off of. Stuff like this is where I might question allows for open input and breakdown from others.
    The site might be dead, but the community attempts to stick around, so thanks.

  22. WingZeroCustom says:

    Its no problem. Glad to have been of assistance in some way.

    I’ve been watching a bunch of different drift series and different rulings for many years now but I have noticed thats one consistency they all have. Again unless your D1GP. lol

    But Its something that is often misinterpreted or miss understood by many fans of the series who don’t know how that ruling goes. Many see it as it doesn’t matter if you spun in the lead or chase. If both drivers spun it should be a auto OMT.

    As they say to have a good Chase you need a good Lead. But many people ignore the Lead runs and only focus on the chase which is the biggest flaw of fans and how many fans judge battles. As they only focus on who was “Closer” and now how they got closer or how GOOD or BAD the lead runs could have been.

    Its a culmination of things that add up. And it is confusing at times.