2017 Formula Drift Round 4 in New Jersey [GALLERY]

mattfield-3wheeldrift mattcoffman michaelessa-odibakchis

Formula Drift Round 4 took on the famous Wall Stadium went in the books last week. Enjoy our great gallery from Andrew Jennings as Odi Bakchis took home an amazing victory in his Nissan 240sx. The event was a long one that went well into the evening providing fans in the northeast some great tandem battles and entertainment.

Check out the Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wreckedmagazine/albums/72157685058106875


  1. is300 says:

    i guess y’all giving up on this slowly and steady right ?

  2. Justin Yamashiro says:

    I don’t know why I keep returning. It’s like I’m looking for something new, but always disappointed.
    Maybe I’m just here for the comments..
    Maybe this should be restructured and have user posts cause by then I feel like it could be interesting and at the least new.

  3. Kids Heart says:

    I see the judges are back to being shitty

  4. Kids Heart says:

    I’m here for the comments. The second someone puts me on to another blog that covers drifting I’m out.

  5. ToLiveNDieInNJ says:

    Problem is, there is no replacement. Drifted is basically dead and OMG Drift/King Nobody sucks.

  6. is300 says:

    king nobody website has to be the worst thing on the internet. OMG drift is worst than wrecked. Maybe us the wrecked comment section should start one. called ” the Comment Section”

  7. kpa says:

    They should either sell it to someone that will maintain it. Not real hard to get a few photos from an event and write up a quick blog to get convo started. Then let the reader’s take it from there. Also might what to refresh the vendor support and get a few bucks to fund the time spent.

    Shit, Chris Forsberg could run it he will be out in 32 for the rest of the season and will need something to keep him busy.

  8. SamuraiSam says:

    i came for the comments…. wasn’t disappointed

  9. KPA says:

    No one else going to drop a top 10 list?

  10. Drft52 says:

    Been coming here for a long time. Top 10 is all i come back for now. Drift Illustrated has some cool articles also pasmag and what monsters do.

  11. Drft52 says:

    Got to say that gallery was great. Lots of behind the sceane
    Pics. Liked that.

  12. chris beasley says:

    it would make sense for the maximum driftcast guys to take over. they could really monopolize the FD media coverage. not that there is really any competition.

  13. Justin Yamashiro says:

    So who wants to go in on starting up a new drifting blog. This one is going nowhere and I want to create content.

  14. Doof says:

    No thanks. I don’t want to spend the time or money to create a new failing blog site to cover a failing drifting series.

    Maybe when FD is capable of retaining sponsors and filling a roster, I’ll consider investing. Then again, probably not.

  15. Justin Yamashiro says:

    True. It was worth seeing if anything would come from it though all good that it’s not.
    Well the content was good while it lasted.

  16. Kids Heart says:

    Fuck it, I’m going to start a Drifting.com general chat thread after Montreal and see who bites for convo.

  17. is300 says:

    maybe we could try a subreddit for a time being ?

  18. Justin Yamashiro says:

    What’s sad is that we’re all regulars here basically hoping for something good to come and get let down every moment. We try to stick around to see new content but nothing. Oh well.

  19. Blaze1 says:

    @Kids Heart

    I’m waiting on that lol!

  20. KPA says:

    The issues are the same. Drifting is a judged sport so people having a difference of opinion will always be there. Wrecked is obviously not making anyone any money or Joey would invest more into it. The stuff on here is just copy and paste content from other international drift events looking for more media exposure. Once in a while blogs from dudes like Jacob trying to keep this a float.

    Most of us come here to bitch or see what drama is happening. Useful content is rare. If people are interested in keeping a place to poke fun once in awhile and drop some content. Some just needs to do a Facebook group page. This will keep stuff more above board as it not to hard to see who’s who with facebook and might open up different communications. Just a thought.

  21. Turbology says:

    The internet is a weird place: on my FB page, I have people getting angry with me and telling me I am wasting their time when I meaningfully reply to their comment in hopes of having a constructive dialogue.

    On Wrecked, we all take the time to meaningfully post and leave insightful comments, yet the admins are nowhere to be found and neither is the content, for that matter. Personally, on my page, I love when people start conversations.

    I understand the difficulties of event coverage, especially the cost, but in this connected day and age, it is not nearly as vexing as it once was. I even reached out to Wrecked about being a contributor, but heard nothing.

  22. Doof says:

    @KPA useful comments used to be the norm, but FD personnel would come into the comments, give a limp dick excuse behind the reasoning behind some of their calls, and basically tell everybody to suck it up. Some I can understand, but some were just complete garbage and there was no way to defend the decisions.

    Obviously, there will always be disagreement in a subjective/judged sport. As I’ve said for years now, while I have a couple friends who run/have run in the series and would love nothing more than to see them win… I’m totally fine with any driver winning, so long as the driving is great and that driver deserved that spot on top. I’m not a big VGJR fan, but when he took ATL last year, I had nothing to say, because he drove his ass off all weekend. That’s how it should be.

    FD can’t fill a roster, they can’t keep sponsors on board, they can’t pay their drivers, they can’t maintain a proper website, and the list goes on. The problem is that this series was built on favors between friends and now the series has grown to a much bigger level. The problem is that they refuse to address some of these issues for whatever reason (my guess is to remain loyal to those individuals) and the entire series is basically half-assed.

    Tell me why FD has been around for ~15 years and can’t figure out a lifestream, while other series worldwide are doing it for the first time this year or last year and having no issues. These are issues that FD refuses to address, and when they do, they simply blame the consumer and point fingers elsewhere.

    @Turbology As far as this site goes, anybody could easily reproduce this site within a day. Get a domain & URL name, get a wordpress template and create a blog themed site. Wouldn’t take more than a couple hours to do. So long as you follow key pages on social media, you can create content on a daily basis and so long as you watch the livestream, you can easily provide content regarding each event as well.

    All that’s left is photography, which is just a matter of outsourcing to somebody who has media credentials and is willing to provide photos for the site for an agreed upon cost.

    Unless FD gets their shit together and gives drivers and sponsors a reason to stick around, the series will fall. I remember a few years ago, there 50+ drivers showing up to Round 1. Given it’s current path, I woudln’t be surprised if they barely have enough drivers to fill a Top 16 roster within the next 5 years.

  23. Turbology says:

    @Doof without suffocating you with any number of cliches, it really is a shame across the board. I have been stumped as to why the drivers do not get together and form a union, and I actually asked a couple buddies of mine last round at Wall.

    Apparently, some of the OG guys tried to get a drivers’ union together, even having a private, invite-only message board, but supposedly some of the newer drivers were unwilling to speak-up, for better or worse. United we stand, apart we fall.

    The other hang-up was partner/sponsor obligation, where drivers sign a contract to appear at eight events. Any less, if they were to boycott a race for example, and they would be in violation of the contract that critically funds their program.

    So at that point, you really are in a vicious circle as a driver. The payouts truly are insulting, given that the drivers are the reason FD even exists and continues to make money through series sponsorship, tickets sales and merchandise.

    Compound that with the difficulty and expense of running a Pro 2 campaign, and no wonder they cannot fill the grid. FD wants a better farm system, but I do not see them doing much to promote and help the pro-am feeder series.

    As a matter of fact, since Golden Gate Drift is no longer, a pro-am buddy of mine spoke with FD about organizing another series. FD offered no financial support, but promised some social media posts. Good intentions do not pay bills, unfortunately.

    I hope at some point the brass at FD realizes that a successful brand and business requires perpetual re-investment of resources, even if that means taking a smaller pay check. Long-term sustainability should not be sacrificed for short-term gains.

  24. Hosford Hugger says:

    I miss fantasy drift. It gave me a reason to cheer for some of the lower guys to at least push to a one more time or wreck.

  25. Doof says:


    You and I are on the same page. I was blown away when I was told how much it cost to run a season of FD. Considering the level of payouts, I thought it had to be an embelishment.

    A little bit of research proved that it was definitely the case.

    I find it to be an insult. The livestream is constantly problematic. There are a handful of blogs that cover media for the vent. There’s 1-2 pages allocated in a tuner magazine per event, and then a 30 minute time slot which airs on tv 2 months after the event has already taken place.

    So there is very limited coverage of the events, yet drivers expected to basically fork out the same type of cash that could buy a house every year to run a season. Sure, sponsorships help, especially for the privateers, but all of that to basically get nickels and dimes back for winning an event.

    I mean, other than just having a competitive nature, why even bother competing in FD? If it were me, I’d just stop at ProAm. Less than 25% of the cost of FD, yet you get 40% of the winnings and 60% of the media coverage.

  26. Turbology says:

    @Doof exactly, and I think that is the conundrum that many people do not realize: running a program in FD as a team/driver is more often than not a money-losing scenario.

    Oh, but what about the sponsors? Most of that money goes towards the costs of the program, which are many. Travel, logistics, crew, spares, food. It adds up QUICK.

    Most driver are lucky if all their partnerships manage to cover their costs and break even, and it seems just about all of them pay out of pocket.

    While I have huge respect and admiration for the passion that is clearly evident, again, that does not pay bills and this is NOT a sustainable business model.

    Ask yourself: how long would you keep doing something you loved, knowing that it cost you money, and someone else was profiting from your commitment and hard work?

    It is almost depressing to be honest, and it fires me right up as a casual fan, never mind a driver or team owner/member with vested interest in the success of FD.

    Something needs to change, or more and more drivers will bail until FD implodes.