China Drift Championships Round 1 [RESULTS]

Posted on May 29, 2017 In International RESULTS


Note: Terry Henderson, who previously put on the Drift Buffet events in Southern California, has been living in China for several years now. He reached out to us and asked that we put some coverage up of some of the events he’s involved in. The below post was written by Terry and posted on his behalf.

Round one of the China Drift Championships took place the weekend of May 12-14th  in Wuhan, China. The event featured 3 different classes of competition – A group – The top tier of drivers. B group ( similar to Pro 2 in FD ) and the Super group –  combining all drivers together with international drivers as well.The judges for the CDC are : Terry Henderson and Wang Feng along with special guest judge Ryan Litteral.


B group was a mixed basket with some drivers really showing a lot of potential and a bright future while a few seems to be struggling just to keep the car out of the wall. The class was dominated by female driver Gao Xuan as she battled all the way to first place in her A31.

1st place – Gao Xuan
2nd Place – Wang Xiao Wei
3rd place – Li Xu Min


A group saw many returning veterans and a few new comers from B group last year. The final four was all out battle and saw a surprising turn of events with favorite Wang Qi making an error and settling for 3rd place.

1st Place – Yang Li Feng
2nd Place – Tang Wen Jun
3rd Place – Wang Qi


The Super group was also an amazing battle with Wang Qi narrowly defeating Yoichi Immamura in the finals. Han Yue battled hard to take the final spot on the podium.

1st Place – Wang Qi
2nd Place – Yoichi Immamura
3rd Place – Han Yue


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  1. kpa says:

    This BLOG is SO dead!!! Great info on NJ! Best write up yet! Keep up the great work guys.

  2. NilesA says:

    Dear Wrecked Magazine blog posters,


    Drift fans

  3. Doof says:

    Guess FDNJ never happened lol.

  4. lolramen says:

    RIP Wrecked Mag

  5. Is300 says:

    Wrecked mag is wrecked lol a wrecked mag indeed. Ooh boy. How can you wreck like this?

  6. Justin Yamashiro says:

    Well I guess it’s our turn to start listing the Top 10’s for events now.

  7. kpa says:


    Top 10… No Top 5 (NJ never has 10 good things)

    1) Track lay-out was not bad. No cross over due to pavement issue. Might want to take some of that parking fee cash and fill those holes.

    2)Even with rain on Saturday weather was best in a long time

    3) Bye runs still suck and need to be addressed

    4) Judges need to stay focused. You could hear them distracted during the battles dealing with a protest from Tuerck.

    5) Denofa 2nd qualifying was good but, not top run of qualifying.

    6) James Dean needs to stop looking so good in practice. Judges expectation now hurt him as James decent run is better then 99% the fields best run but yet gets judge low because they know he can do better.

    7) Does Tuerck get bonus points in qualifying since he is attached to the title sponsor Black Magic ? He misses clipping points by a mile and still gets full points for that area. Seen this happen at a few events now. Also are the judges aware that when the car is on the anti-lag that means he is off throttle?

    8) Bluss is someone to watch as long as the track doesn’t require you to come off throttle.

    9) Chris Forseberg debut of the long anticipated VQ powered chassis was a major bust. I can’t recall ever seeing Forseberg look more like shit.

    10) Odi and his team killed it ! Great job keeping the car together and battling it out for the victory

  8. Justin Yamashiro says:

    I’m going to add to your top 10 and introduce an 11.

    Should the 5 minute comp timeout rule be re-written?
    Coffman got shorted in NJ and it was hard for anyone to confirm that with the camera man panning away from the timer as well as Bluss and his situation.

    I understand 5 min is 5 min but I think it could get bent a little bit to offer

  9. SamuraiSam says:

    I agree about the 5 minute timeout being re-written. Car was fixed in under 5 mins but wasn’t fired. Keeping the rule as-is is going to lead to more dangerous situations (like Bluss driving off the jackstand to prove he’s ready) 5 mins should mean no more repairs and you’re given an extra 15 to 30 secs to remove things like jack and jack stands or just flip the cutoff switch.

    we want tandem battles, not DQs

  10. kpa says:

    They should just add 1 minute safety check time to the end of the five minutes to get car started and check over with Kevin to ensure safe to be on track. During that time only it can come off jacks as it might need to be in the air for inspection and wheel torqued down.