10 Things I Learned About Formula Drift Orlando

The legend of Jhonnattan Castro in Florida continues on. He has a long history of being success at Florida tracks including defeating Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the past. J Castro single handedly derailed the James Deane hype train by defeating him in the Top 16. Now

9. Kevin Lawrence Might Be the Future Fredric Aasbo
Looking into Pro 2 you basically had Kevin Lawrence put on a clinic against the rest of the series. I know that this was his home track but man he had that robotic style of consistency that I remember Aasbo having back in the Supra. Smart money has him winning the Pro 2 championship this year.
8. Pro 2 Picture Perfect
Finally the Pro 2 program is moving in the right direction. Good battles, balanced tandem, and even a great podium restored my belief in the system once again. Sadly the field was filled with many drivers who are not Pro Am license holders but I’ll take it for now. Pro 2 put on a decent performance in Orlando last season as well so the success of this year’s Pro 2 program will be looked at next round.


7. WHY did you spin Dean Kearney?
An amazing battle in my eyes was the European showdown of Dean Kearney and Piotr Wiecek. Why did you spin Dean Kearney? Just why! He has developed over time in the Dodge Viper and these guys were ready to put on a show! I don’t think Dean Kearney has that Viper in championship trim yet but he is doing far better than I ever thought he could over the last few events with it.


6. Essa’s BMW Refresh Was Huge
Michael Essa and his team had some headaches to deal with after Long Beach. He had planned a two-car program with Charles Ng but Ng’s sponsorship fell apart after Round 1. That might have been a blessing for Michael Essa in a way because it sounds like his team had a ton of time to thrash on the E46 before Orlando.


5. Tires Tires Tires
The tire issues still exist at this track and ruined amazing battles (Matt Field) before they could finish. I don’t like the idea of guys running 4PSI tires and losing them every round. However, I think this track needs to sort of exemption or a budget to pave the damn place. With a 32 field the tire issues isn’t so bad but the event already has enough bye runs.
4. Ryan Tuerck vs. Chris Forsberg Was a Let Down

I thought this could be the battle of the weekend but what a buzz kill. Neither of these guys went at it like you would remember them battling in the past. It’s a shame that J Castro vs. James Deane overshadowed them to such an extreme on the day. Forsberg does also seem out of sorts this year so far but we are only two rounds in. Tuerck currently sits in 3rd place for the 2017 championship race.


3. Can Formula Drift Leave Orlando Speed World for 2018
I’m over it and from what I gathered by fans on Twitter they are too. Why on earth does a place with 95-degree heat paint its benches black? They even banned tents this year. Lets find a better Florida venue for this race or move it to February.
2. Fredric Aasbo Loves this Track

Fredric Aasbo really thrives at this simple track. He hasn’t lost here in the last two years running now. He even managed to win without any noticeable dirty tricks up his sleeve so I have to clap my hands there. I still don’t like the Corolla iM but Aasbo and company really have it figured out.


1.Battle of the Mustang’s
This was one of my favorite runs of the weekend. I almost always saw some contact happening when JTP and Vaughn Gittin Jr. were set to do battle. I like they run the same car but have very different styles of driving that car and opposite approach’s to suspension.


  1. v2lab says:

    re: #3 – i am pretty sure they ‘banned’ tents so that they could sell those ‘vip tent’ areas… but regardless of that – most everyone i spoke too still really enjoyed themselves at the event/venue… i do personally wish it was in a ‘cooler’ month

  2. Turbology says:

    Castro drove like a man possessed, some of the more exciting driving I have seen in a while. Home field advantage, so to speak, seems to work wonders for him. I hope he can keep it up, nice dude who seems very humble.

    I was also impressed with Essa’s driving, the car looks really dialed. Maybe it took him last season to get reacquainted with the E46 after that janky Camaro, but it seems he is feeling very comfortable driving the car on the edge.

  3. Matt says:

    9 – I respet Kevin Lawrence as a driver, but he’s all smoke show. Leading he is very consistent, although once he is put at that follow posiiton, it is very mediocre, but as time goes on i am positive he will push more hard and become much more faster.

    what is up with kyle mohan? i am wishing he’d bring back his RX-8 so he can atleast lay down spectating worthy runs.

  4. Eddi Hughes says:

    Pro2 continues to be insanely exciting to watch, probably because I’m rooting for all the north westerners but there’s real excitement seeing our rookies chase down big names.

  5. Cody says:

    I’m disappointed you didn’t mention Travis Reeder. After his battle with Josh Robinson, I’m definitely a fan.

  6. Turbology says:


    It has got to be those short wheel base cars, Mad Mike never seemed to master his MX-5 either. The thing is practically square, relatively speaking. That much power with a full 10″ less than the 86 chassis is most definitely a recipe for unpredictable transitions.

  7. is300 says:

    i know kyle is all about sticking to rotary and being a mazda guy. But sometimes you just have to bite the bullet build something competitive (denofa going V8 for example). I seen him suck and struggle so much i kind of want him to just build a 240/86 with a ls or JZ motor be reliable and kick ass. Maybeeeeee just maybe, do what he did for china and bring a v8 LS RX8. I hate seeing him struggle, we all know he can drift his ass off, but why waste time money and sponsors on a box car that cant drift. KYLE, IF YOU SEE THIS PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Eddi Hughes says:

    @Cody Reeder, Schmidt, and Vankirk are definitely under appreciated. My bets are that Reeder or Schmidt end up taking rookie of the year.

  9. lolramen says:

    Just wanna say that Laurette Nicoll is doing a pretty killer job now. Having her interviews and segments are great breathers from the same five camera angles, and the insight into the sport they provide are always welcome. The initial implementation of her role was perhaps a little hasty and awkward, but she really feels invested and knowledgeable about drifting now to where it feels very much part of the show. I think she has room for improvement, but she has already improved a ton.

    Also, cool event. Is FDATL here yet?

  10. louisss says:

    @matt @is300 Maybe Mazda is providing more support ($$) for Kyle and Mad Mike for running a car from their current line-up of vehicles. We all know Kyle and Mike’s RX-8 and RX-7 would have been way more competitive. Can’t complain if it’s what pays for their livelihoods though. Money is money.

  11. chris beasley says:

    @ryan sage

    the live stream worked perfect for me the whole time, and the event was great (considering I hate that track). hopefully the rest of the season goes as smoothly.

  12. LUKE says:

    Does anyone know exactly what happened with Charles Ng’s sponsor? I was excited to see him in the BMW but he’s been MIA the past 2 rounds. It’s a shame cuz he’s a cool dude

  13. In regards to the “tent ban,” this was announced a while ago. And if you’re upset about Orlando doing this, you have to be mad at Road Atlanta for doing the same thing (and reserved tent spots were $100 at Orlando, but range from $95-$395 at Road Alanta) (https://www.roadatlanta.com/drift-tickets)

  14. kpa says:

    The event was as OK. The track lay-out and track conditions are poor. Having to protect your tires from wear and debeading caused some issues for teams. The layout makes coming off the 1st bank to inner clip one the make it or break it point. Essa spend all weekend rolling a ton of wheel speed to blast smoke at other drivers to get them lost in the transition and then toward the end of the event motored out on guys that were use to following him drive ridiculously slow.

    Qualifying Judging was off. A few driver’s totally missing the inner clip 2 point and still seems to get full points there. The event is very boring to watch and so close to Jersey lay out. This is one location that should be changed.

  15. Mike Peters says:

    I think it’s fitting that Pro 2 is on “8.”

    Because every Pro 2 event under the man that was elected on the 8th, has been marginally better than Pro 2 under President Obama.

    #thankstrump #makepro2greatagain #facts

  16. Laurette Nicoll says:

    Thank you @lolramen for the compliment. Normally, I read the Wrecked articles, but never the comment section (for my own sanity), so imagine my surprise when a good friend sent me a link and told me to scroll down.
    To address a point you made, I love this sport (seriously, love!), and have become a huge fan over the course of my three years that I’ve now been involved in the community. I feel so fortunate to call this my job and I am heavily invested in FD. I’m constantly striving to learn as much as I can and I’m in it for the long-haul. So, thank you for your positive, constructive criticism. It’s appreciated.
    Also, to everyone (while I’m here), I just want to mention that I think as a sport, we have some of the most impressive and talented athletes to compete on a World Stage. I hope that someday, everyone will be able to attend an event and shake the hands of the drivers. They are all remarkable, dedicated and passionate people who are chasing their dreams and none of it is easy. Every single one of them fights to be where they are and they strive for the betterment of not only themselves, but for the sport. That also includes the people behind the scenes – FD staff, all teams and their moving parts, the Adrenaline Garage crew, announcers, judges, the TV crew… you get the picture. I’ve never seen a sport or World Class athletes give as much back to their fans like I do with these guys (and the ladies coming up the ranks), so, please, go easy on the hate. For example, you might not see it, but Chelsea DeNofa high-fives fans and signs every autograph he’s asked for, Alec Hohnadell is totally focused during fan interactions and conversations, Chris Forsberg loves talking cars with everyone, and Fredric Aasbo signs posters and takes photos with anyone long after the event has already concluded. These examples are only a tiny sliver of how awesome all these drivers are, and you will find that this genuine nature applies to all within the FD community. So, thank you for being loyal, passionate fans and I hope to have the opportunity to meet some of you at your local, FD event.

  17. Angelo says:

    So it’s now may 15 and there’s not a damn update what’s happening with wrecked !?!?? Falling off hard isnt the word

  18. Kids Heart says:

    [spoiler] James Deane won

  19. Niles A says:

    We won’t be seeing a 10 things I learned about FDATL until 2 days before FDNJ

  20. Doof says:

    He’s trying to figure out how to put together his “10 things I learned” after being completely wrong about James Deane and arguing that he would do well in ORL, but not very well in ATL…then the exact opposite happened, because he’s clueless. Perhaps he hasn’t really learned anything.

    I said it multiple times since I knew Deane was competing. Top 3 finish for the season, with maybe some struggling at ATL and NJ.

  21. Kids Heart says:

    Why would the top Euro road course drifter have problems at Road Atlanta?

  22. No qualifying results? No event results?

  23. kpa says:

    Someone that really wants to continue the blog should buy it and revamp it. It has potential and could be used as a proper outlet if some time was invested in it again.

    Quick break down

    Irish drivers kicked ass –

    All the king horses and all the king men couldn’t get Bluss’ car back together again. FAIL

    Mid season stir the pot on the points. Aasbo, Odi, out early.

    Biggest news in the pits has not become public yet. Should be interesting when it does.

  24. is300 says:


    biggest news in the pits? sayy whattttttttt? let us in the good stuff man. come on man. ill suc…

  25. Brian says:

    @kpa you can’t just throw that out there like that and not share the rest lol, come let’s have it.

  26. kpa says:


    Can’t sorry! It could have legal implications so, best if the parties get time to sort stuff out before it drops.

  27. is300 says:

    are you serious? you cant give the slightest of details ? like not even what lead up to it ?

  28. Runjz says:

    @kpa doesn’t know shit. He’s just trying to act like he knows people on the inside. People who know say it.

    I just wanna know if there’s gonna be a retraction about Kevin Lawrence being the next Aasbo?
    He’s great on his home track but he can’t qualify in Atlanta? Not an Aasbo fan but he better than that! 😂

  29. kpa says:

    @ Run2j

    LOL! You can lick my nutz!

    I just have enough respect not to blast it on Wrecked before people can handle their shit!

    Well, Aasbo went out in 32 so maybe he is more like Lawrence then you think. Sounds like you are sipping on that hateraid down there in the pro2 pits.

  30. kpa says:

    @ is300

    Their was very unsportsmanlike conduct that happened at ATL. I’ll leave it at that.

  31. is300 says:


    seems energy drink related…. maybe top 32 exit …….?

  32. Runjz says:

    @kpa gonna pass on the nut lickin…I hear you only have 1.

    There were a lot of us in ATL. Nobody else is even hinting about what you’re talking about. Have some real respect and stfu. They’ll sort it out. They’ve both been out here a long time. Stop trying to start shit.

  33. Kids Heart says:

    With all of the media at FD events where do they post their stuff? Is their a drifting site/blog that I’m not aware of? Drifting.com is dead, Wreckedmag may aswell be.

  34. Kids Heart says:


  35. is300 says:

    @kids heart

    i thought i was the only one wondering this. there is literally twice as many media people as there is drivers and nothing is ever posted anywhere except wrecked a month later and formuladerp instagram btw he has the most juicy/ up to date stuff on the inside about FD. lol

  36. kpa says:

    @ Runzhizmouth

    First you say “I don’t know shit” then you tell me to “STFU”. While I don’t need to go into details and since you where not on the grid with the big boys when the issue happened and, you where most likely a mile away in the pro2 pits you need to take your own advice.

    I will hold my comments about the situation until after FD has decided to take action or not. If you have any clue to what happened you will know some actions are warranted. There were plenty of cameras around to capture what went down. I have seen it first hand. There really nothing to sort out other then what the ramification are for the single individual at fault.

    As no one from wrecked has taking any actions to update or give a shit about updating the blog. Seems like it up to reader’s to drop info if they have it. Maybe Joey’s computer has a virus and he is unable to upload some info on who won a parking lot drift event in the middle of who gives a shit.

  37. is300 says:


    joey got the new ransomware going around lol

  38. Runjz says:

    @kpa you know I was there. Just chill.

  39. Kids Heart says:

    I would like to know what happened

  40. KPA says:


    LOL! Sure!