Pat Cyr to sit out 2017 Formula Drift Canada season

Posted on Apr 14, 2017 In Drift Mania Formula D Pat Cyr


Pat Cyr took to social media to announce that he would be sitting out the Formula Drift Canada season to pursue rally racing. Cyr joins a growing list of drivers who are pursuing other motorsports this season instead of drifting.

My team and I have been competing for 10 years now in pro drifting all across North America and I just feel like I need a change this season. So to change things up, we will be building a @toyotacanada 86 for Production 2wd rally! I’ve been wanting to try rally car driving for many years now, so this year we will make it happen!

Cyr was the 2015 Formula Drift Canada champion, and has been runner up in the Drift Mania championship series on three different occasions. Cyr has long been associated with the Toyota and Scion brands, competing initially in an AE86 before moving into an FR-S back in 2013.

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  1. kpa says:

    No surprise there! Driver’s dropping like flies. Maybe someone at FD should be looking at this at thinking what can we do to keep driver’s interested.

    Q: How about more $$ pay out ?
    A : EWWWWW We can’t do that! Maybe a shirt or something!

  2. Brian is a bowss says:

    I can’t speak for the guy but I wouldn’t be surprised if this had something to do with the complete lack of interest to grow the fd Canada series outside of Quebec.

  3. Jabroni says:

    also note that Charles NG bowed out of PRO1 a few weeks ago due to title sponsor issues.

  4. kpa says:


    Forest Wang
    Pat Mordaunt
    Andrew Gray
    Pat Cyr

    Anyone else ?

  5. Samurai Sam says:

    @KPA – Landreville didn’t move up after winning pro 2

  6. kpa says:

    @ Samuria Sam

    Not sure.!

    More a list of drivers that have pulled out of FD. FD will have to understand there is not a endless pool of drivers that are willing to invest their own money to make a show that FD benefits the most from. FD has done little to help connect new sponsorship money to teams or lessen the burden financially on teams.

    Adding Canada is an example. The cost to go over the boarder are crazy and have NO gain to the teams. More races more expenses. If you are going to have another event. Why don’t you look into having another one in California? These events sell out every time and are great exposure. Have the event a few weeks before Irwindale or after LBC so you don’t have to cross the country.

    I predict we will be down to a Top 16 qualifier and with that goes some of the best battles in the Top 32. There are guys driving now that have NO BUSINESS driving with the rest of the field and are simply dangerous to have on track.