Bridges Racing to support James Deane, Piotr Wiecek in addition to Dean Kearney for 2017

Posted on Mar 27, 2017 In Dean Kearney Formula D James Deane

worthouse-s15 kearney-2017-livery

Bridges Racing will be supporting both James Deane and Piotr Więcek for their 2017 Formula Drift campaign in addition to Dean Kearney. Bridges Racing has supported Kearney for the past five seasons, but has supported multiple drivers in past seasons including the championship season of Daigo Saito in 2012. Deane and Więcek’s entry into Formula Drift has been some of the biggest news in the off-season, and seeing them team up with a team that has operated logistics for multiple cars in Formula Drift can only be seen as an advantage that will let them focus on learning the new courses and judging criteria.

The Worthouse Nissan S15’s are already being prepped at Bridges Racing HQ in Huntington Beach since they landed last week, and will make their competitive debut this weekend at Long Beach.

Jacob Leveton

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  1. Brian says:

    I can’t put into words just how pumped I am for James Deane to be coming to FD with a proper set up, I know a lot of Guys like to say things like “they won’t make it past top 16” or that they will be “bracket fillers” but I feel James will have a massive impact on the series, can’t wait.

  2. kpa says:

    James for sure has the skill to do a good. Hope he doesn’t get the typical welcome to FD judging BS. Lays down solid run for qualifying and gets a 63 same run by FD veteran 89. Most FD should be aware of his tandem skills so we should see some upsets with the real battles start.

  3. Jabroni says:

    James has competed in FD before in 2010 and done well, he went double OMT with foresberg in Sonoma and beat d mac in long beach. he was killing irwindale also. I think he will adapt just fine