A Potential Meihan Replica in the PNW

Posted on Mar 8, 2017 In Buy This Grassroots Misc

Two years ago, the guys over at Villians dreamt up the idea of building a replica track of Meihan in Walla Walla, WA. Fast forward to today, and it looks like they are pretty close to making that dream a reality. After dealing with the usual red tape, they’ve got a plan together and they need your support to make it finalized within the next 30 days (March 7 – April 6).

Villains Sportsland

They plan to offer 3 events a year for the next 10 years (length of the lease), with the events in 2017 scheduled for June 23, August 4, and September 8. They are offering 3 options for support:

  • Lifetime Membership (10 years) – $500 – Covers all your entry fees for the duration of the membership
  • Single Event –  $165 – Gets you a single weekend entry
  • Support Pack – $50 – If you can’t or don’t plan to make it out to the venue, but love drifting and still want to see this project succeed you can donate

If the goal is met and you didn’t donate, you can still drive, but it’s going to cost you $165/event. If the goal is not met by the deadline, they will issue everyone who donated a full refund on April 7.

For more information, you can visit their website or Facebook group on the project. Good luck!

Brian Eggert

Judge at Formula DRIFT/Event Director at USDrift/Lookout, LLC
I was first introduced to drifting in 1998 by one of best friends, Mike Schneider. After several years running as Lookout, we stumbled upon Hyperfest, the first sanctioned drifting competition in the United States hosted by USDrift in 2002. Shortly after that we began working alongside USDrift and eventually taking ownership. We then began helping others across the country set up and host their own drifting events. Working with Drift Association in 2005, we helped create the PRO/AM series that continues to develop and progress the next level of drivers to Formula DRIFT.


  1. kpa says:

    Anyone know what the target $$ is?

  2. Brian Eggert says:

    According to their Facebook group page:

    we need to raise 250k to pave entire track surface and place the wall and concrete safety barriers.
    -Land Preparation: 15,000
    -Paving the track Surface: 190,000
    -Safety Walls: 25,000
    -Sweeper Truck: 3,000
    -Additional Insurance: 3,000

  3. jzx73 says:

    i believe 400 and they have sold over 100 so far.

  4. KPA says:

    long way to go to hit the target.! Hope they make it happen.