Here’s Your Chance to Own a 9,000 RPM Nissan V8

Posted on Mar 2, 2017 In Buy This Chris Forsberg Formula D

CFR VK56 For Sale

Chris Forsberg recently posted up on Instagram that one of his extremely loud and reliable 9,000 RPM Nissan VK56 V8 engines are up for sale due to the buildout of his new twin-turbo V6 engine. According to Chris, it is the most powerful, naturally aspirated Nissan engine in the world and built to handle nitrous if you need even more power. Hopefully it’ll end up in the hands of someone that will enjoy it and use it to continue burning up tires and tracks somewhere nearby. Serious inquiries can contact

CFR VK56 Engine BayCFR VK56 CloseupCFR VK56 Engine

Brian Eggert

Judge at Formula DRIFT/Event Director at USDrift/Lookout, LLC
I was first introduced to drifting in 1998 by one of best friends, Mike Schneider. After several years running as Lookout, we stumbled upon Hyperfest, the first sanctioned drifting competition in the United States hosted by USDrift in 2002. Shortly after that we began working alongside USDrift and eventually taking ownership. We then began helping others across the country set up and host their own drifting events. Working with Drift Association in 2005, we helped create the PRO/AM series that continues to develop and progress the next level of drivers to Formula DRIFT.


  1. kpa says:

    Hope you don’t break anything on that as replacement parts might need to be custom made by MA.

  2. Justin Yamashiro says:

    What do you know about overnight parts from MA.
    The engine and R&D put into it is great, but honestly like KPA said, replacements won’t come easy.

  3. Is300 says:

    Why the cylinder downgrade though?

  4. kpa says:


    Replacing 2 cylinders for 2 turbo’s which will be nice as long as the motor program is as reliable as the old one through MA.

  5. Is300 says:

    Exactly will they be using the 370z engine or a gtr engine?
    That’s what will make the difference

  6. kpa says:


    I heard nameless is doing a custom stroker motor but not using the GTR motor as the base. That seems very risky as the GTR motors are proven to be a solid platform. We will see how it does and also how Chris adapts to driving a turbo set up vs the NA with NOS.

  7. WingZeroCustom says:

    They’re building a Twin Turbo VQ with dual Anti-Lag from what has been said. So I’m sure it’ll run very similar to the N/A feel with that. I feel they’ll have a pretty darn solid engine program. And its not like Chris doesn’t know how to run a Turbo car.. So I’m sure he’ll do just fine..

  8. kpa says:


    Not sure how you can feel they have a solid engine program when the engine has not been ran yet and there is only a mock block is in the car. Might want to have some testing in before LBC and then report back on how solid it is.

  9. Jabroni says:

    can have triple antilag I doubt anything short of a f1 engine with a turbo would be as responsive as that thing. that v8 was pure music too and VQs sound like dying animals.

  10. Is300 says:

    For the high hp numbers they’re most likely going to push reliability almost goes out the door with that unproven & non tested motor package. What a weird off-season it has been.

  11. Rayshake says:

    I enjoyed running that engine for the last 5 years. Even got a bunch of work done on what I dubbed a stage 2 engine designed to be better in every way with a cost around 1/3 of the original version. I look forward to seeing the v6 run. I wasn’t willing to run it unless we did development alongside the race season with 1 year of testing to prove itself. That never happened. That could be one of the reasons I was fired. It’s gonna be an interesting season for sure.

  12. KPA says:


    Doubt that was the reason you were fired! You guys were a inspiration to all the other teams on the grid with the hard work you put in. Hope to see you back on the grid doing what you do best with a new driver(s) in LBC.

  13. bro says:


    Congrats on achieving a lot of success with that engine.

    Drift drama blows.