Josh Robinson is coming to Formula DRIFT

Posted on Jan 12, 2017 In Formula Drift Pro 2

It looks like Formula DRIFT will have its first ever Australian driver this season with Josh Robinson. Robinson officially announced the news by posting up his confirmation letter from Formula DRIFT on his Facebook page today. For those of you who might not be familiar with Robinson, he has been drifting in Japan and Australia the last few years, and most recently came in second place overall in the 2016 G1 Grand Prix Series.


The next question will be whether or not he is allowed to compete in his 1000-hp Holden Ute. Currently according to the 2017 rulebook, pickup trucks are not allowed (see B & D). However if you reference the next line (E), there is still hope we might get to see it in action this season.

A. Eligible models must be considered a “production vehicle” and have had a minimum build run of 600 units in each model year.
B. Eligible body styles include: coupe, sedan, convertible or wagon and have no more than 5 doors.
C. Vehicles must maintain the original OEM steel unibody and/or steel frame and rear suspension mounting points. structure between the OEM front
D. No trucks or SUVs will be allowed.
E. Vehicles that do not meet the above eligibility criteria must petition for approval from FORMULA DRIFT.


Brian Eggert

Judge at Formula DRIFT/Event Director at USDrift/Lookout, LLC
I was first introduced to drifting in 1998 by one of best friends, Mike Schneider. After several years running as Lookout, we stumbled upon Hyperfest, the first sanctioned drifting competition in the United States hosted by USDrift in 2002. Shortly after that we began working alongside USDrift and eventually taking ownership. We then began helping others across the country set up and host their own drifting events. Working with Drift Association in 2005, we helped create the PRO/AM series that continues to develop and progress the next level of drivers to Formula DRIFT.


  1. Blaze1 says:

    Good news

    FD will let him drive the Ute, if not just build a cool Commodore.

  2. Justin Yamashiro says:

    Can someone build a diesel for the sake that the the rule book permits it please.

    This is at least news I like to finally hear.

  3. TR1CKY says:

    Is he coming to the pro tour or just pro 2?

  4. blur494 says:

    Does anyone have info on why trucks are not allowed? I have always been curious why things like the GMC Syclone couldn’t be entered. Is it out of fear that everyone turns into VGJ?

  5. Niles A says:

    So does that mean you can’t have an El Camino in FD?

  6. Nick D. says:

    Curious i the Monaro counts as a truck. It’s classified as a ute or utility which is just a car front end and chassis with a pickup bed. I’m assuming the rule is trying to prevent genuine body-on-fame pickup trucks with their inherently high CG and the chance for the cabs to separate from the frame.

  7. I asked Kevin Wells, Formula Drift’s Competition Director, and he said trucks are not allowed due their ride height and full frame construction. The disparity between a truck and the cars in the series could be disastrous in a high-speed collision.

    He also said that the Ute is a simple unibody car chassis with a bed, so it is acceptable for competition. Josh did inquire beforehand about his Ute’s eligibility.

  8. chris beasley says:

    I doubt FD views this thing as a truck. Hope to see it in action at LBC.

  9. Justin Yamashiro says:

    Well it sounds like he’ll be driving this. Hell, that’d be quite the trailer queen to bring along to the states. *caugh caugh* VGR and the RTR-X.

    I did come across this interview with 1320 and he discusses using the ute.

  10. KBanks says:

    I’m predicting a very slow but smokey car.

  11. Chewy says:

    From what I saw else where he is driving in PRO 2 ? Can you confirm? Gonna walk all over those guys.