Charles Ng in BMW for 2017 and Teams Up with Essa

Posted on Jan 11, 2017 In Charles Ng Formula D Michael Essa


Charles Ng is running a E46 BMW for the 2017 Formula Drift season built by Michael Essa. Charles Ng debuted in Formula Drift in Michael Essa’s old FC Mazda RX-7 so they have done some business together in the past. Charles Ng always has had promise but suffers car issue after car issue with his G37. It will be interested to see how he will look in a Michael Essa built BMW chassis.



  1. lolramen says:

    Seems to be a popular chassis choice these days, but I guess Wisefab helps. Any word on drive-train? I can dig it though, both cool guys. Will they be “teaming up” as in actually working with the same program, or is he just getting build help with Mike and running his own gig?

  2. kpa says:

    Ng’s cash = two car team. What ever happened to days of old where Essa was killing it ? This two car team would add up to a single podium. Please prove me wrong!

  3. Tie Fighter says:

    I can see this going a couple of different ways. If Charles is buying into Essa’s program it will go fine. If they are treating it like 2 teams that just help each other, Charles will have the same issues, minus some silly mechanical deals. either way should be interesting!

  4. T-Plus says:

    Wishing you good luck in the upcoming season Charles!