James Deane and Piotr Więcek Set for Formula Drift 2017


The new has dropped from Europe that the two of the biggest superstars from the continent are heading to Formula Drift in 2017. James Deane won the 2016 Drift All-Stars championship and has continued the domination across Europe. Pitor Więcek in his Bud Auto car noted by the yellow paint scheme always is said to be one of the few drivers who can match James Deane’s incredible driving talent. They are both building new cars to bring over the Atlantic and compete in 2017!


Source: Speedhunters


  1. stretch says:

    and dont forget the return of the Saitoooooooo

  2. Turbology says:

    Very cool to mix things up a bit with drivers and driving styles that not too many of the FD guys are familiar with. Maybe they will actually bring the grid to 32.

  3. jzx73 says:

    this should be good..

    PS : Where the hell is your Super_D coverage ?? you guys are slipping if you dont think that is important drifting content !

  4. OGLarry says:

    Masashi Yokoi should be back as well. Hopefully Andy Gray get his bugs worked out of his car. Next season is looking good.

  5. Curtis says:

    @OGLarry Won’t Gray be back in Pro 2 since he fell outside the Top 32 in points this season?

  6. Jabroni says:

    @Curtis Im sure he can petition pro1 after winging FD overseas

  7. Super says:

    @jzx73 they don’t cover grassrooots. Maybe if they got paid, I’m surprised they haven’t posted the video of Andy Luk being a complete turd on here. I’m sure the financial supporters of FD would love to see what goes on in his world at his event

  8. Hosford Hugger says:

    I think andy gray quit FD usa. got tired of flying 5,000 miles to get a low qualifying score and lose the drag race tandem battle or have his car break. he does much better in fd japan anyways.

    sucks cuz he could grow a nice stache if he wanted to

  9. lolramen says:

    Oh fuck yes.

  10. Doof says:

    Now watch FD change its emphasis on judging so proximity isn’t that big of a deal anymore lol.

    Seeing how proximity is the deciding factors for so many battles, I have a feeling Deene will do pretty well here, provided he isn’t dealing with bad luck and mechanical issues.

  11. Curtis says:

    @Jabroni Hadn’t thought of that, I’m hoping you’re right

    @Hosford Hugger I know Gray didn’t attend Irwindale because he wanted to focus on preparation for the Last FD Japan round, which made sense since he wasn’t going to place much better by competing at Irwindale.

  12. SillyCunt says:

    I understand James Dean but how does Pitor Więcek get a licence without wining a championship?

  13. Curtis says:

    @SillyCunt Piotr Więcek is a Polish Drift Champion and Deane’s teammate. Who really cares, the quality of FD will now step up a notch with these two joining the series

  14. Prometherion says:

    James is practicing oval racing in preparation for the challenging FD circuits

  15. KPA says:

    Rumors are Dean will be running a FRS next year along with Aasbo and few more names.