D1GP Round 3/4 at Tsukuba Circuit [RESULTS]

Posted on Jun 29, 2016 In D1GP Daigo Saito International Japanese


Daigo Saito is finding it much easier to pursue world domination back home in Japan this season or maybe it is just those Wanli Tires!? Daigo Saito took home his third victory in a row at Tsukuba Circuit Course to kick off the D1GP season. Daigo managed to beat Teruyoshi Iwai (Mazda Miata) in the final battle to secure an amazing third victory in a row.

1. Daigo Saito
2. Teruyoshi Iwai
3. Masato Kawabata


The weekend was a double event weekend so soon after his victory Daigo was back at it again to try and win four rounds of D1GP in a row. Daigo wound up falling just short after winning 14 tandem battles in a row he finally earned a loss in the final four to Hokuto Matsuyama after Daigo couldn’t drift any longer due to a steering issue. He was very close to winning a fourth event in a row!


Here is how Round 4 finished:
1. Tomohiro Murayama
2. Hokuto Matsuyama
3. Daigo Saito


  1. Dang says:

    Isn’t that Yokoi in 2nd place in the first picture?

  2. y0 says:

    lol wrecked

  3. Niles A says:

    I know some asians look alike but Yokoi was 2nd and Iwai came in 4th.

  4. Blaze1 says:

    It’s a testament to the series that a car like Teruyoshi Iwai’s is still competitive.

  5. Curtis says:

    Yeah major mistake there! How could you not recognize Yokoi!

  6. justsayin says:


    >rekt magazine

  7. prometherion says:

    That is Iwai on the bottom picture.

  8. Dang says:

    @prometherion No its not, Wrecked got that picture right. Iwai got 2nd in qualifying for round 3 and 1st for round 4.

  9. prometherion says:

    @Dang, didn’t I say that?

  10. Doof says:

    Daigo really just needs to build another JZX100 for FD and come back for one season to shit on everybody again. Then go back to Japan lol

    Never understood why he kept building all of these weird chassis for FD when he has so much success with the JZX chassis.

  11. Kids Heart says:

    Doof the D1 JZX100 has a swapped subframe and pushed back firewall that wouldn’t be FD legal. I want him in an IS-F stateside.

  12. batagor says:

    Daigo needs to borrow andy gray jzx100 for 1 fd event and shows everybody how to tandem properly

  13. batagor says:

    Daigo needs to borrow andy gray jzx100 for 1 fd event and shows everybody how to tandem properly.

  14. WingZeroCustom says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFF8I7vprmo Round 3 Event if anyone wants to see it.

  15. Blaze1 says:

    Daigo and Kawabata are just on another level. That battle between Ueno and Hibino was sick too.