Charles Ng Debuts Loaner Nissan 240sx for Formula Drift Orlando

Posted on Jun 1, 2016 In Charles Ng Formula D Major Announcements

Charles Ng will be running a familiar S-Chassis this weekend in Orlando. Charles Ng has had some issues with his Infiniti G37 this season and mechanical problems resulted in him being the only driver unable to qualify at Road Atlanta leaving the field to 31 drivers. He has now loaned Juha Rintanen’s S14 for the weekend and rewrapped it to match his orange/matte black look. Juha Rintanen will finally be debuting his S15 Silvia we previewed a little while back here.



  1. Tie Fighter says:

    When 2 of the last 4 events you have had to loan a car (irwindale 2015 and now orlando) maybe that’s a sign that this isn’t the sport for you.

  2. Blaze1 says:

    BS Tie Fighter.

    Maybe that car isn’t meant for the sport or maybe even the drive line. But Ng is a good driver, he was killing it in Wang’s S14 at of Irwindale last year.

  3. Samurai Sam says:

    G Chassis is mostly the same as the Z Chassis, he’s using the same suspension that Forsberg uses.

    hes been posting on FB asking for help tuning the car. he went from supercharged LS motor to VR37 GTR motor and has been having problems ever since. same engine that Daigo had problems with all last year. should just go back to supercharged V8

  4. Doof says:

    Tie Fighter sounds like a moron, but that’s all good.

    Agree with Blaze1. Ng was definitely doing very well at Irwindale last year when he borrowed the car from Wang. I was helping on Wang’s crew that event too, and what a lot of people don’t realize is the car was having some issues and was down quite a bit on power. We had to change the turbo out after top 32 as well, cause it was done. That car is normally in the 800hp range, but Ng was making it work with 100-150hp or so less.

    Pretty impressive considering he got to the top 8 with it.

    There’s a reason why the G35/G37 isn’t commonly used in professional drifting…

  5. Tie Fighter says:

    for the record I wasn’t making a comment on Ng’s ability to drive. He is a very good driver. it’s his decision making skills, included but defiantly not limited to, vehicle selection.

  6. OGLarry says:

    I really like him as a driver and the car. It was doing well first year out with the LS and has fell off since adding the VR38dett. Which IS a great motor but is just now being swapped into other cars unlike the ubiquitous LS which has all its high HP homework done years ago.

  7. Brandon says:

    With loaner cars, do they use the same parts that the are sponsored for (ie Ng and his part sponsors) or does it use the same parts that Juha used to build the car since it is his?

  8. ILuvSilvias says:

    Sometimes it’s a little more complicated at the pro level when it comes to the decision on which chassis and engine is used. Sometimes the driver isn’t the only decision maker. For example, Gittin used to drive a S13 and JTP drove a FC. Both drive stangs now.

    The G coupe chassis is similiar to the Z. Engineering wise it should be just as capable, especially in a pro car where the rear seats are removed. If anything, it might be cheaper to pick up used Z chassis over a G.

  9. La_Tuque says:

    @Brandon, they most likely use the parts already on the car until said parts break. As for Ng having trouble with the G37, it’s nowhere near as bad as Nishida this year. Robbie can’t seem to get the car working.