2016 Formula Drift Japan Round 2: Ebisu [RESULTS]


The third round of the Formula Drift World Championship and second round of Formula Drift Japan took place this weekend at the famed Ebisu circuit. “Mad” Mike Whiddett, Andy Gray, and Matt Field were the only three drivers from the current Formula D Pro class who traveled to Japan for the round. Whiddett took the event win, while Andy Gray went out in the top 8 and Matt Field lost in the top 32.

Here’s how the final results shook out:

1st – “Mad” Mike Whiddett – Total Car Produce Mazda RX7
2nd – Masashi Yokoi – MCR Factory Nissan S15
3rd – Kazuki Hayashi – DMax Nissan S15
4th – Seimi Tanaka – Parts Shop Taka / DMax S15

Jacob Leveton

Freelance Drift Correspondent at JacobPhoto
Jacob Leveton has worked as a freelance journalist for 12 years, specializing in drifting since the first professional competition landed on US shores in 2003. Leveton has worked with more than twenty print and online media outlets to provide unique drifting content.


  1. Otis says:

    At first I was like “meh” then I was like “eeh” but then I was like “cool”

  2. chris beasley says:

    mike looked so much smoother driving that rx7 than he does in his FD miata in the states.

  3. alika80 says:

    Angry Mike drove amazing. Also, Yokoi looked solid as usual.

    Honestly, I have to chock this win up to the consistency of the Japan drivers. They don’t seem to play games, they just drive their asses off. Makes for a great show and being more predictable yields better battles. I don’t remember ever seeing Mike unleash a chase run like that…ever…

  4. Super says:

    Nice and informative write up of the event, didn’t bother to include videos of the battles or anything. Kudos Wrecked yall do a mighty fine job here.

  5. blur494 says:

    So if points work the same way as last year mike is in the lead for the world tour 12 points ahead of Vaughn with 167 points.

  6. rwdybyz says:

    Mike drove very well, he looked so much more comfortable in that car! I think he should bring that car back with him to the states lol. Plus it looks much better than that miata he has. Does anyone have information on the cars that ran (like, are they running anything close to the power numbers they push here in the states?)

  7. Doof says:


    A lot of the guys in Japan are running pretty high numbers. Even in D1, there are cars pushing 700-1000hp easily. What’s funny is that quite a few of those vehicles are still SR powered lol. But even still, I would say the cars are more simple than the FD USA cars we see. Numerous drivers are just running cut knuckles, and some even still run stock handbrake setups. Just upgraded pads/shoes and things of that nature.

  8. KPA says:

    I see Ryan Sage and the umbrella girls have matching shoes! Cute.

  9. OGLarry says:

    @rwdybyz You can google just about any of the front running D1 drivers cars to find specs on them. The last couple of years have been won by cars with ~1000+ hp With Kunny’z Mark X and then Kawabata’s GTR and most like likely Daigo’s modified rocketship Mark II this year.

  10. Jabroni says:

    @rwdybyz D1 had higher hp cars long before FD they all use to use nitrous before it was outlawed and very large turbo chargers.
    in 2009 fd championship car had 400hp in chris foresburgs 350z, D1 championship s15 was making 570hp.
    as stated earlier I think the Japanese cars are a lot simpler, not as soft and twitchy.