Ng Sheng Nian – Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver [INTERVIEW]


Wrecked Magazine: Who are you and how did you get your Pro 2 license?

Ng Sheng Nian:
Hello! I’m Nian from Singapore, I was granted my Pro 2 license through a petition. I’ve been competing for about 3 years and last year I competed in the full Formula Drift Japan series.

WM: Can you give us a break down of your car and what sponsors you have on board?

Ng Sheng Nian: I’m driving a JZX100 Chaser built by Jono & Andy(Andrew grey) of Powervehicles! Trust me , Andy is a JZX wizard hahaha! It has a 3.4 2J with a GTX42 Turbocharger. Achilles is helping me out with tires ! Tonnka from Malaysia makes the sexiest intakes for me.


WM: What track are you most excited about and most nervous to tackle this season?

Nian:Atlanta actually! It is my first time competing in the States and i’m really excited to check out the atmosphere and the competitors .

WM: Who is your favorite drifter in the world and who to you derive driving inspiration from?

Nian: ANDREW GREY (ANDY) He is not only my teammate but he is also the guy i really want to drive like! He has got a really good style, big flicks, full smoke and is a really composed driver! I wanna drive like Andy ! and I’m really glad that he is so willing to share his driving with me! haha

WM: Who do you think will win the Formula Drift Pro Championship this season?

Nian: Andy!! When he gets his groove he is going to annihilate !


WM: What is one hurdle or headache you ran into during the off-season gearing up for Pro 2?

Logistics? I’m from Singapore . So it will take me about 30 hours to get to the states just for a weekend of drifting!

WM: What advise can you give to the upcoming Pro 2 drivers who are currently in Pro Am?

Nian: I can’t really advise as I’m still a shitty driver myself! haha


  1. apieceobacon says:

    Well if you think you’re a shitty driver then why are you forking the cash to go to the US to compete?

  2. Dang says:

    @apieceobacon Well if he’s got the money to burn and he wants to get better…

  3. OGLarry says:

    He’s actually pretty decent in the FD Japan events I’ve seen. Pro2 is a fair assessment for him.

  4. apieceobacon says:

    I’m not trying to be rude in any way I’m just curious as this is not cheap in any way to do. So I was thinking why not try to progress in the FD Japan rounds as it would be cheaper and seemingly easier logistics wise. I’m all for him competing and I like his driving style but I just cant see the justification in spending the time and money to compete on the other side of the world if I said that I was a shitty driver. He’s good and I dont think he should call himself a bad driver but he’s not a super outstanding driver. He struggles to get through top 32 and doesn’t consistently qualify with his best overall performance being this year at suzuka twin, qualifying 9th and getting knocked out in top 16. This isn’t bad by any means and it’s showing that he’s progressing at a rapid rate as opposed to 2014 when he qualified low if at all but I think he should have at least waited until 2017 to make the leap across the pond.

  5. Jabroni says:

    @Apieceobacon because fuck it that why id hate to use this phrase but you only life once so give it a shot if he can swing it if it dosent work out at least you got the experience it. that’s my perspective and a foreign driver seeing all this action from a far.

  6. Chewy says:

    Best interview to date. Kid has a great attitude. THE MOAR JZX THE BETTER FD CAN BE

  7. Doof says:

    But bacon is like 15 and doesn’t even drive…

    Look at some of the dudes in FD right now.. Some of them don’t ever really make it past Top 32, and some of them have been there for quite a few years. The kid is young, and he’s got the means to do so…so why not? The kid is humble. I like humble. He want’s to get to the next level, so he’s gotta pay to play.

    He knows he’s not some super top pro drifter, but he aspires to be there. You gotta drive with better drivers if you want to get better.


    kids got the best attitude and interview so far. dig it and cant wait to see him beach that whale in Atlanta. shits going to be real, and hes kinda right when andrew gets in his grove i see him getting to the top and staying in the top 10 drivers.

  9. justsayin says:

    Kids humble, I like it.

  10. blur494 says:

    When talking about pro drivers, a bad driver is one who cant make it to top 16. Obviously Tanner Foust is not a “Bad Driver” but in terms of formula drift pros he is mediocre at best. So when a pro 2 guy says he is shit, its not like he is still learning how to clutch kick.

  11. KBanks says:

    Something about being humble and a drifters just screams Joon Maeng to me. The whole damn sport is about how much cooler I am than you so why come in the door with the “please and thank you kindly”? I want to see someone come in talking mad shit and then back it up all while starting a massive rivalry with a driver I respect. I want to see grudge matches but not to the point of Tyler and Justin, that shit was too much although I got pretty excited watching it happen.

  12. Blaze1 says:

    Lol “Talking mad shit”

  13. Raul says:

    Can anybody tell me what happened to joon Maeng ? He just disappeared and ive asked people who use to be on his team and nada

  14. Wil says:

    Here’s giving some support for a fellow Singaporean brother!! \m/ \m/

  15. Doof says:

    KBanks basically wants an MTV version of FD.

  16. Turbology says:

    Humility certainly goes a long way, and this guy definitely has the right attitude. Seems like he has paid his dues also, and not just some magical petition like some of the other ‘pros’.

    Good luck to him!

  17. jussayin says:

    KBanks have you tried NASCAR?

  18. lky69 says:

    When you’re born rich like him and don’t have to work a day in your life or for the rest of it… It’s not really an issue flitting all over the world competing and doing what you love. Not meant as a criticism but in response to the guy questioning why Nian is doing this.