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Posted on Apr 20, 2016 In Chelsea DeNofa Corey Hosford Formula D


If you haven’t caught the Maximum Driftcast then you should check it out on iTunes or however you consume your daily podcasts. The show features three hosts (Corey Hosford, Paco Ibarra, and Sam Nalven @ Drift Idiot) and normally a guest to talk about drifting for just over an hour. Wrecked Magazine got a nice shout on Episode 9 I just tuned into so I figured I would return the favor. They just had Chelsea DeNofa hop on the most recent show to talk about his win at Long Beach.


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  1. Tie Fighter says:

    the show has potential but right now is too new, the guys still talk all over each other and the show is very unorganized. I listen to a lot of podcasts and i think that just makes the issues even more glaring.
    Just some constructive criticisms, the show is much better now then the first 2 episodes

  2. Otis says:

    For guys who are as “in” with fd as they are, they do get a lot of their information wrong. Still a good listen, I definitely recommend the Denofa cast

  3. Samurai Sam says:

    Remember when Wrecked Magazine had a podcast? those were the good ol’ days

  4. Tie Fighter says:

    that also frustrated me as well, but then again very long time fans and people “in the know” tend to not be all that knowledgeable about drifting a lot of the time so I kind of passed it off as that haha.