Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drag Races his Competition Cars [VIDEO]

Posted on Mar 31, 2016 In Formula D Non Drifting Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. took his two competition cars out for a good old fashioned drag race! His new 2016 Competition-Spec Ford Mustang RTR sure looks like a fast machine. That speed won’t matter so much at Long Beach but it seems other drivers will be scrambling to chase him at rounds such as Road Atlanta. This race is essentially 10 years of development in the old car with a straight axle in the rear versus one year of development in the new car with the Ford Mustang’s all new Independent Rear Suspension. Vaughn is set to debut his new car at the Streets of Long Beach for the opening round of Formula Drift on April 9th.


  1. Doozer says:

    Ford’s integral link suspension (debuted with the 2013 Fusion) is actually pretty clever. It allows good ride comfort by decoupling the modes of suspension and alignment from each other. Example would be kinematic and compliance hub recession can be set (wheel moves backwards as it goes over a bump) to improve ride comfort without affecting toe control.

    Whats good for ride comfort is generally good for the tire grip/traction too…the tire doesn’t want to see high force spikes in loading much like you don’t want to be slammed when you go over a pothole.

    His current solid rear axle also has good toe and camber control, and his trick circle track axle allows alignment to be set. But….one wheel bumps affect both rear tires camber and loading, the unsprung mass is very high, and with a panhard rod, roll center movement can suck. Basically, you cant let the rear suspension corners stroke as easily as an IRS without compromises, but on a smooth track the solid rear axle is just as viable.

    What does this practically mean?
    VG has a lot more knobs to adjust (spindle geometry, etc). It may take a few events to develop, but he was wise to delay the car and hopefully has it sorted.

    The lighter unsprung mass should help on bumpy tracks- you’ll see more of a difference at bumpy tracks like long beach (first turn entry is rough) and NJ infield than road atl.

  2. Turbology says:

    @Doozer what do you do this for a living or something?! =P

  3. RapperDan says:

    Doozer only knows stuff about toyotas…. 😉

    But its not like the solid axle sucked. Watching Jr’s car at road atlanta, up over the hill and into the horseshoe from e-brake to power on to ebrake around the clips, That bitch digsssssssss. Prob why he ran a 295/40 18. for that drag race wrinkle wall traction!!!

  4. Dean says:

    And if you need spare parts for the new Ford IRS you can just use E39 stuff since it’s a damn near Xerox copy haha 🙂