Daigo Saito Wins D1 Grand Prix Round 1

Posted on Mar 28, 2016 In D1GP Daigo Saito International Japanese


Daigo Saito walked away from Formula Drift in 2016 to focus on the D1 Grand Prix series and it looks like that extra focus has worked. Daigo Saito defeated Kawabata in a great final battle to win the first round of the 2016 D1GP series. I guess his new tire sponsor Wanli has built a solid product and is helping him back on the road to a championship. The D1 and Formula Drift series have some schedule conflicts this season so running both seasons in full was going to be impossible for Daigo Saito.


One of our awesome readers Sanlis, put together an interesting chart on Daigo Saito’s D1GP finishes over the past five seasons and show he has been just a step off the championship.

2011- 2nd Place
2012 – 2nd Place
2013 – 4th Place
2014 – 15th Place
2015 – 2nd Place

Cleary he has been right there as far as a D1 championship in the last 5 years, but retiring from Formula Drift for the season might give him a chance to break that second place streak. Daigo Saito will be able to return to Formula Drift at anytime due to the former champions clause preventing him from being relegated to Pro 2 for next season. Here is how D1GP finished Round 1-

1st – Daigo Saito
2nd – Masato Kawabata
3rd – ideyuki Fujino
4th – Yusuke Kusaba


  1. Is300 says:

    I thought this was a exhibition round not an official round. Or am I wrong?

  2. WingZeroCustom says:

    @Is300: There were two events. The event Saturday was an actual event. And the event Sunday was the exhibition.

  3. Super says:


    video of Alexi doing commentary in english for us.

    Can we get a petition going to get Alexi to replace Jarod or at least be in the booth for FD US?

  4. Is300 says:

    @wingzerocostum thanks for clarifying. I only watched the dust event bc of the time difference.

    And what’s up with that stupid computerized GPS judging system, some of those scores are just wow. The decisions are worse than formula drifts. Even Alex that was commentating was shocked at shot of calls.

  5. Drift Bukake says:

    The commentary was really good, 180 degrees opposite of J dork and Billy Corgan’s 1/2 son Ryan.

  6. OGLarry says:

    @Is300 That is DOSS or D1 Original Scoring System. I believe it uses accelerometers and local GPS to give scores. Line isn’t is important in D1GP as it is in Formula D to get a good score as you see. lol

  7. WingZeroCustom says:

    Yeah I don’t really care for the DOSS. Some of the drivers don’t really care for it. lol Hell in two different runs two drivers went completely off track and still got scored even or advantage. They don’t care about line besides on entry. They mostly care about Entry and the first “Zone”. Outside of that they don’t really care to much.

  8. apieceobacon says:

    It’s judged primarily off of angle and throttle. If you’re on the throttle the whole time you’ll probably end up with a decent score. It’s a start to a pretty goodsystem but it’s fairly primal at best. It shouldn’t be used as a primary judging system but it would be a good accessory to help judging.

  9. isho says:

    It seems to not be taking proximity into consideration either at some point. When Yokoi went up, he dropped atleast a bus length behind the leader but still scored an even. Dont think people should take this system serious yet.