Fredric Aasbo Reflects on his 2016 Championship [VIDEO]

Posted on Feb 2, 2016 In Formula D Fredric Aasbo Video

Fredric Aasbo won the championship with the smallest engine in the Formula Drift series. He talks about some tricks with his Borgwarner turbo setup and how he loves drifting. I am starting to think Fredric Aasbo can win a second championship in 2016 if his team is focused and his great setup holds together.

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  1. Turbology says:

    I’ve generally-speaking been a lifelong Garrett guy, but the latest BW stuff is pretty impressive. While the EFR line is their show pony, even the new SXE turbos are real nice and feature a billet compressor wheel.

    I am putting together an R34 GT-R right now with an RB30 3.4 stroker and a Full-Race twin EFR 7163 kit. Very curious to see what it does on the rollers. Should definitely make some jam, and hopefully reliably! =)