TXSL Offers the Best Prize in American Drift History


If you are drifting for the grand prize in a series you probably quit 15 years ago. The events are really based upon glory hunting, the thrill of victory, and feeling good about winning a competition. Some of the local and Am series offer great free products that help younger drivers and teams along in their career path. Holley’s LS Fest offers a huge prize for winning it’s Chevy V8 only Top 16 in Kentucky which I consider one of the best events in America.

However, Aaron Losey’s TX Street Legal series has offered the best prize in American drifting history. The fact that Formula Drift offers an embarrassing low payout compared against what running an event cost and the money they also rack up in driver fees. In fact, they did offer free transport to the World Championship round in China but it was canceled before a container left port. I am mostly excited for drivers about this deal because I know that Aaron and his organization will see it out and make this pie in the sky prize a reality for someone. For someone to replicate this package – I would imagine they are looking at $25,000 easy.

So for the winner of the 2016 TXSL series, they will get to make a choice when they win the series.

1. A prize package that includes 1 plane ticket to Japan, and a D1SL experience where they get to compete in a single round of D1SL in a prepped car during the 2017 season at Ebisu on the Minami track. That is the famous jump track at Ebisu! A small disclaimer, while D1SL has agreed to give us a D1SL license for the winner of the TXSL Series, they reserve the right to refuse anyone to the series. Our buddy Yokoi is in charge of all this for us with his connections with D1SL, so we have to keep him impressed with your ability to not embarrass us. Don’t embarrass us.

2. Plan B is even more exciting in my mind, but I know Plan A gets people super fired up, so I wanted to give people a couple choices. Plan B is a plane ticket to Japan, and a car waiting for your drifting fun at Ebisu for an entire week, along with 20 tires to destroy!


  1. Blaze1 says:

    Sounds like tons of fun!

  2. WingZeroCustom says:

    Well hot danm……o.o Thats uhh.. quite the deal. Sure is better than anything FD offers currently. lol

  3. Alika80 says:

    That is a great prize.

    While I really do enjoy the cars, drivers, and drifting in the Pro class, when are we going to be treated with FDSL? Full interior, radios, factory engines (different countries drivetrains apply)…we can only dream.

  4. ToLiveNDieInNJ says:

    One thing that makes an FDSL series difficult is the proliferation of BMWs in US drifting. If someone drives an E36, they have to boost it to be competitive with an SR S-Chassis. I guess you can tweak the rules a bit, but it sounds heavily stacked towards Nissans.


    booking time off to compete in this right now. hopefully the dealership dose not miss me

  6. Christofur says:


    D1NZ ROUND 3

    Stream starts tomorrow (1/30/16) @4:00 PM PST

    DAIGO SAITO will be the “all-star” guest driver.

    Wrecked, maybe a lil post with a screen grab of the event page that has an option to set up a reminder would be great.

  7. jzx73 says:

    SO STOKED Texas is doing a street legal class. really hope this trend catches on with other regional pro-am/FD series .

  8. Doozer says:

    A week of drifting at Ebisu is awesome.

    FWIW it can be done for a way more modest budget that $25k, but it wont be a nice as having someone to show you around and arriving to a fully sorted car.

  9. super nerd says:

    investing in your drivers ….. formula drift should take notes

  10. apieceobacon says:

    I’m pretty sure you also get a translator to help.

  11. Doof says:

    Super dope, but…..

    It would be great if the rules applied for everybody. Too bad Aaron picks and chooses on who has to follow the guidelines.

    Like last season, when he lets a ProAm V8 swapped 86 in, which of course ends up winning the series.. or an S14 with a 2871R can drive because they’re buddies… But it’s all good, because the cars ran with a passenger/extra weight which levels the playing field… not.

    But somebody else can’t drive an s13 with an SR and like 300whp because it doesn’t meet the criteria.

    I was going to run this last year, but I would have had to keep my car N/A.. no worries. But then I see his buddies sliding through the cracks on these rules and said fuck it. Even TXSL has FD level bias towards drivers lol

  12. Brandon says:

    Maaaan if FD had a FDSL, I would be all over that

  13. jzx73 says:

    x2 for a FDSL !

  14. apieceobacon says:

    x3, just have FDSL as the pro 2 series.

  15. apieceobacon says:

    Actually that might not be my best idea, honestly not sure. Interesting topic for debate though.

  16. Doof says:

    Idk. I feel like FD would ruin it.

    FDSL would be filled with cars like Teurck’s “street car FR-S”, which is basically an FD that got registered in a state that requires no inspection/smog. But the car gets trailered to and from everywhere.

  17. KPA says:


    Easy now! You are just angry because you have to pay for your stuff. Instagram posts are the new Bitcoin.

  18. Doof says:

    @KPA lol. I’m fine with paying for my own stuff. Free shit would be rad, but that’s not the way things work. I don’t just expect to be entitled to free everything – I’m not a Democrat 😛 (joking, don’t flame)

    But think about it. What would the cars of FDSL look like? They would basically be the same as they are now, except with interior and stereos. A “street legal” series in the U.S. is difficult, because “legal” differs from one state to the next. Hell, in CA, if a modification isn’t CARB certified, it’s basically illegal.

    When it comes to the “Street Legal” types of series, I feel like it’s best to just leave those to more of the grassroots level organizations. Aaron did a good job with the TXSL series; he just needs to cut the bullshit and have the same rules apply to EVERYBODY.

  19. KPA says:

    @ Doof

    Agreed! Its called a “Rule book”

  20. Nelson_CCM says:

    Ugh, why is everyone “waiting” for an FDSL??? I mean there is a Street Legal series starting now (TXSL) that anyone could decide to join. There are awesome drivers in the United States that DONT compete in FD as well. Not everything needs to be run by Formula Drift. Also, if this idea catches on with other places in the united states its just going to open doors for other fun series to pop up. TXSL doesnt seem like they give a shit about FD is doing which is how it should be done.

    Pretty sure with a prize this big he is going to be really strict with the rulebook. Last year seemed more like a trial/feeler year.