Falken Tire Expands Formula Drift Program for 2016


Well, we announced the Yokohama Tire was bailing on Formula Drift late last year and it looks like Matt Field found his new home at Falken Tire. He joins Odi Bakchis who we announced earlier this week who will be back on the 615K tire as well. Tyler McQuarrie is also going to make a return to the program for 2016 who is one of the most winning Falken Tire drivers in the series history. The rest of the team is the same for 2016 with Pat Goodin, Dai Yoshihara, and Justin Pawlak.


  1. Mike Owen says:

    Tyler was on Falken last year as well..

  2. scooter says:

    So now where are Essa and Yokoi going to be?

  3. Derp caught that detail haha. Interesting, Yokohama shifting to Steezy Stance meets?

  4. KPA says:

    It would be nice if tire companies didn’t have to pay FD to become a OFFICIAL tire supplier and could focus the money on the drivers and teams. Seems like FD has their hands in everyone back pocket but yet doesn’t reciprocate. What is it now, 60k to become an official tire supplier? Isn’t that the total amount you could win if you were to win the FD US championship and every event?

  5. apieceobacon says:

    Thats also almost enough to fund a pro 2 driver for the season


    i dont think essa is going to make it back for next season. along with a bunch of other drivers are are just done… fd is still milking the same dried up cows

  7. Tie Fighter says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Yokoi on Nitto or maybe even Achilles. Nitto only has 3 cars now, Yokoi or Essa would be a great addition to the stable.

  8. Mike Owen says:

    Essa isn’t going to be back? LOL. Guess you missed all his announcements of car and sponsors.. And sequential box!

  9. apieceobacon says:

    It’d be a good time for a new tire manufacturer to hop in if they wanted. West Lake Tire has made strides in supporting drifting in Europe, Latin America, and Canada. It’s only a matter of time until they come into the US to join the milk farm.

  10. sittin_sideways says:

    Yokoi isn’t returning because he has a long term deal with Yokohama and essa is returning in his e46 bmw