Justin Pawlak’s Turn-Key Formula Drift Mustang [FOR SALE]

Posted on Dec 30, 2015 In Buy This Formula D Justin Pawlak


The S197 Ford Mustang chassis has become a proven entity in the sport of drifting. The S197 Mustang chassis holds a championship in Formula Drift and nobody can build/drive one better than Justin Pawlak. This Mustang was rented/used by Justin Pawlak for 2015 Formula Drift season and is now up for sale through the owner Jim Guthrie/Car Crafters in New Mexico. The asking price right now is $70,000 and a full list of modifications to this chassis can be found below.

Price: $70,000.00

2011 Ford Mustang
Formula Drift spec cage (2015 spec)
Fully stich welded chassis
Custom front/rear crush zones
Aluminum front tie-bar
Rear mount Radiator
Pillar dimple plates

9.5 to 1 Ford Racing 5.0 Aluminator
Boss 302 Billet oil pump w/ oil pan
Ford Racing oil Filter remote oil filter block
CV Products remote oil filter w/ oil bypass valve (NASCAR)
Ford Racing power steering mount
2.3L Roush Charger w/ Ford Racing throttle body
VMP 10 rib serpentine pulleys w/ Thumper belt tensioner
ATI Super damper

Exhaust System:
2″ stainless works headers w/ V-band flanges
Custom 3″ to single 5″ stainless exhaust pipe

Electrical/Engine management:
Motec M800
Race Pack gauge cluster
Race Pack E-Z wire system w/ Micro switch panel
Modified Ford Racing engine harness

Drive train:
Exedy Twin disc clutch
Quick Time bell housing w/scatter shield
Tilton hydrologic throw out bearing
G-Force GSR 4 speed dog box w/oil pump and upgraded 3rd gear dog ring (2 races since freshened)
Long shift Inc shift assembly
Carbon fiber Drive Shaft Shop drive shaft w/Strange Engineering billet yoke
Winters quick change adjustable toe rear axle
4:12 REM ring and pinion
Aluminum spool
2nd Gen harden lower main shaft
REM bearings and low drag viton seals
Harden drive axles
Aluminum drive hubs
SCS articulating drive flanges
Winters 1.5° axles snouts



KW triple adjustable front struts w/camber plates
Splined “NASCAR style” sway bar
Custom steering knuckles
Custom chromoly lower control arms
Modified steering rack w/custom toe and bump steer kit
Chromoly steering shaft w/ Sweet inc. joints and quick release
Custom fabricated rear end link brackets
Chromoly panhard bar
KW triple adjustable rear shocks
Eibock Rear springs


Wilwood four piston calipers
11.5″ .810 Wilwood rotors w/aluminum hats
Tilton bias adjustable pedal assembly w/Wilwood master cylinders
Wilwood four piston calipers (foot brake)
Wilwood four piston calipers (E-brake)
ASD hydro E-brake
11.75″ .38 drilled Wilwood rotors

Fuel System:
Radium Engineering FCST (fuel cell surge tank)
Radium Engineering multi port fuel regulator
Radium Engineering fuel rails
1250cc Donkey Power injectors
ATL fuel cell
Light weight Teflon fuel line w/stainless fittings
Aeromotive fuel filter

Cooling System:
Saldana twin core dual pass radiator
Custom aluminum water piping
-24 light weight coolant hose
Custom fan shroud w/twin 16″ SPAL max CFM Fans
Saldana dual pass heat exchanger for blower
Stewart WP-29 heat exchanger water pump
Ron Davis water to oil, oil cooler


2014 front/rear bumper
2014 Truefiber hood
2014 Fiberglass fenders
Carbon fiber deck lid
Full fiberglass rear quarters
Carbon fiber roof
Polycarbonate rear window/quarter windows (lexan)

OMP seats
Sparco seat belts
Sparco steering wheel
Aluminum dash
ESS fire suppression system

TC10SN Weds Sport 114.5×9.5
Falken 255/40R18 Azenis RT615K
TC10SN Weds Sport 114.5×9.5
Falken 295/40R18 Azenis RT615K

New Front Tires – 4
New Rear Tires – 11
Wheels – 6
Fiberglass Decklid – 1
Fiberglass Quarters – RT and LT
Front Bumper Assembly
Rear Bumper Assembly
TruFiber Fibergalss Hood – 1
Headlights Non-HID – RT and LT
Taillights Non-LED – RT and LT
Steel Fenders – 3 left 2 right
2011 Rear bumper – 1
2011 Fiberglass Hood


Contact: https://www.racingjunk.com/Other/182617364/Justin-Pawlak-s-2015-Formula-D-Mustang.html

I attended my first drift event at Road Atlanta in 2005 while shooting for Import Racer Magazine (RIP). Since then I have produced drift content for PAS Magazine, Modified Magazine, Drifting Magazine (RIP), and many more publications. I was the producer of the movie Slide America and then helped found this website in 2007.


  1. zachnthebox says:

    it can jump too

  2. Doof says:

    I’ll buy it if it comes with the door off McQuarrie’s Camaro

  3. Hosford Hugger says:

    Seems like a better buy than the S2000. At least you know this chassis is capable of qualifying

  4. Brandon says:

    A really good buy especially with the extra parts that come with it

  5. Turbology says:

    @Hosford Hugger exactly, not to mention this car is complete AND comes with a bunch of spares. If someone has the talent and money, it’s a great turnkey set-up.

  6. Mike Peters says:

    That’s a fantastic deal.

  7. apieceobacon says:

    He’s also selling his RX7, I’m not sure of the price but if you use the email on the sale page for this then I’m pretty sure you can find someone who does know.