Battle Drift is Here [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Daigo Saito tear up an abandoned Russian village in Japan for your viewing pleasure. Daigo Saito is in his Lamborghini and Vaughn Gittin Jr. is in Mustang RTR. Enjoy!


  1. Kids Heart says:

    That was pretty freaking dope.

  2. Rickydanger says:

    There is a f*cking Lamborghini drifting in that video! How cool is that? The Mustang is nice but… a Lamborghini!

  3. Vindetta says:

    Demo cars with low horsepower, low angle, wet pavement, weird gymkhana crap… Boring

  4. Curtis says:

    @Vindetta Drifting was born with low HP cars, low angle and 650HP isn’t exactly low, that’s more then majority of the cars you will see on the street

    As for the wet pavement, if you knew the rest of the story, full article on speedhunters (, you would know that it was out of their control as it started raining while they were drifting.

    According to the article Saito doesn’t even have a usable handbrake in the Lambo.

    So if you’re bored, why don’t you get 650+ HP car and taken onto the Japanese Touge and make a better video?

  5. Vindetta says:

    @ Curtis oh the old go make one yourself comment. Classic. FYI I dont make drifting videos bc dridting isnt my job (thank god). Besides if that’s your arguement, how do you have any credibility on this point? Call it what you will, vid is lame and JR wouldn’t be caught dead in a wuss car like that at an actual comp. Fact

  6. Vindetta says:

    Oh and u need to get off saitos dick. Js

  7. ToLiveNDieInNJ says:

    It’s so cool to be jaded on the internet.

  8. chris beasley says:

    I had big expectations for this. sadly, after getting over the lambo drifting cool factor, I was kinda underwhelmed. It just seemed like a lot of lights and flashy effects rather than cool drifting. the low speed stuff just wasn’t that entertaining. Now, Mad mikes latest release, that is some outstanding shit. my 2cents.

  9. Curtis says:

    @Vindetta Well look at you with the typical dick sucking response. Do you feel less insecure now? Good for you!

    I don’t see how my argument needs any credibility. You’re entitled to your own opinion but you can’t bash the skills need for both drivers to do a video like this. JR comp car only had 800HP and your point has nothing to do with this video. He wanted to show off the newer car. Does it matter how much HP it has? No

    Easy to sit there behind a keyboard and criticize when you’re not the one doing it

  10. Vindetta says:

    And you don’t have to blindly dick ride as if everything they shit out is gold. Fan boi

  11. KPA says:

    Personally I think someone needs to freshen these videos up. They all have the same feel random back roads in the woods and/or fire. You know JR wanted some fire! It was cool to see a new car drifting but at the end of the day it was kind of boring after the first 30 seconds. Foreskins video was at least a different location then typical.

  12. Curtis says:

    @Vindetta Insult me all you want, whatever makes you feel bigger