Is the Future of Drifting Coming from Northern California?

Posted on Nov 18, 2015 In Formula D Pro Am Grassroots


Northern California has a new and young secret weapon younger than most of you reading this post. He is 13 year old Dominic Martinez  who is entering a Pro Am competition this weekend and already seen success in the Drift Cave series. He has impressed drivers in the local drift scene so much that pro Matt Field brought him to my attention for this post. The only two real youth drivers I can remember are James Deane and Jack Shanahan who have both impressed me as they grew older. Dominic Martinez seems like one to watch and if he puts down an impressive finish at Golden Gate Drift this weekend we will provide a follow up post. Make sure to follow him on Instagram below and thanks to Wall Hunter for the photo.




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  1. Turbology says:

    Good to see a young buck on the come up! Better still, he seems like a humble and grateful dude which will carry him much further than talent alone.

  2. apieceobacon says:

    His parents are badasses for letting him compete. I remember being that age and my parents were pissed that I tried drifting a golf cart. lol

  3. Wegs says:

    Kid definitely has skill. I bought my first 240sx and started drifting around the same age as him and absolutely didn’t progress the same way he seems to have. The important thing about starting at his age and being successful is making good decisions and basically luck. It’ll make or break you for sure, but it appears to me that both of those are on his side. Good on him for sure and I’d love to see this kid make it the way I didn’t lol, he has the potential for sure. Also the main thing your list of young drifters is missing is THE young drifter Ken Gushi, who I’d say this kid reminds me the most of.

  4. So proud of this kid – he’s humble as heck, a solid driver, and a positive representation of the sport. His dad, Eric, is a hell of a guy too – you can see him beaming with pride whenever Dom drives, and he provides Dom with great coaching and advice – not just for driving, but ‘off-track’ behavior as well – not getting caught up in any antics, and keeping him focused at school. To see Dom drive, is to know that he’s got skill and talent – and the bond between father and son is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Way to go Dom and Eric!!

  5. Moustache says:

    Lets not forget about Jack Shanahans younger brother, Conor.

  6. apieceobacon says:

    Oh yeah I forgot that Ken Gushi started drifting around the same age as this guy.

  7. Samurai Sam says:

    Guess they forgot about “Juicebox” Mordaunt… was driving his corolla at drift day events at age 14…

  8. JordytheGiant says:

    This kid’s got so much awesome support behind him, he’s sure to be a champion contender at some point in the not-so-distant future. I’ve loved watching him progress over this last season of Boost Series. Plus, he’s got Matt Field as his mentor, what else could you possibly need?

  9. Izzy Martinez says:

    I couldn’t be prouder of him. He is the greatest brother anyone could ask for and the best friend I have always wanted. I can’t wait to see him succeed and make it to where he yearns to be.
    Love you bro