2015 Drift All-Stars Poland and Season [RESULTS]

Posted on Oct 20, 2015 In Drift All-Stars International RESULTS


The 2015 Drift All-Stars season came to an end with an awesome stadium event in Poland. I almost attended this event on a last minute flight/trip with Pro 2 driver Faruk Kugay but couldn’t make it work out with my schedule sadly. The final battle with Kuba Przgonski and James Deane brought the stadium to its feet. The follow from Deane was just unreal. Here is a snapshot from it.


Final results from the Polish Drift GP – Round 6:
1st- Kuba Przygonski – Poland – Orlean Team
2nd- James Deane – Ireland – Falken Tyres/Level One Qatar
3rd- Grzegorz Hypki – Poland – PUZ Drift Team


Even with his second place finish in Poland – James Deane took home the 2015 championship which just continues to highlight the dominance of Ireland in European drifting. James Deane is now back to back champion and once again I wish he would get a seat in Formula Drift already! Here is how the 2015 championship finished-

1st- James Deane (497 Points)
2nd- Janis Eglite (437 Points)
3rd- Luke Fink (307 Points)
4th- Nigel Colfer (298 Points)
5th- Juha Poyatalskoo (284 Points)
6th- Piotr Wiecek (282 Points)


  1. Brian says:

    I’ve said it before but I hope and pray that James can get a budget/program/car together for FD next year, he has proved beyond doubt for years and years that he just dominates in Europe, hope he can pull it off.

  2. Blaze1 says:

    I’m starting to think James doesn’t want to come over here. I think he’s stable and having fun in Europe.

  3. Why would James want to go to the USA as its more financially unstable then ever for drivers to run a full program. He would only go if there was a full proper program to win i am sure.

    More and more so every year seen more USA/Japanese drivers come to europe and that trend is only getting bigger and better. What does James have to Prove he has been in FD Before beaten Aasbo ,Forsberg and Made saito look standard in Ireland last month

    With Aasbo being the best USA driver and Deane best European driver (both drivers from europe) top two drivers in the world now , easy to see why europe is a hotbed for drivers now.

  4. yolo says:

    Overall scores aren’t correct, they are still without last round results, and also worst score is dropped

    This year only Dean, Eglite, Colfer, Poyatalskoo attended all rounds, everyone else attended max only 4 out of 6 🙁

  5. Turbology says:

    Given his proven track record and even more recent dominance, chances are better than not that he has already been approached by someone to drive in FD.

    Like Blaze said, maybe he’s just comfortable doing his thing in Europe with familiar tracks and competition. Can’t fault the guy for sticking with what works!

  6. KPA says:

    Seem like he is doing fine where he is at. What would be the point and advantage for him to spend the money and come to FD. He already gets a ton of PR and the cost for any oversees driver to fly into the US for events seems a little silly for someone that has nothing to prove.

  7. Twitch_6 says:

    As much as I would love to see Deane in FD, I agree with you guys, what’s the point?

    He has nothing to prove, is still really young, and is already a global drift star. He could easily show up at any event, in any country (save Japan maybe), and have people literally begging him to drive their cars. He gets flown out to Qatar to teach people to drift lol. The only way I can see him coming to FD is if a factory supported team were to approach him and sign him to a big money deal, and basically pay for him to come here.

    But why on earth would he go into his own pockets to drive in a championship that, for the most part, is only important to itself (let’s face it, FD only matters in NA. Japan, Europe, Aus. / NZ all have extremely competative championships. Add to the fact that FD is going in a direction many don’t really like, why waste your time appealing to judges who’s style you don’t agree with.).

    Who knows, maybe he’ll show some interest in FD when FD shows some interest in Europe, other than blatantly ripping of IDC’s production lol.

    Similarly, I’d love to see Naoki Nakamura in FD…but frankly, I don’t think he gives a fuck.

  8. Brian says:

    Damn, well said Twitch.

  9. skunkworkssr-71 says:

    Very well said man. Agree with it all. To be honest very few of us in Europe have interest in fd. We have no connection to it. Everyone loves drift allstars and idc which are both still exploding in prominince. Its actually really the place to be and enjoy the golden era of these championships and see how far they grow.

  10. Twitch_6 says:

    SpeedHunters posted a video recap of the event, including Deane’s full chase run jn the finals. After finally watching it; that was amazing!!!! This kid is on another level!

    This chase run combined with his chase run from the indoor round at IDC this year are easily by far and away the best chase runs of 2015