Vaughn Gittin Jr. is Going to Miss Irwindale speedway


Well, Vaughn Gittin Jr. has made the news official that he won’t be making Irwindale Speedway next month per his FB. This leaves just Dai Yoshihara, Ken Gushi, and Chris Forsberg as the three drivers to compete in every Formula Drift event in history to date. It will be an odd thing to not see Vaughn Gittin Jr. turn a wheel at the House of Drift coming up next month. His backup car is currently on the way to Japan to compete in the┬áD1GP Odaiba weekend. Here is a look at his crash from Texas Motor Speedway in case you missed it. He will probably fall to around 15th in the championship with a no show at Irwindale. He is reportedly in the process of building a new S550 chassis for Formula Drift 2016 now.


  1. WingZeroCustom says:

    I’m a lil bummed. But at the same time I’m curious as to why he can’t just borrow a car from someone in pro2? I mean I’m sure someone would be willing to let him run their car?

  2. Super says:

    Because he is factory backed I doubt Ford would be okay with one of their drivers in anything but a Ford.

  3. chewy says:

    He should bring the foxbody.

  4. WingZeroCustom says:

    @Super. Ahhh….. Well that sucks ass. You’d think with his track record and what not they’d be a little more lenient. Was really hoping he’d find a way to make it.

  5. apieceobacon says:

    I think he’s too hell bent on being competitive as opposed to competing. If he had a spare car on tap then I guarantee he would run it but if he drove someone else’s car then it would mean that he would have to relearn the car and I guess that in his teams mind there’s not much of a point to relearn everything about a car just for one event. Understandable because its just one event out of the 79 FD US events he’s done but its still a bummer to see the one event he doesn’t drive be the last FD event at irwindale.

  6. Samurai Sam says:

    Lame. But we all saw this coming.

    At least he gets to be a part of the drivers intro without actually having a car to drive. FD wouldn’t pull that string for anybody else.

  7. Vaughn says:

    Hey all! Def bummed to let anyone down and personally to have to miss competing at Irwindale for what is allegedly the last event ever there. BELIEVE me we considered using the Fox body as that would have been fun, however it does not meet FD rules. My New S550 prototype competition car that we have been using for development is not FD legal either. Contracts aside I personally have no interest to compete in anything but one of my Mustangs in which I know is built safe and prepared for the level of present competition.( in 2005 I was the king of borrowed cars but now is a different time in all respects) Unfortunately the timing to total my FD car just sucked due to other commitments that my international car is required for. The bright side is that for the first time ever will have plenty of time to hang out with everyone at Irwindale so stop by and say whats up!

    Appreciate the support!


  8. Mike Owen says:

    VGJR keeping it real.

  9. sanlis says:

    Such a big bummer. But maybe FD can invite him to be the guest commentator…would be fun to watch.

  10. Drift bukake says:

    Come on Vag, just borrow a car!! It’s always a real gas watching you crash into things or spin at irwindale.