2015 Formula Drift Japan at Suzuka [RESULTS]

Posted on Sep 14, 2015 In Formula D International RESULTS


The second Formula Drift Japan event of 2015 finished up this weekend at Suzuka. Andy Gray dominated the event with his great style and aggressive tandems. He even took home 500,000 yen ($4,162 US) for his victory. This was not a Formula Drift World Championship event so points don’t count towards anything. Dai Yoshihara was even in attendance for the weekend as a guest judge. Here is how they finished up –

1. Andy Gray
2. Seimi Tanaka
3. Toshimitsu Masuda


  1. Kids Heart says:

    did this stream?

  2. Mike Owen says:

    With Ken and Dai I really wish every FD event was ran like this. I can’t be the only one that felt Dai and Ken made it way better to watch and much easier to understand.

  3. @Kids Heart it did.

    Did anyone else watch Top 32? Most of the battles had multiple spins, and I saw at least 2 OMT’s because both drivers spun at least once. Was the track really that hard?

  4. Crispykrem3 says:

    Ken Gushi is a really good announcer, would galdy take him over Jarrod/Ryan

  5. sanlis says:

    that was third event of FDJ. Ken x Ryan is a good one, while Ryan was able to describe most of the action in details with Ken share his driver experience and analyse the battle professionally in the commentary, and i really appreciate this one. FDUS should try this. Maybe can invite driver who is not in the top32/ top16 to to be part of the announcer team, as D1 has been doing for few years, which is pretty good.

  6. Dang says:

    Stream quality is so much better without Jarod.

  7. Doof says:

    Didn’t watch but cool to see Andy on top of the podium. I always liked his driving and the style of his cars.

  8. apieceobacon says:

    Great event, judging wasn’t as screwy as it normally is in the US. Great driving, I don’t think that any of the drivers tried to pull the “tactics” shenanigans in the US that always happens and in turn takes away the excitement. Livestream started off pretty badly on the first day but they figured out that they cant get away with streaming a powerpoint with sound anymore so it was fixed somewhat quickly. Commentary was the best its been in years, I really like the idea of having someone who has experience driving in the series doing the commentary from now on but we know it wont ever happen.
    Other than what was said previously, I really liked the event but I really hated the fact that the drivers would try everything to pass the lead driver and then screw themselves because they choke themselves.

  9. y0 says:

    Seimi Tanaka not Yuji

  10. Wrecked Magazine Staff says:

    Fixed y0/pieceofbacon – Thanks

  11. doozer says:

    Congrats to team PV!
    The event was fun in person. Seeing big names at a small event was cool, a lot of the drivers were so-so, maybe just local drivers?

    We mostly watched from about 3 feet behind the initiation wall, which was rad. The rest of the track had no walls or fencing to keep you off the track, made it feel more real. The crowd was quiet and mostly emotionless.

    The best runs to watch were Andys and Diago’s mechanic with the black ‘shark’ chaser- that dude drove like a madman, even when he clearly had a win. Overactive chase maybe?

    The local announcing was better than Jrod, even in Japanese which I dont speak. Judging was spot on.

  12. I really liked Ryan filling the role Jarod usually does of announcing the runs as they happen, and Ken commenting on the replay. They definitely worked well in the booth together. Jarod gets wayyyy too hyped and seems to make Ryan uncomfortable sometimes.

  13. sanlis says:

    At least both Ken and Ryan didn’t focus on their smart phone to miss the battles like Jarod did.

  14. apieceobacon says:

    One more thing is that the announcers would not let go of the fact that Masuda was Daigo’s mechanic. It would be fine if it was said once as kind of a fun fact in top 32 or 16 but it is not necessary to bring it up every single time he is a part of a conversation.

  15. Kids Heart says:

    Play-by-play and Color Comentary

  16. Doof says:

    I imagine nobody had to listen to the ridiculous nicknames being called every 17.3 seconds during the livestream?

    Chris “The Force” Forsberg
    Tyler “The Rock” McQuarrie
    Dean “Karnage” Kearney
    JTP Justin Pawlak

    Shit is so fucking redundant and unnecessary.

  17. PepsRocks says:

    @Doof don’t forget

    Ken “The Gush” Gushi
    Conradical Grunewald
    Daigo “The Ninja” Saito
    Robbie “Bushido Blade” Nishida
    “Passionate” Pat Goodin
    “The Beast from the bay” Matt Field

    And a lot of others I probably forgot.

  18. sanlis says:

    @Doof and PepsRocks

    Jhonnattan Ccccastrrrro
    Chelsea DeNofa Say Howdy Get Rowdy
    Little Tex Nate Hamilton
    Daijirrrrrro Yoshihara
    Kyle The Menace Mohan

  19. Samurai Sam says:

    I thought it was “Slide or Daiiiiiiijirrooooooooo Yoshihara”

    rolls off the tongue so easily

  20. WingZeroCustom says:

    Honestly don’t know why so many people hate Jarod. :/

  21. Noiz says:


  22. Doof says:

    I don’t hate Jarod. Jarod is actually kind of cool in person.

    I just think the nickname and “oh doctor” and “are you kidding me” on the livstream is annoying. I’d rather listen to him than Ryan though. Jarod is more entertaining to listen to because of the hype factor. Ryan strikes me as a bit of a “yes man” and just kind of goes with a lot of what Jarod is saying. He doesn’t really seem like he knows much of anything from a technical standpoint, though I doubt that any of them really do.

    I’m hearing a lot of positive things about the last event with Ken and Ryan commentating. I didn’t see but I’m curious how it would compare to another driver and Jarod commentating during an event.

  23. Drift bukake says:

    The announcing was greatly improved by not having J Douche on the mic. The live stream definitely had a less biased feel and was easier to stomach without J rods mindless yelling and freshman antics. #getridofjrod

  24. Pat says says:

    All you fools thinking Jarod is the problem are nuts.

    Sage is the worst, most nit-picky announcer who belittles any actual excitement or achievement and analyzes each run per his imagined calculable scale and tries to run the event from the booth. Jarod makes it exciting and hypes up the driving, which is why we watch in the first place…right????

  25. sanlis says:

    @Pat says
    I would pick Ryan rather than the guy who scroll the phone during the qualifying, miss-judge most of the action and speaking all wrong terms in the battle, yelling “doctor look at this” thousand times a day.
    At least Ryan would not say “way off to the clipping zone” while the driver is riding the wall, or “door to door wheel to wheel” when there was a three car lane gap.

  26. ToLiveNDieInNJ says:

    I get that Jarod is annoying sometimes, he is. It’s still no reason to call him a douche.

    And it’s “OH, DOCTOR!”

  27. ALL HEART Steve says:

    35:00 on the stream Takatori and Gray. There are a few Big league US top 10 guys that would have played the game sold out, and Taken the spin But these dudes handled it like I wish some would stateside.

    Not tryin to get on the Andy Gray dickriding Train, But He has developed so a “swaglord” like Style and Is In my opinion On par with Denofa and Field as far as Aggression, wheel work and style Go.

    And “Pat the King of spring break Goodin”

  28. Niles A says:

    Lets not forget:

    Pat “awesome possum” Mordaunt
    Kenny “Oh so smooth” Moen
    Robbie “Bashida blade” Nishida
    Geoff “Stone-cold” Stoneback
    Tyler “The Rock” McQuarrie
    Frederick “The Norwegian Hammer” Aasbo
    “Rockin” Dan Savage

  29. Was a great event. Really enjoyed everything. Was def a 2JZ round…