2015 Holley Performance LS Fest in Kentucky [RESULTS]

Posted on Sep 13, 2015 In Alex Heilbrunn Grassroots RESULTS


WOW guys! The atmosphere and 10,000+ people at Beech Bend Raceway in Kentucky was electric this weekend. This is my third LS Fest and it was by far the strongest drivers list the event has had since its inception years ago. Joon Maeng took over the event and had the best qualifying run I had seen put down at LS Fest. Here is how qualifying wrapped up –

1. Joon Maeng
2. Pat Goodin
3. Josh McGuire
4. Dirk Stratton
5. Nate Hamilton
6. Ricky Adams
7. Rob Carlson
8. Steve Topping
9. Nick Thomas
10. Devin Callahan
11. Alex Heilbrunn
12. Eric Loomis
13. Bryan Broberg
14. Rolando Alfaro
15. Shane Whalley
16. Hooman Rahimi


The grandstands were completely packed out at Holley’s LS Fest for the Top 16. The Formula Drift drivers slowly fell out of the competition one by one including a tough exit for Pat Goodin who lost an AN line and sprayed coolant everywhere in his Final Four battle. This made him miss the 3rd place battle all together and wound up sitting in fourth. Here is how the podium wound up and we have more coverage on the way –

1st. Josh McGuire
2nd. Nick Thomas
3rd. Bryan Broberg
4th. Pat Goodin


  1. DonaldTrump says:

    Didn’t rear the post. Just saw “1. Joon maeng” and knew that was impossible and reread the the post. Made sense after that

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  3. Jiovani says:

    Something is off, your 3rd place was not in the top16 list.

  4. Luke Munnell says:

    Joong motherfu*king Maeng! This just totally made my day. 🙂

  5. LukeMunnell says:

    Joon. Motherfu*king. Maeng. This just totally made my day! 🙂

  6. apieceobacon says:

    Alright so now can he get rid of the z4 and run the 240 again in FD so he doesn’t look like he cant drive around a corner?

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    Just dropping by to say that all Pro FD drivers suck and I’m better as usual. #kthnxbai

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