Vaughn Gittin Jr. is D1 Grand Prix Bound


It was almost 10 years ago when Vaughn Gittin Jr. defeated all the D1GP comers in the D1 Vs. the World event at Irwindale Speedway back in 2005. Vaughn was kind enough to upload his road to victory on YouTube (you can watch below if you can stomach 10 year old crappy drifting).

This sheds quite a bit of light on his announcement where he hints he will be missing Irwindale Speedway which we broke earlier this week. The backup car he would normally use to replace his 2014 Formula Drift competition car is on its way to Japan for D1GP! He will be attending the final round in Tokyo on October 24th/25th. Here are the details from his PR –

“Since winning the D1GP USA vs. Japan in 2005, I have wanted to take my Ford Mustang RTR and my team to compete in Japan where drifting started,” says Champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. “I am pumped that ten years later, the dream has become reality and I will be joining the Monster Energy Japan crew in downtown Tokyo for the final round October 24-25th. I am very excited to meet a lot of my Japanese fans for the first time, and I look forward to some epic battles with the great drivers in Japan’s D1GP series.”

Ten years ago at Irwindale Speedway, Vaughn battled the best-of-the-best Japanese drivers in order to win the D1GP USA vs. Japan event, becoming not only the first American to win a D1GP event, but by piloting his Ford Mustang, this was the first time in the series that an American car dominated against drifting’s traditional Japanese vehicles. This monumental win of Vaughn’s was heard around the world and undoubtedly put American drifting on the map, in a Japanese-originated and dominated sport. Here is a VIDEO summary of Vaughn’s 2005 D1GP win.


  1. Crispykrem3 says:

    Seeing his ’15 car above that video really makes you realize just how gross professional drift cars look now. Interested to see how he does, as far as i know no non-japanese driver has ever won a D1 event.

  2. apieceobacon says:

    @Crispykreme3 I thought Rhys Millen won a d1gp event in his GTO when it was still around.

    Either way it will be interesting to see and I will definitely be watching this round.

  3. Wrecked Magazine Staff says:

    $530 round trip flight out of LAX if anybody wants to see it in person.

  4. WingZeroCustom says:

    Honestly I would like to see them Run Irwindale in that direction again. Change it up a little.

  5. Goober21 says:

    @Crispykrem3 Vaughn did actually win a D1 event in 2005 and in 2007.

  6. Dalton says:

    So, even 10 years ago, JR. was colliding with other cars in order to maintain drift :^) Trolls aside, I didn’t find that gross at all. All the classic D1 cars could just be parade-lapping and I’d watch it.

  7. Vindetta says:

    Gotta love the JR haters…
    Forsberg gets a free pass one after another, but JR sucks. Must be why he’s the biggest name in drift

  8. Doof says:

    “If you can stomach 10 year old crappy drifting”

    lol. GTFOH

  9. Cody says:

    I’m really interested to see how an American driver does over there. The Japanese guys seem to adapt to the US driving style fairly well so I wonder how well Vaughn can adapt.

  10. Blaze1 says:

    JR is gonna do well but at the end of the day Kawabata or Daigo will torch him. Can’t wait!

    BTW if you want to see some REAL crappy drifting check out some Formula D footage from 05.

  11. y0 says:

    Kawabata will rekt him

  12. OGLarry says:

    LOL thanks for that youtube link Blaze1. Talk about started from the bottom now we here. I remember Bubba Drift. lol Perfect for a TBT

  13. Kids Heart says:

    Can’t hate on this at all. Good going VGJ.

  14. KBanks says:

    Seriously, Kawabata is straight hurtin fools feelings. Although I will say, Orido surprised the F out of me at Ebisu, dude had the eye of the tiger that round or something.

  15. Acebostr says:

    Wanna hate but can’t he’s living the dream

  16. Drift bukake says:

    This is crazy, I know but I predict he will crash, hit other cars, and in general not drive very good. I’m pretty sure Ford bought his d1 win 10 years ago.

  17. Hosford Hugger says:

    What a scam that event was. Every driver spun or lost drift vs VGJ. If it wasn’t a spin, they go OMT to make sure there’s a spin. It’s like watching Tuerck win at FD ORL.

    To think VGJ calls himself a world champion because he won that sham of an event.

    At least he has a cool beard now. That baby face look sucked

  18. NUTTERBUTTER says:

    can drive d1, cant make fd world championship to back up that fake title and wont make irwindale. shits interesting

  19. ALL HEART Steve says:

    I personally enjoyed This. Grew up watching these OG’s. 15 Years old buying Option videos from fye in the mall hahaha. Who remembers when They did the D1 episode (RIDES) on TLC? Shit gave me some feels.

  20. Doof says:

    You can tell ALL HEART Steve is the kind of dude that spent last weekend jerking it to videos of Final Bout and crying himself to sleep